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Struts2 intercepter notes

I have never been very clear about the struts2 custom Interceptor (intercepter). I have studied it carefully today and finally understood it. The record's summary of the interceptor is as follows: 1: The Role of a custom interceptor is generally to achieve more system permission control; 2: The implementation of the custom interceptor can implement the intercepter interface, inherit the abstractintercepto

Cookie + intercepter for Automatic Login

Password = NULL; exuser loginuser = NULL; If (cookies! = NULL) {for (cookie coo: cookies) {If ("exuser ". equals (COO. getname () {string values = coo. getvalue (); Cooks = values. split ("="); If (cooks. length = 2) {username = cooks [0]; Password = cooks [1];} break;} If (null! = Username null! = PASSWORD) {loginuser = exuserservice. verifylogon (username, password);} If (! Checker. isempty (loginuser) {userinfo Lu = new userinfo (loginuser. GETID () + "", loginuser. getnickname (); Request.

ANGULARJS 1.3 Integrated Learning (one-by-one-bind, Ng-if, Ng-switch, Ng-form, Ng-model, Ng-message)

It mainly explains some of the new features after 1.3, and some small features (Ng-if,ng-switch) that were not previously bindThis previous version has been implemented by some, but after 1.3, ANGULARJS has its own. The usage is extremely simple.DivNg-app= "App"Ng-controller= "Ctrl">{{:: value}}Div>Scriptsrc=".. /.. /js/stooges.js ">Script>Script

Angularjs's Learning--ng-show/ng-hide/ng-if and Ng-switch

In angular's native instructions, these commands are used to control the display of elements, ng-show/ng-hide/ng-if, and Ng-switch.It is also often used in angular performance optimization.Let's look at the difference between them.Where Ng-show and

Angularjs Ng-touch ng-touchmove Ng-touchstart ng-touchend

ANGULARJS Development Mobile End page, make mobile end page must be inseparable from, Touchstart, Touchmove, touchend these actions, but Angularjs provided Ng-touch module is not ngtouchstart this touch screen event , so that the click Delay, so today is the introduction of another Ng-touch written by foreign people, to achieve the mobile end of the Touchstart,touchmove,touchend these events used, as usual,

Ng-show ng-disabled Ng-show The value of ng-hide is changed when the Boolean value changes, the state changes

for= "uname" > User name: for= "Upwd" > User name:Please select:Ng-show ng-disabled Ng-show The value of ng-hide is changed when the Boolean value changes, the state changes

Java Framework--springmvc--intercepter-restfull + maven

/schema/mvc"xsi:schemalocation= "Http://">class= "Org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver" > Package= "Com.zhouwuji.controller" >class= "Com.sxt.interceptor.MyInt

Angularjs HTML Event (ng-click,ng-hide,ng-show)

Ng-click: Click events,Ng-hide: Controls whether a section element is hidden, true hides false displayNg-show: Controls whether an element is displayed, true shows false hiddenRefer to Page: personal source code is as follows:"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "HTTP://WWW.W3.ORG/TR/XHTML1/DTD/XHTML1-TRANSITIONAL.DTD">"

Ng-init,ng-controller,ng-model to initialize the data, as in $scope, but is useful when mated with repeat instructions:Divng-repeat= "Arrouter in arr"Ng-init= "Outerindex = $index"> Divng-repeat= "Arrinner in Arrouter"Ng-init= "Innerindex = $index"> P>{{Arrinner}}:{{outerindex}}{{innerindex}}P> Div>Div>

Aircrack-ng's Airmon-ng command

Description The airmon-ng is used to convert the wireless interface between the managed and monitor modes. Enter the Airmon-ng command without parameters, and the current interface state is displayed. usage Airmon-ng Or: Airmon-ng Where: usage Examples 1. View the status of each interface: ~# airmon-

Practice ng-show and ng-hide methods and ng-showng-hide

Practice ng-show and ng-hide methods and ng-showng-hide In the program design process, we need to display and hide an element or a piece.If you are using angularjs, you can use ng-show or ng-hide for control. Var showhideApp = angular. module ('showhideapp', []); Source Co

Ng-model ng-show, ng-modelng-show

Ng-model ng-show, ng-modelng-show The ng-show command displays the specified HTML element when the expression is true. Otherwise, the specified HTML element is hidden. Syntax All HTML elements support this command.

Angularjs get ng-repeat dynamically generated Ng-model value instance detailed _angularjs

Angularjs gets the ng-repeat dynamically generated Ng-model value The recent project encountered Ng-model is ng-repeat dynamically generated, ng-model= "variable", what variable, is unknown, so you cannot be in $scope. " Variable "to the value, even if the value is one of

Recon-NG framework of the kill Linux penetration test tutorial, kailrecon-ng

Recon-NG framework of the kill Linux penetration test tutorial, kailrecon-ngRecon-NG framework information collection for the Kail Linux penetration test tutorial Information collection is one of the most important stages of network attacks. To conduct penetration attacks, you need to collect various types of information about the target. The more information is collected, the higher the probability of succ

[Angularjs]ng-hide|ng-show Switch

Divclass= "Row Ng-scope"> Divclass= "Col-lg-12"> H1class= "Page-header">More informationH1> Div> /.col-lg-12 -Div>Divclass= "Panel Panel-default">Divclass= ' panel-heading '> Divclass= "Btn-group pull-right"> aNg-click= "Selecttype=1"class= "btn btn-primary btn-xs">spanclass= "Glyphicon glyphicon-edit">span>a> aNg-click= "Selecttype=0"class= "btn btn-success btn-xs">spanclass= "Glyphicon Glyphicon-ok">span>a> Div>

Angularjs Advanced (32) the special NG-SRC and Ng-href of the books of the Sea

The special NG-SRC and ng-href of the seaBefore explaining the special two instructions, you need to understand the start and execution of Ng, as follows:1) The browser loads the static HTML file and parses it into DOM;2) Browser loading angular.js file;3) Angular Monitoring domcontentloaded event, monitoring to start;4) Angular look for

Aircrack-ng Official document translation [Chinese-English control]---airdecap-ng

Aircrack-ng Official Document Translation---airdecap-ng Description "Introduction"With Airdecap-ng you can decrypt WEP/WPA/WPA2 capture files. As well, it can also is used to strip the wireless headers from an unencrypted wireless capture.It outputs a new file ending with "-dec.cap" which is the decrypted/stripped version of the input file.with Airdecap-

[Angularjs]ng-select and Ng-options (reprint)

Ng-selectng-select is used to bind data to ""ng-app="app">Select"Selectcontroller"> SelectNg-model="mycity"ng-options="City-City in Cities">Select> You will find that the text in option above is an object, which is easy to understand, because each item of the cities array is an object, and the binding will be directly bound to the obje

Aircrack-ng wireless cracking summary, aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng wireless cracking summary, aircrack-ngIn linux, I use the ubuntu environment. For ubuntu installation, you can directly use sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng Linux should be able to use yum-y install aircrack-ng for installation. If its installation package does not have fangqian, It is very slow. Bytes -------------------------------------------------

Blind ng-bind-html and Ng-bind realization

Statement: This is purely learning, blind, the true principle of implementation is not soDemo.htmlDOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> Metahttp-equiv= "X-ua-compatible"content= "Ie=edge,chrome=1"> Metaname= "Renderer"content= "WebKit"> title>Titletitle> Scriptsrc= "Http://">Script>Head>Body>DivID= "Demo1"> Ng-bind -Div>H1>================================================

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