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"Notes" "original" Ubuntu Linux 12.04 under Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) 2013 Installation and use

Lab environment: Ubuntu 12.04 LTSInstall the software: Just record 2013 version of the new version similar* Installation and Configuration *1. RegistrationReceive email to get activation code2. DownloadVery big3. Unzip the installation./install_sh If you need to change permissions I forgot.4. Follow the prompts step by stepI didn't change the/opt/intel/. If there is something, it will ignore the different names files and directories and overwrite file

Intel mkl basics (2) layered structure of MKL layered model Concept

Reference: (search for "layered model concept ") To support multiple compilers and interfaces, different OpenMP implementations, serial and multithreading, and a wide range of processors, Intel MKL adopts a structured design. To support different interfaces, th

Intel mkl basics (3) MKL function classification

Reference: (1) function classification: According to the MKL manual, MKL functions are divided into the following categories (domains ): BlasBlacsLAPACKScalapackPblasSparse SolverVector Math Library (VML)Vector Statistical

Intel development tools-C ++ compiler, Fortran compiler, IPP, MKL, vtune, thread checker

? Integrated performance primitives (intel? IPP)The developer used for multimedia programs. Intel? IPP provides common functions such as signal, image, speech, graphics and sound processing, vector processing, and matrix mathematics, and is used for audio, video, and voice digital signal codecs (speech codecs ), and complex primitives displayed on the computer. Intel

Download, install, and configure intel ifort, icc compiler, and MKL in linux

Download, install, and configure intel ifort, icc compiler, and MKL in linux-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. Ifort and icc are a very good compiler. intel has a non-commercial version and can be downloaded for free. Although it does not provide technical support, it is enough for most common users. next, I will introduce how to

Intel MKL FATAL error:cannot load or error resolution

The Intel MKL FATAL error:cannot load or libmkl_ are often present when we use Anaconda This error, a lot of people are using SCIKIT-LEARNH, I personally in the use of Keras encountered, StackOverflow and GitHub on a number of solutions, but I do not work here, and then GitHub on the Anaconda issue Found a "folk prescription", the solution is as follows: 1. With the-f command to install

Machine Learning Library function 64-bit library function download

Because looking for numpy 64-bit library function find more hard, and found that a lot of resources need points, and I spent a few points after incredibly still download not down, simply angry, from other places found free to everyone, directly click the link: /detail/z1137730824/8384347Want to learn machine learning to download it!!Machine Learning Library function Numpy-

Python's scipy library was installed successfully, but the error occurred while importing (sub problem: NUMPY+MKL installation failed) __python

1. SciPy Import ErrorToday we're going to install Python's library scipy, Downloads on this page, notice the version, My Python is 3.6.2, the system is Win64 bit, so I downloaded this "SCIPY‑0.19.1‑CP36‑CP36M‑WIN_AMD64.WHL" version. In the cmd command line to run the installation scipy (should be installed it, I use PIP installed, not words on the internet to find ha), installation prompts success, the

Learning the Intel thread building block Open Source Library (TBB) _ Parallel Computing

known as Mutex-free) concurrent programming support is provided in the template class atomic. This support makes Intel TBB suitable for high-performance applications because Intel TBB can lock and unlock mutexes (mutexes). This is all implemented in C + +. There is no extension or use of macros, and Intel TBB uses only this language and a large number of templat

Linux installs the Netcdf-fortan Library with Intel compilers (after version 4.2)

/ed/local--prefix=/home/ed/makeinstallAmong them, the more prone problem is the installation of HDF5, see HDF5 official documentationAfter the success, you can do netcdf-c and Netcdf-fortran library installation, there is a problem to note: Compile the installation of the compiler and you will compile your FORTRAN code using the same compiler, No one will get an error when compiling the FORTRAN source code which is used in the NETCDF

[Reveal the Intel module of vc crt library]-strlen

solved so quickly. How can this article proceed? Let's take a look at the strlen you killed in a flash. She's perfect. It's exactly the same as Ms's engineers. In general, it's just a few lines of code. So, why can this problem be solved? Is there any better solution? You have the opportunity to come up with another one: int strlen( const char* str ){ const char* ptr = str; while ( *str++ ) ; return ( str - ptr - 1 );} The short code is not necessarily optimal. Of course, it can

Use of Intel thread library TBB

First download: Http:// Current Version 2.1 Decompress the package to drive C, open vs2005, and set the project directory of VC ++. Include: C:/tbb21oss_win/include Execution file: C:/tbb21oss_win/ia32/vc8/bin Library file: C:/tbb21oss_win/ia32/vc8/lib Finally, set my computer-environment variable settings Add ";": C:/tbb21oss_win/ia32/vc8/bin Then add a variable: Tbb21_instal

Intel JPEG library x64 version (IPP 6.0)

The IPP 6.0 installation package includes ia32, em64t, and itanium. The ijl 2.0 (Intel JPEG Library) is provided in the sample. If you need to compile ijl2.0 by yourself, download from the producer. After decompression, build32.bat is visible under IPP-samples/image-codecs/JPEG-ijl /. Run the command directly to compile and generate the ijl20l. Lib (

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