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Resolves an issue where SQL Server does not have sysadmin permissions for all accounts and SQL Server Authentication is not enabled, and the SA account is not enabled

To resolve an issue that does not have SQL Server authentication enabled:1. Run regedit and go to Registry Editor2. Open: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL server\mssql14. Mssqlserver\mssqlserver (MSSQL14. MSSQLSERVER This section

Cygwin under Vim installation neocomplete appear if_lua not enabled error

For VIM configuration Neocomplete automatic completion plug-in, the installation is complete after the "Neocomplete does not the work thisversion of Vim. It requires vim 7.3.885 or above and "If_lua" enabled vim." Error message, the Neocomplete

JMX enabled by default Error contacting service. It is probably not running error resolution

Build zookeeper cluster environment, start zookeeper [Root@node4 bin]#./ startThe results of the operation are as follows: JMX enabled by default Using config:/usr/zoo/zookeeper-3.4.5/bin/. /conf/zoo.cfg Starting Zookeeper ...

' SMBus Host Controller not enabled ' when starting kylin16.0 in VMware (not yet entering the system)

After installing the Ubuntu16.10 in VMware, the ' SMBus Host Controller not enabled ' Error prompt is started and cannot be entered into the GUI.Search the Web, the solution is to enter the terminal window in the graphical interface, edit the

Centos Network enabled, centos Enabled

Centos Network enabled, centos Enabled By default, both centos and redhat7 do not enable the wired Nic. either manually enable or enable the NIC directly during installation! Open Terminal Cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ Ls find ifcfg-eno ***

MySQL slave database option log-slave-updates not enabled exception

MySQL slave database option log-slave-updates not enabled exception Recently, it was verified that a specific table was copied from the slave database to another master database for adjustment. If log-slave-updates is not configured, the table

Tomcat installation is automatically enabled for service background

1. Set Environment variables first2.java_home3.path4. After you run the input cmd command, enter the Service.bat in the path file that is installed by Tomcat and drag it directly in.At this point, be aware that if the server user does not have

Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL _ PHP Tutorial

Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL. Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL sharing. (1) Check whether SSL is enabled on the server? Phpphpinfo (); check the openssl topic on the page. if OpenSSL

The usb debugging is enabled for Meilan note3, and tbs cannot be installed !!!

1. text description Meilan note3 mobile phone enabled usb debugging, still unable to install tbs !!! Always reported: usb debugging not enabled! Really speechless! 2. Description 3. how can this problem be solved? How can we solve this problem? Do

Resolution is not enabled in Windows Server 2008 when you install SQL Server R2 1433 port

SQL Server typically has a default port of 1433, but sometimes encounters an issue where port 1433 cannot be connected, and checking whether port 1433 is enabled is as follows:Start –> input cmd–> Enter –>telnet localhost 1433-> A black screen

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