invalid value for registry error

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MySQL Set default value current_timestamp for a datetime type field, throwing Invalid default value for error

CausesIn the local database execution test platform database structure file Data_struct.sql, the execution of the build table statement resembles the following:CREATE TABLE' demo ' (' ID ' )int(Ten) unsigned not NULLAuto_increment,' name ' Longtext COLLATE utf8_bin,' Create_time 'datetime not NULL DEFAULT Current_timestamp, ' Update_time 'datetime not NULL DEFAULT Current_timestamp, PRIMARY KEY(' id ')) ENGINE=InnoDB auto_increment= - DEFAULTCHARSET=UTF8 COLLATE=Utf8_bin;The following errors

Error registry key ' Software\javasoft\java Runtime environment ' \currentversion ' have value ' xx ', but ' xx ' is required solution

This error is very strange, a long time ago appeared once, has forgotten how to solve, today specially recorded.Java on my machine has 3 versions, 1.6,1.7,1.8, environment variable java_home is always equipped with 1.8 as the main.Because my 3 version of the corresponding eclipse of the Eclipse.ini have set the corresponding path, each version is not interfering with each other, the two days to write a 1.7 version of the code, do not know how to open

Unable to display hidden folder (modified registry also invalid) solution with registry File _ registry

\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\advanced\folder\hidden\showall, Modify the CheckedValue key value to 1 But may not be used, hidden files are still not shown, this is because the virus in the registry to modify the expression to hide the purpose of the file, the original valid DWORD value CheckedValue deleted, a new

Delphi VLC Installation Bug handling compilation error "0" is a invalid value for the "debuginformation" parameter of the "DCC"

Processing compilation Error "0" is a invalid value for the "debuginformation" parameter of the "DCC" [Abstract: Http:// le/details/38071301 Disposal Penalty Compilation problem "0" is a invalid value for the "debuginformation" parameter of the

Invalid result Location Value/parameter error Solution

Tags: What configuration file Result tip information invalid result Location Value/Parameter About Myeclipse Pair Struts2 An error occurred while checking the configuration file. Invalid result Location Value/Parameter SometimesStruts. xmlThe configuration is correct an

Processing compilation Error "0" is a invalid value for the "debuginformation" parameter of the "DCC"

This problem was encountered when compiling "". Search the Internet for a moment:Processing compilation Error "0" is a invalid value for the "debuginformation" parameter of the "DCC" [Abstract: An emerging compilation problem in a control that is being re-created from XE6 to XE4: [MSBuild Er ROR] 0 is a

MySQL modified column NOT NULL error invalid use of NULL value

Tags: parent mys default edit error exists save reason LEDScenario: MySQL adds a parent_id column to the table and sets it to not NULL, saving the Times wrong invalid use of NULL value.Cause of error: Because the parent_id of the existing data column is null, the setting conflicts with not NULL.Workaround: After adding the parent_id column, update the existing da

Error code:1067 about the date time in the MySQL database. Invalid default value for XXX)

An error message suddenly appears when you create a new table:Error code:1067. Invalid default value for ' Start_time 'After some tossing and finding that it is DateTime cannot set the default value, so if you want to set the default value, we can also use timestamp and then

Three Common Errors (fetch out of sequence, invalid rowid, numeric or value error) in PL/SQL sp)

1. 15:49:23 ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence the number of records to be fetch is incorrect (for example, there are 8 records but 9 records are fetch) PS: . is commit; cause error when you open a cursor with for update, the system will apply exclusive lock to the retrieved data ), before the lock is released, other users cannot update, delete, or lock these records. once I execute commit, the lock is released, the cursor becomes

Xamarin.ios Item Tip Error MSB3174: Invalid value for "TargetFrameworkVersion"

Xamarin.ios Item Tip Error MSB3174: Invalid value for "TargetFrameworkVersion"Error message: Msbulid\14.0\bin\microsoft.common.currentversion.targets (3506.5): Error MSB3174: "TargetFrameworkVersion" The value is invalidThis probl

MyBatis Invalid bound statement (not found) and Result Maps collection already contains value for ... Error resolution

I. Invalid bound statement (not found)The use of MyBatis sometimes reported invalid bound statement (not found) This error, summarized below, there may be two cases are as follows:The corresponding mapper.xml of 1.mybatis cannot find the corresponding named SQL or the name is inconsistent with the Mapper interface name.The 2.xml file is the same as the interface

ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ' CurrentTime '

root@22:17:26 [hmda]> ALTER TABLE txt_register add httpheaderinfo varchar (5000) DEFAULT ' NULL '; ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ' CurrentTime ' Look at the next currenttime is datetime ROOT@22:17:33 [hmda]> Show create TABLE txt_register\g; 1. Row *************************** Table:txt_register Create table:create Table ' Txt_register ' ( ' ID '

Django Ubuntu: Database returned an invalid value in QuerySet. dates (). Solution to the error

Django Ubuntu: Database returned an invalid value in QuerySet. dates (). Solution to the error This error occurs when running the Django project created in Windows! Database returned an invalid value in QuerySet. dates (). Are ti

ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for .....

This error occurred while building the table:ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ' Last_login ' Workaround:Two steps:S1. Mysql> Show variables like ' Sql_mode '; +---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------+ | variable_name |

MySQL 5.7 Invalid default value for ' Create_time ' error resolution

Tags: Views tables user Net error amp-only CMS errSource: Due to the upgrade of the database, today in the execution of SQL file from MySQL 5.6 times wrong:Mysql> Source Cms_user.sqlQuery OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec)Query OK, 0 rows affected, 1 warning (0.04 sec)ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default

EWebEdito call error: Invalid Style parameter input. Leave it blank if you want to use the default value!

Ewebeditor call error, prompt: "Call error: Invalid styles style parameter passed in, leave blank if you want to use default value." The code is as follows Copy Code Remove the iframe part of the red style, you can.

Error database returned an invalid value in Queryset.datetimes (). Is time zone definitions for your database and Pytz installed? Resolve

In the of Django:Language_code = ' en-US 'Time_zone = ' Asia/shanghai ' # ' UTC 'use_i18n = Trueuse_l10n = TrueUse_tz = TrueCause error due to use_tz=true turned onWorkaround:Enter the following code in the terminalMysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p mysql Enter the MySQL password (note that MySQL in the above statement is not a password)Error database returned an

When the JSON value returned by Eval, firebug prompts error: Invalid label)

Http:// We often return a value in JSON format on the server side, which can be directly used as a complete object in the script. However, many new users usually encounter an error message: Invalid label, this problem is often distressing, because the correct JSON format is prompted with an

Android Error Note: Invalid layout of java.lang.String at value

# # A fatal error had been detected by the Java Runtime ENVIRONMENT:# # Internal Error (javaclasses.cpp:124), pid=9696, tid=9948 # fatal error:invalid layout of Preloade D Class # # JRE version: (8.0_11-B12) (build) # Java Vm:java HotSpot (TM) Client VM (25.11-b03 mixed mode windows-x86) # Failed to write core dump. Minidumps is not enabled by default on client versions of Windows # # A

XML hexadecimal value 0x0b is an invalid character error handling method

Case XmlDocument.Load Ds.readxml Prompt for error, error message: Hexadecimal value 0x0b is an invalid character error The reason for this is that the XML file contains low nonprinting characters Processing method: When the XML file is generated, filter low nonprinting chara

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