installing norton on windows 10

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Installing the SQL Server 2000 database on Windows 10

Win10 itself is a better-compatible operating system, and there are a lot of people who are consulting how to install the SQL Server 2000 database on Windows 10 without success. The main is stuck in the installation process of the mdac2.6 installation, has been stopped here do not move.According to our own practice, the successful installation of the SQL Server 2000 database standard version of

Problems and solutions for installing Oracle 11g databases on Windows 10

Viewer, delete the Oracle related log description: If there are individual DLL files can not be deleted, then ignore, restart, start a new installation, install, select a new directory, then, after installation and restart, the old directory and files can be deleted. 4. Re-install Oracle. (There will be two or three error prompts during installation, just "continue"). 5. The problem has finally been solved! Test with the console: Log on successfully and open the database Problems and so

0x80070422 error resolution occurs when installing Windows 10 service Components

Problem Description:Windows 10 0x80070422 Error when you install a Windows service or component by enabling or turning off Windows features through Control Panel, programs, or the service is disabled or not enabledThe cause of the problem arises:Enables detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and o

Install Hyper-V after installing Windows 8/10 on MAC book does not work correctly---virtualization blocked issues

MAC Book because the work needs to install a dual boot, usually working with Windows 10, because some old programs can not start, but also to install a virtual machine. Initially loaded WMware began to install 7.1 version, the result is not installed after the direct crash restart, online feedback even if the upgrade to 11.0, there are some blue screen and other problems.Use the Hyper-V that comes with

About Windows8.1 installing Windows 10 preview from a VHD point of attention

Some time ago, Windows10 preview version came out, I believe many people want to try this system. A new system for installing Windows on a VHD is a good choice. Below, talk about the place to pay attention to. ( the content below is only suitable for efi+gpt+windows8.1 environments )Tools:1: Create a VHD file directly on system Disk Management and attach the VHD, an empty virtual disk appears. 2:gimagex 2.0

Simple notes for installing mysql 5.7.17 in windows 10, mysql5.7.17

Simple notes for installing mysql 5.7.17 in windows 10, mysql5.7.17 I have been using MySQL in Linux for a long time, and the installation is also very simple. Today, I tried to install MySQL in windows and found that it is really a pitfall. Now, let's record the installation process. 1. First, we have to go to the mys

Detailed graphic tutorial on installing mysql on Windows 10, windows10mysql

Detailed graphic tutorial on installing mysql on Windows 10, windows10mysql Environment: windwos 10 (1511) 64bit, mysql 5.7.14 1. Download mysql 1. Open the mysql official website in the browser/ 2. Go to "Downloads" at the top of the page" 3. Open "Community (GPL) Downloads" at the bottom of the

Installing MongoDB's blood-vomiting experience under Windows 10

variable to subtract the subsequent input path in the command line trouble. In fact, after the MongoDB service is set to boot, the call to MongoDB in Python does not require any settings, so it is really not necessary to shorten the path, after all, your data is in the database directory,Therefore, the data directory on the C-drive or D-disk root directory in the subsequent use to bring convenience. Here's how to set up boot-up:#mongod--dbpath=[dbpath]--logpath=[logpath]--install--servicename=

Solutions for installing 3D Studio Max 2016 error on Windows 10

+ + .SP1 Redistributable (x86) Exe_path=3rdparty\x86\vcredist\2010sp1\vcredist_x86.exeexe_param=/q/Norestartvc_func=Vcx86redischeckvc_source=Setup\setupui.dllvc_param={f0c3e5d1-1ade-321e-8167-68EF0DE699A5} Ignore_error=5100ignore_failure= YES[Vcredist2010sp1x64]platform=X64product_name=microsoft Visual C + + .SP1 Redistributable (x64) Exe64_path=3rdparty\x64\vcredist\2010sp1\vcredist_x64.exeexe_param=/q/Norestartvc_func=Vcx64redischeckvc_source=Setup\setupui.dllvc_param={1d8e6291-b0d5-35ec-8441

