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The exploration and practice of Wiki

The wiki site emphasizes teamwork, which provides us with a good collaborative environment. There is no concept of copyright, information and knowledge is no longer a one-way from the authoritative top-down distribution, but completely

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China With the rapid development of the Internet, the Collaborative Design and parallel engineering (concurrent engineering) in the field of computer aided design (CAD), which was

Cmusphinx wiki--open Source Toolkit for Speech Recognition_speech Cmusphinx Wiki This page contains collaboratively developed documentation for the CMU Sphinx speech recognition. Start User Documentation This section contains links to documents which describe you to the use

Highlights of efficient Java programming tools and Java programming tools

Highlights of efficient Java programming tools and Java programming tools Java developers often find ways to write Java code faster and make programming easier. At present, more and more efficient programming tools are emerging on the market.

Selection of internal collaboration platforms of software companies (Project/bug/requirement management and user support)

The following is a selection description for the company's internal collaboration platform, which is posted for reference by the brothers in need. What is the requirement of "software development collaboration platform "?A. support Project

MySQL tool: 10 MySQL tools required by administrator

MySQL is a complex system that requires many tools to repair, diagnose and optimize it. Fortunately for administrators, MySQL has attracted many software developers to launch high-quality open source tools to address the complexities, performance

Use hashcash to combat spam

Cute Python: Use hashcash to combat spam Content:

A ramble on management tools--from Maven,gradle to go

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This paper, from MAVEN, analyzes the main ideas of Maven and the improvement of Gradle to MAVEN, and finally discusses the dependency management of the go

Ramble on management tools: from Maven,gradle to go

Why do I have to rely on management tools? Before we talk about dependency management, let's first talk about why we have to rely on management tools. We learned a programming language and then wrote "Hello World" and then declared that we had

Optimization of internal website links is the first element of SEO

Before starting the link structure topic of the website, I will first complain. I am sorry to see that many SEOer are engaged in SEO optimization for the search engine ranking. This consciousness leads to the following behaviors: when a SEOer knows

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