introduction to socket programming in c

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Socket programming principles

  1. Problem Introduction The I/O command set of UNIX systems evolved from COMMANDS IN Maltics and earlier systems, the mode is open-write-read-close ). When a user process performs an I/O operation, it first calls "open" to obtain the right to use

Linux socket programming (1)

Document directory 1. Introduction 2. What is socket? 3. Three types of socket 4. Use a socket to send data 5. Data Structure of socket in Linux 6. Network byte sequence and its conversion functions 7. IP address conversion 8. byte

[Simple introduction to cocoa] socket for iOS Network Programming

ArticleDirectory II. Introduction to BSD Socket API                   3. Server Workflow 4. Client Workflow   5. client code example [Simple introduction to cocoa] socket for iOS Network

Introduction to Socket-based UDP and TCP Programming

Reprinted from: Author:Wang Shanshan, a lecturer at Huaqing vision embedded College. I. Overview TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) are two different communication

Introduction to socket programming principles

   1. How to Implement socket programmingThe concept of Process Communication was initially derived from a standalone system. Since each process runs within its own address range, in order to ensure that two processes communicate with each other

Socket principle and Programming basics

First, Socket introduction socket is a way of process communication, that is, call this network library of some API functions to distribute in different host related processes between the data exchange. Several definitions: (1) IP address: that is,

UNIX Network Programming notes (2)-Introduction to socket programming

Socket Programming OverviewWhen it comes to the network programming must be inseparable from the socket, used to most of the time by writing down its usage, this time hope to understand some of the lower level of things, of course, these are the

Socket principle and Programming basics

First, Socket Introduction Socket is a way of process communication, that is, some API functions that call this network library implement the data exchange between related processes distributed in different hosts. Several definitions: (1) IP address:

Network programming--socket (Sockets)

Network programmingThe purpose of network programming is to communicate with other computers directly or indirectly through network protocols. In Network programmingThere are two main problems, one is how to locate one or more hosts on the network

From the question to see the essence: What is the socket?

first, the introduction of--socket is to solve the problem of inter-process communication between different computers. 1.socket Relationship to the process 1). The relationship between the socket and the process: the socket is used to communicate

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