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Second kill core design (inventory reduction)-anti-overselling and high concurrency, inventory --

Second kill core design (inventory reduction)-anti-overselling and high concurrency, inventory -- From: product details page, varnish acceleration, second-kill product library independent deployment of servers this is skipped. Only the optimization of inventory is discussed

Inventory Design-Example of inventory table

Create Table Stockpile/* database table */(Stockpile_id int identity (1, 1) not null,/* inventory number, primary key */Dept_id int not null,/* Department of the product, foreign key (refer to the dept table )*/Storehouse_id int not null,/* Warehouse, foreign key (refer to the sotrehouse table )*/Product_id int not null,/* product number, foreign key (refer to the product table )*/Firstenterdate datetime no

Analysis Mode-Inventory System Design Example

when a transaction occurs. B .) it can be used as a profit and loss record for each inventory check. In this way, the profit and loss details are required and have no relationship with each inventory transaction. The information expressed is only the balance amount of the previous period and the initial amount of the current period, therefore, the current inventory

[Go] MySQL-based seconds kill core design (reduce inventory)-anti-oversold and high concurrency

Label:The static of the Product Details page, varnish acceleration, seconds to kill the commodity library standalone deployment Server This is a little over. Only discuss the optimization of the inventory section MySQL configuration level of optimization can refer to my article "about MySQL InnoDB engine performance optimization of a little experience" The focus is on the database level. 2 Sheets: First: th

ETO, MTO, ATO and MTS (design by order, production by order, assembly by order and production by inventory)

Manufacturing enterprises can be divided into ETO, ATO, MTO and MTS according to the characteristics of enterprise production organization (by single design, by single assembly, by single production and inventory production) four production types. Design by Order (Engineer To Order, ETO) In this production type, a product is designed to a large extent according t

Oracle Applications inventory and database Age calculation method)

This article only discusses the implementation methods of inventory and database age from a technical point of view. These are my summary in my work and I will discuss them with you. 1. Oracle inventory algorithm. Oracle Applications provides the MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES_DETAIL table for inventory calculation. Developers

Php Small Enterprise Inventory Management System Design and Implementation Code

I have developed a small enterprise inventory management system using a combination of PHP and mysql. Php is also self-developed for the first time. I would like to share it with you here Check_login Module Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Session_start (); $ Workid = $ _ GET ['wid']; // GET the work ID If ($ workid! = $ _ SESSION ['$ workid'] | $ workid = ''){ Echo " "; } ?> Function. inc // mainly includes the d

Second kill core design (reduce inventory part)-anti-oversold and high concurrency

Product Details page of static, varnish acceleration, seconds to kill commodity Library Standalone deployment Server This is a bit over the top. Discuss the optimization of the inventory section only MySQL configuration level optimization can refer to my article "about MySQL InnoDB engine performance optimization of a little experience" The focus is on the database level. 2 Sheets: First: Weighing table (bu

Database and Inventory management functions for Excel functions

1. Excel database and Inventory management functions: Daverage Parameters returns the average of the values in the column in the database or list that meet the criteria you specify. "Syntax" Daverage (Database,field,criteria) The parameters database makes up the range of

Design and implementation of inventory management system for small PHP enterprises Code _php Instance

Bi-Professional graduation thesis has done a small enterprise inventory management system, using PHPMYSQL combination for development. The first time to develop something a little bigger, PHP is also self-study. Here to share with you Check_login Module Copy Code code as follows: Session_Start (); $workid =$_get[' wid '];//get work number if ($workid!=$_session[' $workid ']| | $workid = = ") { echo " '; } ?> function.

2013 five major design highlights of the big inventory

At the end of the year, it is the inventory. After seeing the best product, the best wearable, and so on, let's focus on a very important area, which is design. And here will give you take stock of the next 2013 years five major design highlights. 1 flat. Since the advent of the proposed design style, crazy followers

Code performance--Inventory data structure design scheme

Structure "class=" Img-thumbnail "src=" Data-coding-1286.png "/>In this case, you still need to use _MM_MALLOC or a Portable Operating system interface (POSIX) that is equivalent to assigning aligned memory to the pointer, but by using _declspec (align (32)), You just want to force the alignment to 32 bytes for each element in the permutation design: Use Align (n) and structs to enforce c

Design and implementation of the inventory management system of PHP Small enterprise Code _php example

Double Professional graduation thesis made a small enterprise inventory management system, using PHPMYSQL combination for development. The first time to develop something a little bigger, PHP is self-taught. I'd like to share it with you. Check_login ModuleCopy CodeThe code is as follows: Session_Start ();$workid =$_get[' wid '];//get work numberif ($workid!=$_session[' $workid ']| | $workid = = ") {echo "";}?> includes

A large inventory of WEB development and design languages

In this web era, web-related development technology continues to be popular, from the front-end to the back end, from the markup language to the development of language, all kinds of technology to each other, sink and float, as developers, especially junior developers, how to choose a few suitable for their own development language is particularly important. This paper is an inventory of all WEB-related development languages, and points out the most p

Code performance--Inventory data structure design scheme

in a timely manner when needed, which can have a noticeable performance boost. For example, considering the two frequently called variables I and J, they may be assigned to different tell cache lines. You can declare them as follows: By declaring variables in this way, the compiler can ensure that the variables are assigned to the same cache line. HPE offers a "Genuine IDE Joint Promotion program" with a range of Ides as low as half-price (due date 2014/12/31). There are also 50 percent time-l

Brent Ozar SQL Server DBA Training Course-Chapter I: Establishing a database server inventory

us to better understand the environment in Egypt. and solve the problem by discovering the problem through the checklist. In addition, add a reminder column, in the inside quickly write on the server to make people aware of the situation. They may be blocking problems, failed tasks, or error codes that you don't understand. 6 months from now, you'll be proud when this column changes.How to scan a database server in a networkPut each server in a colum

Enterprise database-inventory module

cached object be sequential, the Cache in the memory is not required, the cached objects on my side are specific operation classes in the DAL layer. Therefore, if you want to change them to non-memory storage, you need to add the [Serializable] feature to the operation class. In this way, you do not need to modify the DataAccess class in the factory after adding a new table.The above are some basic applications of caching in this project. Due to the limited level, some advanced applications o

Modify IT Asset inventory management (ITDB) using MySQL database

Label:ITDB default to use SQLite as a database, this modified version of the official website 1.14 version1, modify the steps:Converting a database to a MySQL databaseModify ITDB program code to use MySQL database2. Convert sqlite database to MySQL databaseDownload and install: Dbconvert for SQLite MySQLYou can direct Baidu dbconvert for SQLite MySQL to find th

Database Design Skills (I) design database categories allow data types of commodities

products online for convenient transportation. Of course, new products may be added to the e-commerce platform in the future. Now we have begun to design the product information table of the platform database. Each sold item has the same attributes, such as the product ID, product name, product category, related information, supplier, number of items included, inventor

Specification for high quality code design patterns and database design for large. NET ERP

High-quality code design patterns for large. NET ERP Systems1 Cached cacheIn the system, a large number of cache design patterns are used to cache the data unchanged after the system is logged in, and not read directly from the database. Consuming some memory is much more cost-effective than reading data again from SQL Server. The basic

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