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On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v): Smart Cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v)--Wit cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platformMa ZhiPlatform positioning The Smart Cloud Platform is an open platform dedicated to the Internet of

35 Open source tools in the era of Internet of Things

35 Open Source tools refer: in the age of Internet of things Open source networking is booming. The software and hardware projects described in this article can help companies and DIY enthusiasts to experience the devices connected to the Internet. If you have been in any way in the IT industry in recent years, I'm afraid

Data center in the era of Internet of Things

internet connects more and more people each day, another important data center traffic comes from unmanned smart devices deployed in an industrial environment. Two-thirds of the world's economies today rely on the services of network equipment. Gartner expects 25 billion IoT devices to be put into use by 2020, and IDC predicts that the development of the Internet

javascript--Next Generation Internet of things full stack development

services based on Restful APIs, including control of various peripherals and I/O. Running the HTTP server, based on the RESTful API, implements the HTML5-based cloud IDE development environment. Convenient technical geeks Customize the capabilities of the gateway, including JavaScript IDE, Blockly IDE based on graphics programming, WEB design tools that can configure FPGA module functionality and PIN definition, and, of course, the lower C langua

Internet of Things overview and technical framework

The Internet of Things English name is things. The core and foundation of the IoT is still the Internet, which is an extension and expansion of the Internet on the basis of its client-side extension and expansion to the exchange of information and communication between any g

Internet of Things

experience as the Core 2.0 is the soul of IoT development. Live Point definition: The use of local network or the Internet and other communication technology to the sensor, controller, machine, personnel and things through a new way together, the formation of people and things, objects and objects, to achieve informat

LTE CAT1 to CAT10, CAT0 and the Internet of Things

Cat. That is ue-category, according to the definition of 3GPP, ue-category is divided into 1~10 a total of 10 levels, of which cat.1-5 is R8 definition, cat.6-8 is R10 definition, cat.9-10 is R11 definition. As shown above, ue-category mainly defines the upper and lower line rates that the UE terminal can support. Th

Internet of Things graduation design free download?? 1000 sets of finished products free download

difficult to understand the novice FPGA of the place. The essence of FPGA design-time series design (i) Overall design and logical detailed design scheme (ii) How to improve the operating frequency of the circuit (c) The difficulty of making logic lies in system structure design and simulation verification Design ideas Design thinking refers to the system or function circuit design method and skills, I do not know whether the definition i

A probe into the domestic internet of Things Platform (eight): China Mobile IoT open platform Onenet

Platform positioningOnenet is one of the open and win equipment cloud platform built by the Mobile IoT Co., Ltd., which provides easy cloud access, storage, computing and presentation for a variety of cross-platform IoT applications and industry solutions, rapidly creating networked product applications and reducing development costs.IoT PAAs Infrastructure: Provides smart device self-service development tools, back-Office support services, Internet o

Internet of things Command prototype design and framework

In another article, we describe the client API design (IOT command (based on SIP) client API design for Java).The previous time combed the command design and framework, in fact, the narrow sense of the device control, management, can be managed in the home LAN, can also be remote management (through the open source SIP server:opensips), of course, also contains the device linkage rules of the prototype implementation (ie, the ittt of the Internet of

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