introduction to art of programming using scala

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Geotrellis using (vi) Scala concurrent (parallel) programming

This article is mainly about Scala concurrent (parallel) programming, then why the topic is called Geotrellis use (vi), mainly because this series explains how to use Geotrellis, the specific previous several blog has been introduced. I think the basis of doing any one thing is very important, like the college entrance examination or a variety of examinations, teachers will emphasize the basis, which is ver

The art of Java concurrent programming, reading notes, chapter sixth, Concurrenthashmap, and the introduction of concurrent containers

((Forkjoinworkthread) thread.currentthread). Puttask (this);}2) Puttask the current task into the task array and then calls Forkjoinpool's signalwork to wake up or create a new threadThe pseudo code is as followsPublic final void Pushtask (ForkjointaskForkjointask if (q=queue)!=null) {Calculate the offsetLong U = ((s=queuetop) (m=queuetop.length-1)) Flush main memory directly based on offsetUnsafe.putorderobject (q,u,t);queuetop=s+1;if (s-=queuebaseWaking worker ThreadsSignalwork ();}else{Creat

Programming in Scala (Second Edition) Reading notes 15 using list

List is immutable, the underlying implementation uses the data structure on the linked list. Head is the first element, tail is the remaining element Last is the final element, and Init is an element other than the last element2. Inserting sorting algorithmsPackage Chapter16object Testlist extends app{def isort (X:list[int]): list[int] = if (x.isempty) x else Insert (x.Head, Isort (x.tail)) def insert (X:int, Xs:list[int]): list[int] = {if (Xs.isempty | | x 3.

JS DOM Programming Art--using JS to achieve animation effects--JS study notes 2015-7-21 (88th day)

moveelement functionDOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8">title>Using timer to realize JS animation effecttitle>style>style>Head>Body>PID= "message">whereP>PID= "Message2">whoa!P>Script> functionPositionmessage () {varElem=document.getElementById ("message"); "Absolute"; "50px"; "100px"; Moveelement ("message", the, -, -); varElem=document.

Introduction to the _c++ programming of NetEase Cloud Classroom (Next) _ 9th unit: Baigun Zeng Yong Peony Fang, a kind of fresh shes unique "exception" _ 9th Unit-Job 5:oj programming-using Exceptions for graphics class error handling

Unit 9th-Job 5:OJ Programming-error handling of graphics classes using exceptionsView HelpreturnWarm tips:1. This assignment belongs to the online Judge topic and is enigmatic grading by the system immediately after submission.2. Students can submit an unlimited number of answers before the deadline , and the system will take the highest score as the final result. Add exception handling code to the graphics

Introduction to ASP Programming Using JSP programming ideas

(SQL) SinCounts=0 DouCounts=0 ForI=1To Len (StrSql) If Mid (StrSql, I, 1) = "'" ThenSinCountsSinCounts= SinCounts + 1 If Mid (StrSql, I, 1) = "ThenDouconfulfill=DouCounts+ 1 Next If (SinCounts Mod 2)>0 Or (DouCounts Mod 2)>0 Or Instr (StrSql ,";")>0 Then Call Class_Terminate () Response. Write ("SQL language Rule error! ") Response. End () End If SeleCt Case Flag Case "R", "r ": If Instr (StrSql, "delete ")>0 Or Instr (StrSql, "update") Or Instr (StrSql, "drop ")>0

Introduction to MVC Programming using Agavi, part 1th: Using Agavi to open up a new world

Brief introduction If you're a serious PHP developer, you probably already know (and even used) the PHP application Development framework, such as the Symfony, the cake, and the Zend Framework. These frameworks provide a comprehensive API that encompasses almost the requirements of most applications and is a solid foundation for PHP application development. You can easily integrate them with components developed by a Third-party library or community

"Introduction to Algorithms" using dynamic programming to solve active selection problems

in a previous article on the greedy algorithm to solve the problem of active selection ("Introduction to the algorithm" Greedy algorithm activity selection problem ), found that there is a practice 16.1-1 is to use dynamic programming to solve the problem of active selection. In fact, the matrix chain is similar to the previous multiplication, but also consider the partition of the activity is which, and tw

Introduction to MVC Programming using Agavi, part 4th

Introduction to MVC Programming with Agavi, Part 4: Creating a Agavi search engine with multiple output types (XML, RSS, or soap) Brief introduction In part 3rd of this series, you experience a task that you often encounter when building web-based applications: Implement a management module that allows administrators to perform CRUD operations through the Web i

