introduction to computer science and programming using python mit

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MIT public class: Introduction to Computer science and programming Python Note 4 function decomposition abstraction and recursion

, Numspiders)return(None,None,None) def barnYard1():Heads = Int (Raw_input (' Enter number of heads: ')) legs = Int (Raw_input (' Enter number of legs: ')) pigs, chickens, spiders = solve1 (legs, heads)ifPigs = =None:Print ' There is no solution ' Else:Print ' Number of pigs: ', pigsPrint ' Number of chickens: ', chickensPrint ' Number of spiders: ', spidersImproved: Output all the solutions: def solve2(Numlegs, numheads):Solutionfound =False forNumspidersinchRange0, Numheads +1): forNumc

MIT public class: Introduction to Computer science and programming Python Note 5 floating-point numbers, successive approximation and dichotomy

+ high)/2.0CTR + =1 assertCtr -,' iteration count exceeded ' Print ' Bi method. Num. Iterations: ', CTR,' Estimate: ', GuessreturnGuess def squarerootnr(x, epsilon): "" " Return y s.t. Y*y is within epsilon of X" " assertEpsilon >0,' Epsilon must is postive, not '+ str (epsilon) x = float (x) guess = x/2.0Guess =0.001diff = Guess * *2-X ctr =1 whileABS (diff) > Epsilon andCtr -:# print ' Error: ', diff, ' Guess: ', guess guess = guess-diff/(2.0*guess)diff = Guess * *2-X ctr +

MIT Introduction to Computer science and programming (Lesson one)

MIT Introduction to Computer science and programming (Lesson one) This article is a note on the first episode of MIT's introduction to Computer

MIT Introduction to Computer science and programming--class1

1.goal (target)computation Thinking (computational thinking)Understand code (read and write code) understand abilities and limits map problem into computation in the framework of a computer that transforms scientific issues2.knowledgeDeclarative Knowledge declarative knowledge states the truth, a description of the facts imperative knowledge procedural knowledge to the problem-solving process described3.Fixed-program

MITX:6.00.1X Introduction to Computer science and programming Using Python Week 2:simple Programs 4. Functions

"This is the answer I wrote:# Your code hereIf Len (aStr) = = 0:Return FalseElif len (aStr) = = 1:if aStr = = Char:Return TrueElseReturn FalseElseif char = = Astr[len (aStr)//2]:Return TrueElif Char Return IsIn (char, Astr[:len (ASTR)//2])else:Return IsIn (char, Astr[len (ASTR)//2+1:])def isIn (char, ASTR): "This is the standard answer: char:a single character Astr:an alphabetized string returns:true if char I s in AStr; False otherwise ' # Base case:if aStr is empty, we do not find the char.

EdX mitx:6.00.1x Introduction to Computer science and programming Using Python course Week 1:python Basics problem Set 1 Pro Blem 3

Assume is s a string of lower case characters.Write A program This prints the longest substring of in s which the letters occur in alphabetical order. For example, if s = ‘azcbobobegghakl‘ , then your program should printLongest substring in alphabetical order Is:begghIn the case of ties, print the first substring. For example, if s = ‘abcbcd‘ , then your program should printLongest substring in alphabetical order IS:ABC# Paste Your code into this boxCount = 1result = S[0]While S:Newcount = 1New

(MIT free course) Computer Science and Programming

This article from: I have previously recommended C/C ++ courses for MIT. Today I saw a group of free open courses on computer science and programming on their website (YouTube video ), after reading a few courses, I thought it was very systematic, and I felt like 1.1 million use

Introduction to Computer science and Python programming Week1

What is the difference between an algorithm and a program? The algorithm is a concept, the program is the concrete implementation of the algorithmThe computational thinking pattern means that everything can be seen as a mathematical problem involving numbers and formulas.Two things that any computer can do is calculate and save results.Memory: RamAlu (Arithmetic logic unit): Do some primitive operationControl unit: Track event flowStep: When reading a

MITX:6.00.1X Introduction to Computer science and Python programming WEEK-01

backwards and the interval is 2. there ' s one other cool thing you can does with string slicing. You can add a third parameter,k, like this:s[i:j:k]. This gives a slice of the stringsFrom indexiTo indexj-1 , with step size k. Check out the following examples: >>> s = ' Python is fun! ' >>> S[1:12:2] ' Yhni u ' >>> S[1:12:3] ' Yoif '

