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The difference between the Intel CPU Chip T series, E series, T series

What is the difference between the Intel CPU Chip T series, the E series, the T series? Intel divides its PC CPU products into the T, E and P three series, and as users of Intel platforms, it is important to understand their differences and to identify the different performance metrics they represent. So, do you know

[Hardware project] 2, car reversing radar design--based on special reversing radar chip GM3101 design scheme and the use of cx20106a infrared detection chip scheme comparison

hide the worry, sometimes hinder us is actually a lot of non-resistance factors brought about the helpless. Young people to be subject to a variety of intangible economic pressure and can not be free and happy life, not to wait for more than 10 years, but a lost youth. My whole body, even the most promising youth! This article was originally about the technology, but suddenly sad feeling just a bit!Haha, the landlord is actually super see Open! I write things can give people help I am very happ

51 single-chip microcomputer PWM DC motor Speed regulation

modulation by setting high-level and low-level holding time.In comparison, the software adjusts the quantization index to be higher, the adjustment is more reliable, more convenient, more accurate. As a result, scenario two is often considered at design time.The pulse frequency also has the influence to the motor turn, the pulse frequency is high continuity good, but with the load ability is poor, the frequency low is opposite. The experimental resul

Comparison of Intel, SST, AMD and mxic flash chips)

At present, the most common flash chip manufacturers are intel, SST, AMD, mxic, etc. Now we use a widely used 16 M byte flash chip as an example, compare their similarities and differences in performance and design. Intel's 16 M byte flash chip model is 28f160c3, SST is 39vf1601/1602, AMD is 29lv160d, mxic is 29lv160bt

Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitiveness

Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitiveness Comparison of main ZigBee chip vendor's ZigBee solution competitivenessAt present, there are major ZigBee chip vendors (2.4 GHz), including Ti/chipcon, Ember (ST), jennic (), Freescale, and microchip.Cur

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