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Ionic Simple touch: Windows Ionic Android development environment build

need to configure the environment to complete the setup, then only need to enter a few simple lines of command in the console to install Ionic and Cordova.Go to the cmd window and enter the following command$ NPM install-g CordovaPress Enter the system will automatically install Cordova;After the installation is finished, enterNPM install-g IonicInstalling Ionic#完成以上所有步骤, you can start using

IONIC3 Packaging Error Ionic Cordova build Android (series one): Could not find a installed version of Gradle either in Android Studio

1. Run Ionic Cordova build Android times wrong: Could not find a installed version of Gradle either in Android Studio.2. Problem reason: Cordova after 6.4.0 (cordova-android in 6.1.2), will be asked to install Gradle, based on Gra

Windows Ionic Android Development environment build

Transfer from Source: Author: Word slightly Time: 2015-4-2-16:57:28 (a) Ionic Brief introduction:First, what is ionic.Ionic is a front-end framework for developing Hybrid/web apps based on PhoneGap and Angularjs, with other frameworks such as the Intel XDK.Simply put your web app into a ios/a

160902, Ionic, Angularjs, Cordova build Android development environment

will have the string response) Ii. command line to specify Npm–registry Info UnderscoreIII. Editing~/. NPMRC Add the following content registry= you encounter npm WARN deprecated [email protected]2.0.10:please Update to minimatch3.0. 2 problem, executable: npm install [email protected]3.0.2 6, ionic npm install-G Ionic6, create an app here t

161206, Ionic, Angularjs, Cordova build Android development environment

platform, will also delete this directory.8. Compiling the AppCordova BuildThis command compiles the./firstapp/platforms all platforms, if you only want to compile the platform separately, just add the platform name on the build.Cordova Build AndroidLooks like the first time when the compilation is slow ...The process of compiling will output a bunch of things. Finally, if you see build successful, it's al

"No.2 Ionic" Android packaging

After the project is finished, the next step is to package the operation, then directly say Android packaging operationsGenerate a signing certificateKeytool-genkey-alias vincentguo-keyalg rsa-validity 20000-keystore vincentguo.keystore# Description: #-genkey generate Key #-alia s Vincentguo alias vincentguo#-keyalg RSA uses RSA algorithm to sign encryption #-validity 20000 expiration 2000 Days #-keystore Vincentguo.keystoreBuild Package APKIonic

Ionic2 Pit Ionic build Android Error

My project has been running a good good, build or run no problem, today suddenly a small partner build has been an error. \The error is as follows:Error occurred during initialization of VMSCould not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heapThe first response is that there is not enough memory for the Java Virtual Machine and then press the new environment variable on the WebVariable name: _java_option

Ionic Build--release Android

Ionic Bulid AndroidIonic Build--release AndroidKeytool-genkey-v-keystore demo.keystore-alias demo.keystore-keyalg rsa-validity 20000Jarsigner-verbose-keystore/yourpath/demo.keystore-signedjar demo_signed.apk demo.apk Demo.keystoreZipalign-v 4 your_project_name-unaligned.apk your_project_name.apkSigning Your App ManuallyYou don't need Android Studio to the sign yo

Introduction to Cordova+angularjs+ionic Hybrid development (i)-----ionic environment to build __JS

the steps, here to understand the words, too waste time, at least the company is not afford ... (Hahaha, play jokes, specific questions do not know how to find a Niang) A brief description of the concept: Ionic is a powerful HTML5 development framework that runs relatively fast, and jqmobi about the same, is a lightweight framework based on ANGULARJS and supports ANGULARJS features and MVC. Building an application through SASS, it provides a number o

2. Ionic series ionic Development Environment (1)

To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. This article describes how to build an ionic Development Environment on Windows and Mac ox platforms. 1. Install node. js Go to the node. js Official Website: are two nodes in the official website: node.js, which are lts (supported for a long time) and current. We recommend that you use the LTS version for download. During installatio