C # Introduction to multi-thread programming-using thread, threadpool, and timer

The system. threading namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable multi-threaded programming. There are three methods for creating threads: thread, threadpool, and timer. Next I will give a brief introduction to their usage methods one by one.1. threadThis may be the most complicated method, but it provides various flexible control over the thread. First, you must use its constructor to create a t

Introduction to code Debugging Using unit testing in Python programming, and python Unit Testing

Introduction to code Debugging Using unit testing in Python programming, and python Unit Testing For new programmers, one of the most common confusions is the topic of testing. They vaguely think that "unit testing" is good, and they should also do unit testing. But they do not understand the true meaning of the word. If it sounds like you, don't be afraid! In th

Introduction to using the OS. path. isdir () function in the Python Programming Language

The Python programming language is a very powerful computer language. The Python programming language has very simple skills in actual operations, today we will introduce how to use the OS in the Python programming language. path. isdir () function to determine whether the path is a directory. Determine whether the program is a directory in the Python

MITX:6.00.1X Introduction to Computer science and programming Using Python Week 2:simple Programs 4. Functions

"This is the answer I wrote:# Your code hereIf Len (aStr) = = 0:Return FalseElif len (aStr) = = 1:if aStr = = Char:Return TrueElseReturn FalseElseif char = = Astr[len (aStr)//2]:Return TrueElif Char Return IsIn (char, Astr[:len (ASTR)//2])else:Return IsIn (char, Astr[len (ASTR)//2+1:])def isIn (char, ASTR): "This is the standard answer: char:a single character Astr:an alphabetized string returns:true if char I s in AStr; False otherwise ' # Base case:if aStr is empty, we do not find the char.

Introduction to LINUX multi-thread Server programming: using the muduo C ++ network library

This book mainly shares the author's experience in implementing multi-thread and network programming in the company's internal distributed service system, and introduces C ++Many of the design decisions in this book are made in this application scenario. This book does not elaborate on the Design of Distributed systems. It only lists the challenges of distributed systems and their impact on programming (Ser

Introduction to MVC Programming using Agavi, part 2nd (ii)

Introduction to MVC Programming using Agavi, part 2nd: Adding Forms and database support using Agavi and Doctrine 2 Get Database records Now that communication between Agavi, doctrine and MySQL is clear, you need to write a viewaction to get and display the list of cars from the MySQL database. First, populate the li

Using Python + Hadoop streaming distributed programming (i)--Principle introduction, sample program and local debugging _python

Introduction to MapReduce and HDFsWhat is Hadoop? Google proposes a programming model for its business needs MapReduce and Distributed file systems Google File system, and publishes relevant papers (available on Google Research's web site: GFS, MapReduce). Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella the two papers when they developed the search engine Nutch, the MapReduce and HDFs of the same name, together with Hadoo

A Brief Introduction to concurrent programming implemented by Using generators in Python

This article briefly introduces the concurrent programming implemented by Using generators in Python. Using the yield generator function for multi-process programming is an important part of Python's advanced learning, for more information, see concurrency (not parallel) programmin

Introduction to F #: Using functional programming techniques in the. NET Framework

that converts an XML document into other format data. Although it is entirely possible to write a C # program that parses an entire XML document and applies various if statements to determine what to do in different places in the document, the better approach is to write an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) program. Of course, XSLT certainly contains a large number of built-in function mechanisms, like SQL. F # strongly recommends that you do not use null values (NULL), but

Brief introduction to "interface-oriented programming" and "coupling method" using interfaces, abstract classes, and common base classes in PHP _ PHP Tutorial

In PHP, "interface-oriented programming" and "coupling method" are implemented using interfaces, abstract classes, and common base classes. Copy the code as follows :? Php * is released to facilitate reading and publishing. you are welcomed to give guidance to others. [note] This example has passed the test. The code is as follows: /*What you learn and do is published to facilitate your own reading and

Introduction to MVC Programming using Agavi, part 5th

Introduction to MVC Programming with Agavi, part 5th: Adding paging, uploading files, and custom input validators for Agavi applications Brief introduction At the end of part 4th of this series, you already have a full-featured WEB application that includes management modules, search engines, and XML output capabilities. Now, you may be scratching your head abo

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