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There was an error installing GCC when installing Appach, yum error when installing GCC with yum (Modify Yum configuration)

to set up Yum source.After installing CentOS, it is generally necessary to modify the Yum source to achieve the desired speed when installing the update RPM package. Domestic relatively fast has 163 source, Sohu source. Here is an example of a 163 source.1. CD/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D2. MV Centos-base.repo Centos-base.repo.backup3. wget Http:// MV Centos6-base-163.repo C

Windows8.1 Installing SQL SERVER2012 Departmental components installation is unsuccessful! (Error when installing. NET 3.5, installing. NET 3.5 with win8.1 installation image without internet)

by the ISO image, where the letter is F3. Right-click on the bottom left corner of Windows 8.1 Start menu-command prompt (Administrator run)4. Right-paste, enter the following command line: Dism.exe/online/enable-feature/featurename:netfx3/source:f:\sources\sxs, where note F is windows 8.1 Load the ISO image, the drive letter is different then enter its own corresponding disk symbol, enter the execution.5. Open Control Panel-Programs-enable or disable Windows Framework 3.5 (includ

Pycharm installing PIP Pip installing third-party modules

Pycharm installing PIP pip-Installing third-party builds Open pycharm→ file → settings → project →project interpreter, click the "+" plus sign,650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3237190335.png "title=" Qq20160912141854.png "alt=" Wkiom1fwtw6bviewaack1opyoi0064.png-wh_50 "/>650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s3.51cto.

Some experiences in installing kalilinux2017.1 vmtools in VMware, and installing vmtools in kali2017

Some experiences in installing kalilinux2017.1 vmtools in VMware, and installing vmtools in kali2017 Recently, due to the ransomware virus, I learned a lot about security training from a security expert. In today's society where networks are so developed, our information and our privacy can be easily leaked. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to security. Kali linux was mentioned in the report, w

CENTOS7 installing Python3.6.5 and installing Ipython 6.1.0

*After installing zlib*, recompileMake install6, let the CENTOS7 system can be used by default Python3.6cd/usr/bin/MV Python Python.bak #备份原文件Ln-s/usr/python-3.6.5/bin/python3.6/usr/bin/python (Note your file first letter case)(Note: ln-s source file destination file to do soft link)7. Test whether the Python3.6.5 is installed successfully8. Since the Python2 used by the Yum source is replaced with Python3, it will not work properly. The following inf

3 methods for installing third-party libraries in Python, 3 methods for installing third-party libraries in python

3 methods for installing third-party libraries in Python, 3 methods for installing third-party libraries in python [Method 1]: Use setuptools to install the python module. First download NOTE: It is best to download a setuptools version 15.2, which contains ez_setup. Run python D:\work\installation\setuptools-15.2\setuptools-15.2>python

Experience in installing Scrapy from scratch, and experience in installing Scrapy from scratch

Experience in installing Scrapy from scratch, and experience in installing Scrapy from scratch Scrapy is a python-based Web Crawler framework that crawls information from the network. It is a good way to obtain data. So I want to install it. Go to its official website and go to the Installation Introduction page. Https:// There are three installation methods:

Installing the Python interpreter and installing the Pycharm development tools

Note content: Python installation interpreter, installing pycharm Development ToolsNote Date:2017.10.18Python installation interpreter Download at Python website, address: this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float : none; "title=" Python installation interpreter, install Pycharm development tool 140.png "alt=" Wkiol1nnksawuauoaajps3cggpm623.png "/>Click Dow

Diagram of installing and installing hp Network Printer in Ubuntu

Installing a printer on Ubuntu is not as troublesome as you think. You can call up printer settings from the "System-" System Management-"print" menu. First, you can install a pdf virtual printer to generate a pdf file of the printed content and save the generated pdf file in the pdf folder under the user folder. Select the "new printer" button and select "printmediapdffile" in the connection type. Installing

Several Methods for installing Memcached + memcached extension in linux-CentOS6.4 + installing memcache extension + Memcache synchronization SESSION

~] Cd memcache-3.0.8 [root ~] /Usr/local/php/bin/phpize [root ~] ./Configure -- with-php-config =/usr/local/php/bin/php-config -- enable-memcache -- with-zlib-dir [root ~] Make make install/usr/local/php/lib/php/extension/ no-debug-non-zts-20121212/memcache. so [root ~] Vim/usr/local/php/etc/php. ini extension =/usr/local/php/lib/php/extension/ no-debug-non-zts-20121212/memcache. so session. save_handler = memcache session. save_path = "tcp: // 11211" [root ~] How to install memca

