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code[vs]-Ticket Discount-floating point processing-ladder Bronze

Title DescriptionDescriptionEnter the original ticket price (3 to 4 positive integer, Unit: Yuan), and then enter the ticket discount rate (up to one digit after the decimal point). program calculates the actual price of the ticket after discount

Floating Point precision and ieee754 Standard

The bug of floating point Precision loss is constantly discovered by developers or database developers in different languages. Some people may have heard about the reasons, but still cannot grasp the rules. The best way to solve the problem is to

How does the compiler implement constant integer division optimization for 32-bit integers? [C + +]

IntroductionIn one of my previous articles [ThoughtWorks Code Challenge--fizzbuzzwhizz Game General High Speed (C & C + +)] It was mentioned that the compiler was optimized to handle the division of the divisor as a constant, sorted out today, One

November 3, 2017 VS three broad classes & Arrays &VS& collections & Generic Collections

Three major categoriesIt is divided into two major categories:Basic data type & reference typeBasic data type---value type---integral type---commonly used integers: Int, long integer: Long, small integer: Byle, medium integer short--floating

Summary of each type vs. 0 comparison

Based on the relevant knowledge points in the high quality C++/C Programming Guide.Comparison of Boolean variables with 0 values"Rule 4-3-1" does not compare Boolean variables directly with TRUE, FALSE, or 1, 0.Depending on the semantics of the

Java override (Override) vs. overload (overload)

Java override (Override) vs. overload (overload) Override (Override)Overrides are subclasses that rewrite the implementation of the method that allows access to the parent class, and the return value and formal parameters cannot be changed.

Swift vs. Objective-c: 10 Reasons to watch Swift in the future

It's time to develop apps for iOS and Mac OS x using the easy-to-use, comprehensive swif language.While programming languages are not so easy to fade away, the development team that insists on the fading paradigm is doing so. If you are developing

SQL Server type vs C # type comparison

SQL SERVER type C # type Exact numbers bigint Integer data (all numbers) from -2^63 (-9223372036854775808) to 2^63-1 (9223372036854775807). The storage size is 8 bytes.About 90 billion, with less Int64

Hdoj 4815 little tiger vs. Deep monkey

Recurrence... Little Tiger vs. Deep monkey Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 65535/65535 K (Java/Others)Total submission (s): 661 accepted submission (s): 244 Problem descriptiona crowd of little animals is visiting a mysterous

Hdu3076 -- ssworld vs DDD (probability DP third play, calculate probability)

Ssworld vs ddd Time Limit: 4000/2000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)Total submission (s): 1487 accepted submission (s): 304Problem description  One day, sssworld and DDD play games together, but there are some special

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