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(original) North American credit card personal use experience and summary (Personal Finance Edition) [Essence]

,wireless Bill can pay in his own name as far as possible to pay his name, but also to accumulate credit help. students have no mortgage or anything, can engage a few saving account, CDs,moneymarket, brokerage account to get it. finally recommend a Personal finance website (not scam) put all the information in, he will draw a variety of histogram, pie chart,track Your spending habits and trends,

[Transfer to]25 this best personal finance book

I often get people sending emails asking me what good books to recommend. Most of them were similar to yesterday's Cody: "Which book should I read first about how to invest?" "The question is easy to answer. In the January, Bobby's problems were more straightforward: I want to know if you have a list of books on personal finance that you've collected. I often go to the library and I am fascinated b

Android Personal Finance Tools One: Project overview and implementation of the launch interface _android

Start with this article to create an Android personal finance tool for everyone, and write down the entire development process to share with you. General Introduction of the project The main function of this Android personal Finance tool is to enter the various types of income and expenditure details in daily life, a

Android Personal Finance tool five: Show billing details on _android

int type, divided into units. I took it out of the database as a select fee/100 from bills, but it was displayed with an integer value. Do not know what the correct grammar should look like, I want to spell a character display should be OK, I tried the Select Fee/100| | ' From bills, so that you can output decimals on the ListView. But I found that the 999999.99/100 output was 1000000. I am in the adb shell query or 999999.99, when the ListView into a 1000000, I think it may be adapter inside

Android Personal Finance Tool Six: Show billing details under _android

On the show billing detail in the previous section, Bill details of the display has been basically implemented, this article mainly to organize the code, to achieve this window query and delete functions; When the menu is pressed, the window of the selected month is displayed, and the month of detail is selected; on the ListView, press the dialog box that pops up to confirm deletion to complete the deletion. The following figure: There is a Onitemlongclicklistener event in this case, and the

Android Personal Finance Tools two: Use SQLite to implement initialization data at startup _android

(); } } Series of articles: Android Personal Finance Tool Six: Show billing details below Android Personal Finance tool five: show billing details Android Personal Finance Tools Four: Add Bill page below Android

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