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Internet Bar Fiber Access scheme

With the development of Internet cafes in recent years, the demand for network bandwidth has become more and more large. Traditional twisted-pair access because of the slow rate of data transmission, resulting in low network performance in Internet cafes, severely restricts the expansion of the size of Internet cafes, the adoption of new access methods has become

Advanced internet cafe Optical Fiber networking technology

purchase of vrouters, vswitches, and other network devices is also very important.Internet cafes have diversified network application types and have high requirements on network bandwidth, transmission quality, and network performance. network applications must integrate advanced, multi-service, scalability, and stability, it not only meets customers' needs for simultaneous transmission of voice, video, and data over a broadband network, but also supports a variety of new business data processi

View the fiber-optic access and ADSL Access Technology from the perspective of Internet cafe Performance

From the perspective of Internet cafe performance, the optical fiber access and ADSL access technologies are worth learning. Here we mainly introduce the use of optical fiber access and ADSL Access to PC shared Internet, this section describes some knowledge points, such as DHCP, security, and TCP/IP network protocols.

Best Choice for Internet cafe dual-fiber Access Router

The dual-fiber access router is the most suitable access method for Internet cafes. So I studied the specific solution of the dual-fiber access router in Internet cafes. I will share it with you here, hoping it will be useful to you. In recent years, Internet cafes have beco

Comparison of fiber access and ADSL access in Internet network

The rapid development of the Internet has led to the further prosperity of Internet cafes, the access means of Internet cafes are not the same, network networking programs are also diverse. At present, Internet access schemes include broadband access such as fiber, ADSL, sat

Competition between Internet cafe network optical fiber access and ADSL Access

The rapid development of the Internet has led to the further prosperity of the Internet bar industry. The access methods of Internet cafes are also different, and network networking solutions are also varied. At present, the international Internet access solutions include optical f

What is the essence of fiber-optic Internet access?

I often see an introduction to the use of fiber-optic fast Internet access on the signboard at the entrance of an Internet cafe. As an internet cafe operator, do you understand the essence of fiber-optic Internet access? If you d

Application viewpoint: how to select an appropriate Internet cafe fiber Router

Fiber routers in Internet cafes have been widely used in various Internet cafes. So I have studied how to select an appropriate fiber routers in Internet cafes. I would like to share with you here, hoping to help you. As an industry that is booming today, the

ADSL or optical fiber? How small and medium enterprises access the Internet

There are many broadband Internet access methods. For enterprises, ADSL and optical fiber are currently popular. The full name of ADSL is an asymmetric digital user line. It is a popular broadband Internet access method and a technology that provides broadband data services through copper telephone lines. Optical fiber

Solution for 300 or less Internet cafes with Gigabit Optical Fiber Switches

The solution for handling 300 or less Ge Fiber switches in Internet cafes is analyzed. The solution for Internet cafes with 150 computers is different from that for Internet cafes with 200 computers. The solution for medium-scale Internet cafes is provided below.

Generic Internet cafe optical fiber switch solution perfect Manual

The LAN optical fiber switch solution can greatly improve the overall network performance of Internet cafes, especially in non-disk Internet cafes. The development of the Internet cafe industry has gone through countless leaps and bounds, no matter in the initial kitten age or in the present era of optical

Detailed description of Internet cafe optical fiber access network devices

The optical fiber access network is still quite common. So I studied the optical fiber access network equipment in Internet cafes and shared it with you here. I hope it will be useful to you. As customers have higher and higher requirements on Network Stability and speed, the network devices required for Internet cafes

How to pair an internet cafe fiber optic switch with the distribution frame Port

During the establishment of a LAN, according to the general standards of Integrated Wiring, the construction should use a network cable with a "meter" or a special "shaped number tube" at the crystal head on both sides ", the computer identification records corresponding to the "meter mark" or "number tube" are recorded in the cabinet. Many units have a small number of computers. Later, some computers were added to form an inevitable lan. However, when the network was originally set up, the netw

Centralized cotton: optical fiber switch solution for Internet cafes of different sizes

There are many areas worth learning about fiber switches in Internet cafes. Here we mainly introduce the fiber switches solution for Internet cafes of different sizes. Optical fiber is generally made from SiO2 Z SiO2) by special pulling process. It no longer uses electronic

Optical fiber switch solution for Internet cafes of different sizes

Optical fiber is generally made from Z (SiO2) after special pulling process. It no longer uses electronic signals to transmit data, but uses optical pulse to transmit signals, it features high bandwidth, large transmission capacity, low signal loss, and long transmission distance. Therefore, the emergence of the Internet cafe Optical Fiber solution will undoubted

Application point of view: Detailed description of advanced Internet cafe Optical Fiber Access Network

Fiber-optic access networks are quite common. So I studied the fiber-optic access networks of advanced Internet cafes and shared them with you here. I hope they will be useful to you. In recent years, the new technological revolution represented by the Internet is leading the development of the traditional telecom conc

New trends in Internet cafe networking: Dual-fiber access + Gigabit to desktop

Today, Internet cafes in China are saturated, especially in some large and medium-sized cities. In such a large Internet cafe group, it is extremely important to design and set up a stable, fast, and easy-to-manage low-investment and high-income Internet cafe network to ensure profitability.Although many Internet cafes

Overview of ADSL dial-up or fiber optic Internet settings (original)

Whether in Wuzhou set up optical fiber or in the Taiping set up ADSL dial-up internet every time you set up the Internet all the time is encountered various troubles ... This time again to get n long, each problem is different. Summary of the operation process, easy to later encounter problems back to query from a microblog.Setting up dial-up

Multiple optical fiber-optic computer routers shared Internet access in Nanjing Telecom community

Optical fiber shared Internet access in Nanjing Telecom community (1) run the optical fiber Internet sharing software lanshare, as shown below: (2) enter the user name and password, which is actually the user name and password sent by Chi

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