6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming lec1

6.00 is an entry-level course for mit cs. It is intended for people with little programming basics. I learned it once before and now I want to learn Python again. The first lesson mainly introduces some basic computer knowledge, which is simple but clear in logic and covers many important questions. 1. Declarative Kno

Introduction to computer science and programming (7) array and variability, Dictionary, pseudocode, and code running efficiency

not inputOK: height = input('Enter height: ') if type(height) == type(1.0): inputOK = True else: print('Error. Height must be floating point number.')hyp = math.sqrt(base*base + height*height)print('Base: '+str(base)+',height: '+str(height)+', hyp: '+str(hyp)) It should be noted that the input of the latest python version will convert the user input to the string type, and 2. the X version will maintain the type of the user in

Why is the first programming language in foreign science usually Python or JAVA, and most of my country is C?

Dacity has two programming introductory courses: Workshop and IntroductiontoComputerScience. This course uses pythonIntrotoComputerScienceClassOnline (CS101). I have never met any foreign school whose first programming class is in C language, but basically in China, C is used (including dacity, which has two Programming introductory courses: Intro to

Introduction to computer science chapter 1 homework (Personal Edition)

. Control Unit 16. According to the von noriman model, _____ is stored in the memory. C. Data and programs 17. The step-by-step solution to the problem is called _____. D. Algorithm 18. FORTRAN and COBOL are examples. C. Computer Language 19. Which of the following calculation machines can perform addition and subtraction operations in the 17th century? ______. A. Pascaline 20. In computer languages, ______

[Switch] computer science is not programming

professional that can earn money with just a few clicks. Don't think about making money on a website. Don't think about * adding advertisements to the click rate. This is outdated four years ago. If you still think so, don't say it, because I will think you are very good. Computing-level professional sense of accomplishment is always accompanied by physical pain, shoulder inflammation, cervical spondylosis, dry eyes, hair loss, lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, no exaggeration, after two month

Summary of basic knowledge of computer science and relevant content of mainstream programming language

This warehouse is mainly used to summarize the basic theoretical knowledge of computer science and the relevant content of mainstream programming language, each of which corresponds to a large direction.Main contentThe main computer base has the following major directions: DataBase Datastructure Linux_os

The basic knowledge of computational theory in introduction to Computer science

statement.4 Turing can solve any problem that modern programs can solve.5 Chiuzi-Turing thesis:If there is an algorithm that can complete a symbolic manipulation task, there is also a Turing machine that accomplishes this task.4. Number of Goethe1 in Computer science theory, an unsigned number can be assigned to any program written in a particular language, which is often referred to as the Goethe number.2

The thinking and system of introduction to Computer Science (1)

increase their computing power by one-fold.19. Indicators of the performance of the microprocessor chip include the machine word length-the larger the word, the better the frequency of the machine-the higher the frequency, the better the power consumption-the lower the power consumption the better, the number of transistors-the more transistors the better, the microprocessor can complete the function-the more the type of instruction the better.20. In the tree of computation, the evolutionary th

The digital system of basic knowledge of introduction to computer science

1. IntroductionWhat is a digital system?A digital system (or digital system) defines how a number is represented by a unique symbol.There are two types of digital systems: positional digital systems and non-positional digital systems.2. Position Digital SystemIn a positional digital system, the position that the symbol occupies in a number determines the value it represents.(1) Decimal System① integer② Real numbers(2) binary system① integer② Real numbers(3) Hex system① integer② Real numbers(4) O

Introduction to code Debugging Using unit testing in Python programming, and python Unit Testing

Introduction to code Debugging Using unit testing in Python programming, and python Unit Testing For new programmers, one of the most common confusions is the topic of testing. They vaguely think that "unit testing" is good, and they should also do unit testing. But they do

Using Python programming to realize voice control computer _python

algorithms to work on, but this article will skip here, if you are only interested in algorithms and natural linguistics, only ask you to move, there is no word below to tell the content. As early as the 90 's, IBM launched a very powerful speech recognition system-vio Voice, and then related products emerge endlessly, evolving and evolving. We will use SAPI to implement the speech module here. What is SAPI? SAPI is the Microsoft speech API, Microsoft is the

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