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Computer God book "encoding: Language hiding behind computer software and hardware 』

language systems such as bleye Yuwen and moles code, orchestrate a vivid narrative for those who once wanted to know the mysteries of the "life" inside computers and other smart machines. This book consists of flexible illustrations and vivid stories. Along with the introduction of the author, you will find that you have gained a real background in understanding today's PC, digital multimedia, and Internet

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

[] ]]]].Richard_steven s_tcp-ip_illustrated_vol_2.[].pdf .pdf Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [ ] [ ].Programming.pearls.(complete.pdf Bytes [ ] [ ],.c.version.(2nd.ed.).pdf [ [ ].Updatelog.txt Introduction:1. The art of com

"Turn" to the computer professional college students finishing the book list

Nothing to do, the use of large half a day to the computer curriculum and the view of a book, hoping for the current still confused college students have help. (reproduced please specify the source)I recommend more than 97% of the books are foreign books, domestic university textbooks still do not look. Remember, remember!0.000 Introduction to

Computer Classics Book collection (suitable for computer students and Programmer's Test, interview)

(first volume): Basic, data structure, sorting and searching", 5. "C Algorithm (second volume): Graph algorithm", 6. "Algorithm Art and Informatics Contest", 7. Design and analysis of computer algorithms 6 Floor Programmer's comprehensive articleThis article contains: 1. "Programmer Interview Guide", 2. "Programmer Interview Book", 3. "Game tour-My programming Sentiment", 4. "Escher," "Bach", "The Grand of

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

upgraded to a new version, Introduction to MS-DOS and how to coordinate with your computer hardwareA complete guidance on understanding and using MS-DOSA command Manual contains definitions, examples, and tables to help you quickly find information!----------------------------------------------------------------18. Computer Graphics C version 2nd ed Author: Don

30 Book Computer

1. "Code Encyclopedia" Steve Maik CornellRecommendations: 1684"The Encyclopedia of Good Programming practices, the Code encyclopedia , focuses on personal technology, and everything adds up to what we instinctively call" writing neat code. " This book has 50 pages to talk about code layout. "--joel SpolskyFor beginners, the concept in this book is a bit more advanced. By the time you are ready to read this

Recommend a computer vision book: Python Computer Vision programming

Homepage of Editorial Office: It doesn't seem to work.Http:// chapter of the code, GitHub above: Chinese versionHttps:// GitHub above, English version:Https:// homepage:Http://programmingcomputervision.comChinese online book:Http:// download the installationpython (x, y):https://cod

Recommend a computer vision book: Python Computer Vision programming

Source: of Editorial Office: It doesn't seem to work.Http:// chapter of the code, GitHub above: Chinese versionHttps:// GitHub above, English version:Https:// homepage:Http://programmingcomputervision.comChinese online book:Http://

Computer Science -- book list

The best way to learn is: Practice + theoretical learning !!The first book: a deep understanding of computer systems (2nd ") Here, I gave links to my Douban notes and provided several auxiliary sites. This book will give you a real understanding of computer and programming. Not comprehensive, but on demand. This

Miscellaneous about computer book translation

original article as a Chinese expression. Instead, it must be expressed by the translator's digestion (or even absorption) according to the Chinese habits. This process is easy to say, it is not easy to do. In this article, I will talk about how to do a good job in translation. The introduction of a book by a publishing house has a certain purpose, or for profit, or to expand the scale or improve the image

"In those years we chased the Wrox boutique Red Computer book" prize event

First, the theme of the event:"Those years we chased the Wrox boutique red Computer Books" prize-winning activities, triple Surprise, prizes probation book reviews @ Pay attention to the courtesy!Second, the activity time:From now until February 10, 2015Iii. Rules of activity:You can join the event in any of the following ways!1. Read our selected "C # Advanced Programming (9th Edition)" Probation Chapter

QQ Sync Assistant Computer version of the Address Book Sync does not need data cable

QQ Sync Assistant Computer version How to use? In fact, QQ Sync Assistant computer version very early, but the name has been renamed "Address Book", become one of the small application QQ! QQ Sync Assistant Computer version of the biggest advantage is to facilitate users in the com

[Tibet] a deep understanding of computer systems _ book reviews

From: Id = 18133 I have read this book three times in the past six months, and I have read some key chapters (that is, the chapters I find difficult) or even five times, therefore, I think it is necessary for me to share my feeling of reading this book with the comrades who have not yet read this book.

MIT MIT Computer Timetable __it Classic book recommendation

Full Name: Electronic Engineering and computer Subordinate three professional: 6-1 Electronic Engineering, 6-2 Electronic engineering and computer, 6-3 computer Professional courses required for graduation: 6.01 6.02 6.004 6.005 6.006 6.034 6.046 6.033 Two-door advanced undergraduate studies A lab Graduate Project 8.02 Physics II (Electro-Magnetic Foundation

Learning computer program development classic book recommendations (learning to improve the wizard, worthy of collection)

1. JavaJava programming language (Third edition) --- four famous Java books ---- James Gosling (father of Java)Java programming ideology (version 2nd) ---- four famous Java books ---- Bruce EckelJava programming ideology (version 3rd) ---- four famous Java books -------------- Bruce EckelJava 2 core technology Volume I: Basic knowledge (7th) --- four famous Java books ----- Cay horstmannJava 2 core technology Volume II: advanced features (original book

Computer room charge System--project development plan book

Project Development Plan (GB856T--88)1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose of writingA project development plan is a preliminary plan that is first done to identify the project to be developed. There is a relatively general understanding of the conditions required for the entire development process of the project. Project development plan intended for readers, developers, managers, and analysts.1.2 BackgroundDescriptionA. Name of the software system to be develo

Book review: In-depth understanding of computer systems

Today to review: in-depth understanding of computer systems, writing technical articles in the belly of the ink other in too little, just write me read this book sentiment, long ago bought this book, but the revised version. At that time to look at that called a uncomfortable ah, the root of the heavenly book almost. T

How to choose a computer book that won't let you regret-taking PHP as an example (1)

What are the basic principles for purchasing computer books? Different people may give different answers. The possible answers are similar to the following: good understanding, comprehensive, in-depth, practical, moderate price, easy to communicate with the author, etc, in my opinion, the most important thing is to select a book based on the different stages of your own, and then choose a

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An Introduction) Chapter I Introduction

descriptionAdvantages:(1) There is no need for large-scale users (like collaborative filtering) to get the relationship between items(2) Once the property of the item is obtained, the item can be recommended to the user immediately.3. Knowledge-based recommendationsIn some areas, such as the consumer electronics sector (e.g), the vast majority of data is a single purchase record. If you apply both of these methods, the data is too sparse to even get the recommended results. What if we have to r

I recommend you read a book titled deep understanding of computer systems

When I first saw the first version of this book, it seemed like it was in, and I was shocked when I remembered it. I was able to reach this level as a teaching material for my undergraduate sophomore year, and I also got in touch with a lot of content for the first time, I was very ashamed. Later, I spent some time studying it carefully. Unfortunately, there were no specific experiments on many important points. At that time, I felt that this

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