introduction to lua

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[Script]-learn Lua through examples

Source:   It is said that the author of this article is ogdev's hack master. Use examples to learn about Lua (1) ---- Hello World 1. PrefaceThe scripting language is indispensable in

[Post] Use examples to learn about Lua

I. Hello World 1. Preface  I have been studying Lua recently, so I have written my experiences to share with you and strive to write an article one day.So I hope you will forgive me.Lua is a completely free scripting language that can be closely

Apply Lua in your game

This article is transferred from zx9597446's blog,Welcome to Lua Interested friends exchange, mailto: Apply Lua (1) in your game: run the interpreter in your game code Generally, you want to read some information at the beginning

Essential for beginners: quick learning notes for LUA beginners

LUAThe programming language is a simple, lightweight, and scalable scripting language.LUARead as/'lua/Rue), which is the meaning of "Luna" Moon in Portuguese. LUAThe goal is to become a language that is easy to embed into other languages. Most

Apply Lua (zt) in your game)

Apply Lua (1) in your game: run the interpreter in your game code Generally, you want to read some information at the beginning of your game to configure your game. This information is usually stored in a text file. When your game starts, you need

Lua Tutorial (ii): basic knowledge, type and value introduction _lua

First, the basic knowledge: 1. First Program and function:in the current learning phase, the best way to run a LUA program is through LUA's own interpreter programs, such as: Copy Code code as follows: /> Lua > Print ("Hello World")

Play Cocos2d-x lua-binding for C + + and LUA hybrid programming

IntroductionCity Wizard Go ( is a cocos2d-x-based lbs social game, through the exploration of real maps, discovering and capturing hidden wild Elves, using the game's rich gameplay to enhance and evolve their own elves team,

Lua introduces the application in C # projects.

Application of Lua in C # project: Lua is a small scripting language. The author is Brazilian. The language is designed to be embedded into an application and provide flexible scalability and customization for the application. Its home page is www.

Programming in Lua (basic)

2012-04-02 wcdj $ LUA-V Lua 5.2.0 copyright (c) 1994-2011, pUC-Rio Directory 0 What is Lua ?... 1 1 Lua brief introduction... 1 2 basic syntax... 3 3 functions... 4 4 practice code... 6 5 Reference:... 14  0 What is Lua? Lua is based on

Use luabind to embed Lua into a C ++ Project

Opening part-Environment hypothesis By: HengStar (Xin Heng) Address: (Although I am not good at writing or having a high level, it is not easy to write an article and share some small

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