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Use Maven to create Scala and Java Project Code environments (Intellij idea (Ultimate version), Intellij idea (community version), and Scala idea for Eclipse applies) (recommended by bloggers)

Why do you write this blog?First of all, for the Spark project, it is highly recommended to build, with IntelliJ idea (Ultimate version), if you have another hobby to try Scala ideas for Eclipse, have time to play for yourself. But it's best to follow the crowd.For Hadoop projects, Eclipse is strongly recommended.Second, out of a Bo friends to give me the need to leave a message, in order to more efficient

CentOS6.5 how to properly download, install IntelliJ idea, Scala, Scala-intellij-bin plugin, Scala IDE for Eclipse Booster Big Data Development (graphic)

Tags: nbsp idea Big Data development GTK Target 1.3 website startup technology sharingStep Two: Install IntelliJ idea If 3 nodes such as Master, Slave1, Slave2, it is recommended to install it on the master nodeTo Https:// download the corresponding version of the file,Because, I usually install t

IntelliJ IDEA14 and MAVEN series: creating Java Web Projects using IntelliJ idea 14 and maven 7 (i)

Intellij idea as the best Java IDE, it's easier to create a MAVEN project, but to create a MAVEN Web project or to modify some of the configurations, let's summarize them.1 PrefaceIn the project creation, IDEA provides a number of project templates, such as the Spring MVC template, which can be directly created with a MAVEN-based spring MVC demo, with all configu

[IDEA & amp; Eclipse] 3. IntelliJ IDEA features that 20 codes are automatically completed, intellijidea

[IDEA Eclipse] 3. IntelliJ IDEA features that 20 codes are automatically completed, intellijidea In this article, I want to show you the top 20 automatically completed Code features in IntelliJ IDEA to make Java coding more efficient. For any integrated development environm

Eclipse,netbeans and Intellij-java IDE War IntelliJ Idea Chapter

Jacek Furmankiewicz is a senior developer/designer of the Canadian Compuware Company. He has 12 years of professional IT experience, covering Unix,powerbuilder,c#/microsoft net,java,php and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. One, IntelliJ idea 6.0.4 Suppliers JetBrains Website Price $499.00 (

"Eclipse+intellij anti-compilation" Eclipse/intellij idea Anti-compilation view source code and comments

Tags: comments compiler ide Other learning div class too ifHow to use the IDE to view the third-party jar package source code and comments, IntelliJ idea with the anti-compiler, Eclipse installed a plug-in can, can not see the comments on the trouble, can not find the API document it, now finally mastered, the following solutions, for everyone reference, to enhance the development of learning efficiency!Ecl

IntelliJ idea 14 Installing the Golang plugin Go-lang-idea-plugin

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1, download IntelliJ idea flagship, I'm using 14.1.3 version: 2. Download Golang official SDK and Go-lang-idea-plugin plugin source code turn = = Wall) Https://

Java Development Platform IntelliJ Idea v2016.3 Publishing, perfecting multiple views | download

"Download the latest version of IntelliJ idea Trial"DebuggerClass-level WatchesYou can now view the graphs at the class level.650) this.width=650; "alt=" IntelliJ idea 2016.3 "src=" 202016.3-1.jpg "/>Primitive Type ren

Idea use (1) IntellIJ idea Config svn

The development tools used to be eclipse/myeclipse, although I've heard about idea and tried it a few times,To be honest, it's not customary to start using idea, not just shortcut keys, such as projects and modules, servers (such as Tomcat) are completely different, but it's great to stick with it for a while, and it's more efficient than using eclipse/myeclipse.At first because of unfamiliar, did not use t

IntelliJ idea 14 Installing the Golang plugin google-go-lang-idea-

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. IntelliJ idea 14 How to install the Golang plug-in Google-go-lang-idea-plugin 2015-03-08 16:51 Zsjangel Read 4249 times 0 people like 1 reviews Favorites Idea of the editor are very strong, so now learn go also want to use him ah

[IDEA & amp; Eclipse] 4. Operate GitHub and intellijidea on IntelliJ IDEA

[IDEA Eclipse] 4. Operate GitHub and intellijidea on IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA integrates support for GitHub, making it easier to upload code to GitHub and download code from GitHub.1. Share the code to GitHub. Use File-> Settings to open the Settings panel and set it

The simplest IntelliJ idea Tutorial in history _idea

Warm tip: This tutorial GitHub address for "intellij-idea-tutorial", welcome to interested children's shoes star, Fork, error correction. 1 Introduction IntelliJ idea, an integrated environment for Java language development, is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, especially in smart Co

' Idea 2016 ' IntelliJ idea Tomcat JSP hot deployment

I just started with idea, I'm out of it, but I think idea looks good. You can change the interface. The idea is so low.It's not very good to use Ah, to fix tomcat. The program starts unexpectedly changes to restart, JSP page also same.Idea can configure a hot deployment, open the Tomcat configuration page, and select the same as the red box.If your configuration

IntelliJ IDEA navigation feature Top20

IntelliJ IDEA navigation feature Top20 In the previous article, I introduced the features related to Code Completion and refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA (IntelliJ. Today I will introduce another powerful tool, IntelliJ's Navigation, which will save you a lot of time if used pro

"Idea" the Web project Intellij idea created by Tomcat and started the MAVEN project

Reprint Please specify source: article is from the "university trip _ Remember the blog" This blog explains how idea configures Tomcat,Most are direct oh,Click where to add the Tomcat configuration pageAfter the page appears, follow the order and click the + signTomcat Service, LocalNote that this is not the wrong choice, there is a Tomee service!Configure it as shown in the figure below.The configuration mean

IntelliJ Idea Common setting explanation

This article provides you with the IntelliJ idea Common settings tutorial in the use of IntelliJ, and IntelliJ is an integrated environment for Java language Development, IntelliJ is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, Features such as smart

IntelliJ idea Common Settings explanation 1

IntelliJ idea has a lot of user-friendly settings we have to explain separately, and because of these humanized settings let us these IntelliJ idea die loyalty powder more loyal to use it and share it.Common settings IntelliJ Idea's code hints and supplemental

Use IntelliJ IDEA 13 to build an integrated Android Development Environment graphic tutorial

Use IntelliJ IDEA 13 to build an integrated Android Development Environment graphic tutorial [Body] [Development Environment] Physical server version: Win 7 flagship edition (32-bit) Java SDK version: jdk1.8.0 _ 20 (32-bit) Android SDK version: Android 4.4 (API 20) IntelliJ IDEA version:

Idea_ from Eclipse to IntelliJ idea

Scenario: Use IntelliJ idea feeling still is not very handy, want to give up and reluctant to it, such as: Powerful code hint function.I use IntelliJ idea in fact not too long, after using this period of time, I think it is very useful. A lot of people who just turned from eclipse may not be able to get used to it, and

Intellij idea tutorial-andriod project development (Full Set)

In this tutorial, We will illustrate how to use intellij idea to develop the andriod project! Intellij idea tutorial-andriod project development: Preparations Android project development in intellij idea Tutorial: New

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