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Proud browser to teach you how to protect Internet privacy

using a different cookie, for love to use a variety of vest users is a good news, and the attention of their own privacy users can also use the Privacy Browsing window, leaving no traces. Lock browser: "One key lock heart" no longer worry Everyone has their own little secret, leaving the computer afraid of their own network data will be browsed by others, resulting in the leakage of resources? Do not wor

Make your privacy and security office more secure to access the Internet

In the office, maybe you have just left your computer, and someone else starts to "peek" your computer. Although the Screen Saver with a password can avoid such security threats to a certain extent, the screen saver can be started only after a certain period of time. To this end, this article specifically recommends a WinGuard Pro 2005 tool. With this tool, you can lock important program windows as you like and encrypt privacy information, other users

Internet Privacy Protection Ten Secrets _ security related

The internet is a double-edged sword, on the one hand to bring convenience to daily life, on the other hand, hackers to invade the computer system to open more channels. How should the general Netizen guard against? Look at the top ten secrets you can use to protect your privacy: 1. Anonymous browsing, because many websites use cookies to track the internet acti

Top 10 tips for protecting privacy on the Internet

The Internet is a two-blade sword. On the one hand, it brings convenience to daily life, and on the other hand, it opens more channels for hackers to intrude into computer systems. How Should users guard against such attacks? See the following Top 10 tips to protect your privacy: 1. Browse anonymously because many websites use cookies to track Internet activi

Take pride in surfing the Internet privacy protection has the coup

In today's society, privacy is more and more important to people, to protect their privacy to prevent others to steal your information, in the online world is particularly important. Browsing history, search history, and cookies are all left on the computer in the process of surfing the Internet, and it doesn't matter on your computer. But if your computer is use

Protect online privacy and do not leave secrets on the Internet

tracking users and store website IP addresses and user names. It is automatically generated after we access the website and saved in the Cookies directory of the installation directory. Therefore, we only need to open the partition where the system is located, then enter the WINDOWSsystem32configsystemprofile folder, and delete all the files. Iii. Delete historical records The History folder records the website content that has been viewed in the recent period. If it is a Win2000 system, the ac

Kali Linux to see the Goddess Internet privacy (ettercap+wireshark+zenmap +dsniff)

Bored to play, do not do some bad things yo ~ ~ Online There are some articles about Kali Linux, on the actual combat. Kali is used by Debian.If you are in the same wifi as the goddess.IP ScannerKali virtual machine under the link external USB wireless card, virtual machine step support built-in wireless network cardTerminal input echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward IP forwarding to ensure the Goddess's normal internet accessTerminal input ZenmapThe

How to clear Internet Explorer privacy data by executing commands in your computer

How to clear Internet Explorer privacy data by executing commands in your computer 1, press Win+r to open the run, enter IE browser clear command, such as the Purge history record: RunDll32.exe inetcpl.cpl,clearmytracksbyprocess 1; 2, click the return or OK will show "Delete Browsing history"; 3, the following list to clear IE browser related data command: Clear

To Chinese Internet users, about privacy issues

I recently found a very serious problem.On the a.zn of Asia and Malaysia,Http:// didn't make any hints.On the public, the user all the post-purchase reviews of the recordI didn't see much more.This problem may be more serious.No one cares what time you buy a single record.But the number, quantity, and time of the sanitary napkins you have purchased in recent years have been made public.People with a bit of analytical ability can

Tencent will shield illegal plug-in software privacy exposure function

November 21, the reporter learned from Tencent, from 21st onwards, Tencent will launch a series of technical measures to strengthen the user's privacy security. In addition to the introduction of IP encryption in the QQ software, but also through the QQ client screen illegal plug-in software display IP, display stealth function. Tencent said that the introductio

Cloud computing impacts anti-virus software business models without affecting personal privacy

According to Zhang weiqin, after introducing the cloud computing architecture, the anti-virus industry has truly changed from anti-virus to anti-virus. "You do not have to wait until the user is poisoned to solve the problem. More importantly, you must prevent the problem in advance ." It is reported that trend, pandatv, rising, Symantec, and other anti-virus manufacturers are currently deploying their own cloud computer architecture to form a "Cloud" server cluster ranging from hundreds to ten

How to use Mac cache cleanup software to protect user privacy

Now in life, we will use a variety of chat tools QQ, is our most commonly used, if we do not clean up these chat information, these files will remain, many times in order to ensure the security of their information, to prevent this information to occupy too much space we will clean up this information, Each person's way of cleaning is different.Small series for everyone to bring a completely clear all the information browsing records of the tool to make our Mac more pure.You can download it here

CCleaner Software: A free system optimization and privacy protection tool

CCleaner is a free system optimization and privacy protection tool. CCleaner's main use is to clear the garbage files that Windows system no longer uses to free up more hard disk space. Another big feature of it is to clear the user's internet record. CCleaner small size, fast speed, can be temporary folder, history, Recycle Bin, such as Garbage clean-up, and the registry can be scanned for garbage, clean.

Protect your Chat privacy: Design idea of external encryption software

Instant Messaging tools (commonly used for chat software and internet telephony software) are increasingly used by modern people, mainly because it is convenient, with the mobile phone 3G technology promotion, real-time mobile online ability, so that you even walk intermittently are "no", MSN, QQ has become the city of new and new human life signs. The high speed

How to deploy Internet behavior management software to realize Internet behavior management

Days easy to network network management software has four kinds of deployment mode, respectively, applicable to different networks environment, this article details the advantages and disadvantages of these four deployment models, for the user's reference. System Requirements: xp/2003/vista/2008/win7 (32/64-bit operating system can) Because the day easy to network management software is to manage the

The true internet cafe management expert of the cash tree Internet cafe management software

A good internet cafe management software --- cash tree Internet cafe management software The management system of cash tree Internet cafes is a set of professional billing systems for small and medium-sized Internet cafes. The sys

Boutique software recommended Kaspersky Internet Security I have used one of the best anti-virus software yo

Introduction to Kaspersky Internet Security software 2015 softwareKaspersky Internet Security 2015 in 2014 just over 3 ushered in his birth, it seems that Kabbah's engineers are not idle. Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 enabled support for the 32-bit, 64-bit Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win8.1 update platforms, with a more fla

Win10 after using the agent software, some software is not connected to the Internet

As a result of work needs, on the Internet under a proxy software, get a half day can be considered to be done. Because just upgraded the WIN10, so compare like and Cortana talk to beholdCortana classmate even not the internet, which makes me very depressed, and more than that, a lot of software is not connected to the

The software industry keeps making garbage on the Internet

The software industry is constantly making garbage on the Internet. The software industry has made a lot of network waste on the Internet over the past few years. Compared with the past few years, the current software industry is really different. In the past few years, user

Check the Internet. What are the popular source program version management software and project management software? What are the pros and cons?

, of course, git can also be restored through the historical version, but it is not easy to implement a partial restore.In short, the company's development team in the complex multi-project development, SVN is a better choice.Sign up: I found Git's website and followed and The 5046776.html method is registered well. There is nothing to solve the problem, but still hope to launch the Chinese version of the ~Successful

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