Practical Use of Axure design App, use WebStorm Development (2)-create Ionic project, axurewebstorm

Practical Use of Axure design App, use WebStorm Development (2)-create Ionic project, axurewebstormSeries of articles Practical Use of Axure to design apps and use WebStorm for development (1)-use Axure to describe requirements Practical Use of Axure to design the App and use WebStorm for development (2)-create an Ionic

Ionic APP Hot Update in the release state of the hot update build, go to Local-dev-addon plug-in

In the previous article, we introduced the Ionic Project Thermal Update test under the local development environment,In this article, we'll show you how to implement a hot update with the Cordova-hot-code-push-local-dev-addon plugin removed.Steps to use:1. Install CLI:NPM install-g cordova-hot-code-push-cliHere, we need to describe in detail the various commands provided by the CLI, which we will use later. How to use: Cordova-hcp >, (1) Init: Creates

Ionic + Cordova Build WebApp Project

Development environment is Windows,ubuntu + mac Similarly, test platform for Android,ios the same. 1. Install Node.js 2. Set up NPM mirrors NPM Config Set Registry 3. Install Cordova+ionic NPM install-g Cordova IonicNPM update-g Cordova

Nodejs+phonegap+ionic environment to build and create projects

1, the basic software installation and configuration of the environmentJDK, Android SDK, NodeJs, AntTheir installation method and environment variable configuration can be self-Baidu or Google.2, the installation of PhoneGapOpen the cmd window and enter NPM install-g PhoneGap (provided the Nodejs is installed and configured).3, the installation of CordovaOpen the cmd window and enter NPM install-g Cordova4,

Ionic build apk Use the build command to download the card, solution

Ionic build apk Use the build command to download the card, solutionUse Ionic build android command directly, auto download super slowThen find the following solution1, first download good

Ionic build Hybrid APP-Shanghai Metro map

/libexec/java_home-v 1.8 ' # Androidexport path=${path}:/users/macbook/workspace/ Android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools:/users/macbook/workspace/android-sdk-macosx/tools Installing Ionic and CordovaYou need to install the Nodejs first and then install it via NPM NPM install-g Cordova IonicFor more information, please refer to the official documentation +google http:/

Easy Learning Ionic (i) Build the development environment and create the project

1. Preparatory workDownload Ant (packaged using), node. js (download package), Hbuilder (IDE, write code, Real Machine Debug), Android SDK (Android compilation)2. Configure Environment variables:android_home D:\Program files\adt\sdk (corresponding SDK path)path;D: \program Files\apache-ant-1.9.4\bin (corresponding to ant down bin path) 3. Run command prompt (admi

Angularjs+ionic Development-1. Build a development environment

Temporary projects need to use Angularjs+ionic+cordova technology, half a year ago with others used a period of time to do a few pages, at present, others have been unable to contact, only I on the.After the last project, want to take time to consolidate this aspect of knowledge, and then other projects busy to drop, the main reason or lazy ah, in fact, there are a lot of technology lined up to do a good study, is lazy ah.The first step in development

Build ionic Environment under Mac

:// 2) Install Cordova (in fact, you can also ionic a piece of the outfit, but did not try ...) )sudo cnpm install-g Cordova3) test whether the installation was successful:cordova-vThird, installation ionicThis installation of the comparison Tangled, First sudo cnpm install-g ionic Install multiple failures. Mainly reflected in the always hint

Use Cordova+ionic+angularjs to build a manual for Hybird app development environment

A. The tools you need1,JDK: Generating2. Android SDK Development environment3,nodejs: The main use is NPM4,python Development environment5. VS 2012 (2008,2015 can also, has been tested): The installation of this is mainly a need for some. NET things, and no detailed search is what. It's a hassle.6,cordova: Play the role of a mobile middleware. Be responsible for some of the interaction between JS and the native.7,ionicTwo, talk about the installation

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