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Domain suffix know how much

First, what is the domain name Domain name is a familiar, easy to remember computer name on the Internet. For example, is a domain name. Domain name can be divided into different levels, including the common top-level domain name (GTLD), the

PHP functions for extracting first-class domain names

The regular_domain function of PHP to extract top-level domain names is used to convert the domain name into a standard & #26684; format. top_domain is used to extract top-level domain names. The test results are good. Functionregular_domain ($

The process level of Linux performance anomaly targeting

ObjectiveThis article shares with you: Linux system common performance anomalies, how to navigate to the process level. To put it simply, there is a problem with Linux performance, and we need to determine which processes affect the performance of

DNS Understanding-Re-learning computer networks

Transferred from: is one of the core Internet protocols. Whether it's surfing the web or programming, you need to know a little bit about it.This article describes in detail the principle of DNS and

Go: Getting Started with DNS principles (from Nanyi)

Go: Introduction to DNS PrinciplesNanyiDate: June 16, 2016DNS is one of the core Internet protocols. Whether it's surfing the web or programming, you need to know a little bit about it.This article

Linux99 q (top) _unix Linux

On the first, straight hit Linux:12 asked 1. What is Linux? Linux is an exotic operating system that is born on the web, growing up on the web, and ripe for networking. In the 1991, Finnish college student Linus Torvalds The idea of developing a

Front-end answers from the input URL to the page show what has gone through

Browser and server involves a lot of network communication content, here do a weakening introduction, as the front-end focus on part four.First, network Environmental protectionLet us first assume that the URL we visit is and that the

CPU, memory, IO optimized __linux for Linux performance optimization

Linux performance monitoring, the following are the Vpsee common tools: Simple Introduction to Tools Top view process activity status and some system conditions Vmstat View system status, hardware and system information, etc. Iostat View CPU load,

[Go] Device Mapper mechanism in the Linux kernel

This paper introduces the device mapper mapping mechanism in Linux kernel with specific code. Device Mapper is a mapping framework mechanism from logical devices to physical devices provided in the Linux 2.6 kernel, in which the user can easily

Windows Server Storage Replica

Windows Server Storage ReplicaThe storage replica is a new feature in Windows Server 2016, which is a block-level storage replica mechanism independent of the traditional storage device kind (Nas/das/san). The storage replica supports synchronous

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