Resolution of the PDF patch Ding interface becomes blurred after installing Windows 10

For users who use a high-resolution screen with a screen scale of more than 100%, upgrading to Windows 10 will reveal many of the interface of the program, such as QQ, Computer Butler, Windows itself's service management program, and so on, have become very vague, "PDF of Tintin", "Dr. Chinese" is not spared.A master abroad has developed a program to solve this p

Settings for global node_modules and Npm-cache folders after installing NPM under Windows 10

NPM refers to Node Package Manager, a popular bundle management and distribution tool in node. js. node. JS has joined NPM at the beginning of a version of the Windows installation package and can now go to download the installation package.The installation process is simple, all the way Next and Finish. After the installation is complete, you can create a new command-line window and tap NPM to verify the installation.The prob

Windows 10 Key Sharing and Windows 10 Key Sharing

Windows 10 Key Sharing and Windows 10 Key Sharing Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise:KEY:PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PKHttp:// Win

In Windows 10, the wireless network is always disconnected. What should I do ?, Windows 10 Wireless Network

In Windows 10, the wireless network is always disconnected. What should I do ?, Windows 10 Wireless Network This problem may occur when we use win10, that is, win10 often experiences network disconnection. This is sometimes due to the network itself, sometimes it is because of the system itself. Here, we will explain

10 things you need to know to install the Windows 10 preview

requirements for Windows 10, which are not as high as Windows 8.1. · Processors: 1GHz or faster, supports PAE, NX, and SSE2 · Memory: 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit) · Hard disk space: 16GB · Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device and WDDM driver In addition, you need a Microsoft account and a network connection. If you want to access the

Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server 10) installation experience

installation process for Windows Server 10 is all over. The system takes up less than 10GB compared to the previous generation of Windows server,windows Server 10 installation. In fact, whether you are installing

Installing Windows Admin Center in Windows Server Core mode

Before you introduce the features and interfaces of Windows Admin Center: installing Windows Admin Center is a Windows Server 2016-based graphical GUI installation of Windows Admin Center, and today I mainly introduce you to

Installing Oracle 10 GB on the Character interface in Aix

1. Preparations before installing the database.First, you must confirm your machine configuration, operating system, and the version of the Oracle database to be installed. For different machine, operating system, and Oracle versions, refer to the following (Oracle Database official website, enhanced in English ^-^)This website contains the information you need, but you need to register it when you download it ^-^2. for users wh

Tutorial on installing Oracle 10 Gb database on Linux

Tutorial on installing Oracle 10 Gb database on Linux Oracle Database software can run on almost all Windows/Unix operating systems. It is recommended that you learn to use it because of the ease of access and open source of linux systems. (RedHat 5.3 32bit is used this time) 1) install the Linux operating system Portal: 2) configure the Linux operating environme

10 major optimizations to be made after installing WINDOWS8 system

WINDOWS8 system in the performance, especially the boot speed and many other aspects are more than Win7 (and see Win8 RP and Win7 performance Comprehensive test: Win8 fast One times), many people can't stand Windows8 this temptation, vowed to use the legendary most revolutionary OS, Results after the installation of the performance of Windows7 not to force, open the folder will also be Kaka, after the start of the hard disk read a non-stop, CPU occupied bunker! Is this a pit dad? In fact, in-de

Installing oracle 10g in suse linux enterprise 10)

bottom. 5. Install Oracle10gR2Log out of the root user and log on to the KDE again as an oracle user. Do not use su-oracle under the root user to switch to the oracle user for installation. The GUI cannot be started.Run./runInstaller-ignoresysprereqs to start installing Oracle.-ignoresysprereqs ignores operating system authentication,Oracle10gIt cannot be installed on SUSE Linux10 by default.Upper. Of course, you can also copy the installation file t

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