Installing the Hadoop series-Installing JDK-8U5

/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/java/latest/bin" Remember to let the environment variable configuration take effect source #source/etc/environment6) Then tell the system that we're using Sun's jdk, not openjdk# sudo update-alternatives--install/usr/bin/java Java/usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/java 300# sudo update-alternatives--install/usr/bin/javac javac/usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_05/bin/javac # sudo update-altern Atives--config Java7) Test if the ins

Automatic installation of the VM tool when installing CentOS, resulting in the inability to continue installing CentOS solutions

I originally installed CentOS when the CD version, but also to be stuck in this step, and then I in the "virtual machine-and cancel the installation of Vmare tool" click "Cancel Installation Vmare tool", then he can go on, the normal installation, But now that I'm installing the mini version of CentOS, I found that the option to install Vmare tool on the "virtual machine," which is not the Vmare tool, is not the problem, and I don't know what to do.Th

Installing CentOS-6.5 minimal on VMware-installing VMware Tools

because CentOS-6.5 Minimal Many tools are not installed by default, installation Vmwaretools need to use Perl, so the old man recommends configuring the network before installation. the network configuration method can refer to installing CentOS-6.5 minimal on VMware-Configuring the network .Installing PerlYum Install Perlinstalling VMware Tools1 Click the Install VMware Tools option on the VMware menu and

List of software to install after installing Ubuntu and installing Ubuntu

Install UbuntuOld Peaches enter win PE repair startup itemUnder Win PE to make Ubuntu installation disk, only the software is UltraISORefer to the section below the blog post for that articleIn this case, the startup disk of Win PE became the startup disk of Ubuntu  When installing Ubuntu, the original hard disk with Win7 format is NTFS, do not move those disksThe other reference section below installs the Ubuntu linkSoftware to install after

Steps for installing PHP in Cygwin, and steps for installing php in cygwin _ PHP Tutorial

Steps for installing PHP in Cygwin, and steps for installing php in cygwin. Steps for installing PHP in Cygwin and step 1 for installing php in cygwin. install apt-cyg package management tool in Cygwin copy the code as follows: $ wgetapt-cyg.googlecode.comsvntrunkapt-cyg Cygwin install PHP method steps, cygwin install

1.1 Beginning of Study 1.2 Convention 1.3 Understanding Linux 1.4 Installing Virtual machines 1.5 installing CentOS

1.3 Understanding Linux1. Understanding LinuxLinux is an operating systemAndriod mobile OS is Linux2.linux originsLinux before the popular system is UNIX (Mac OS)The university teacher developed a teaching system Minix1991 Linus Torvald reference Minix developed Linux (kernel only)GNU (GNU ' s not Unix)/GPL with Linux (protocol GPL)Reference address3.linux Release versionDebian (1993), Ubuntu (2004)Slackware (1993)->suse (1994)RedHat (1994)->centos (2003)RedHat->redflag (1999)Redhat Fedora RHEL

CENTOS6 Installing and installing node. js

I. Preparatory work1. Installing GCCyum install gcc-c++ openssl-devel2. Upgrade PythonUpgrade Step: compiling and installing node. jswget -xzvf node-v0.10.29.tar.gz cd node-v0.10.29/ ./configure make sudo make installTest:node --versionv0.10.29The following error occurred during the installation:ImportError: No

Linux Notes #02 # Installing MySQL & Installing the Default JRE/JDK

Tags:-o jre www enc div get linu his bleEnvironment:debian 8Installing MySQLReference material: sudo Install mysql-server sudo mysql_secure_installation # for some initialization settings Installing the Default JRE/JDKReference material: 1. Installin

centos7.2 Installing the Cobbler and installing the system

. Turn off the firewallSystemctl Disable Firewalld.servicesystemctl stop firewalld.servicesystemctl is-enabled firewalld.service3. Install Epel-release, 163 sourceYum-y install Epel-release cd/etc/yum.repos.d/;Wget Http://; Cd4. View Cobbler PackageYum Search All Cobbler650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_1661644947.png "title=" clipboard (). png "style=" Float:none;

Installing Docker under CENTOS7 (14 installing Docker machine)

Before we did the experiment is on a host, in fact, in the real environment there are multiple hosts, containers on these hosts to start, run, stop and destroy, related containers will communicate with each other over the network, whether they are running on the same host.For this kind of song Multi-host environment, how should we manage it efficiently?The first problem is: Install and configure Docker for all hostsPreviously, we installed a Docker host manually:1. Install the HTTPS CA certific

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