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Ionic-CLI-icon and startup animation automatically generate ionic resources, ionic-cli-ionic

Ionic-CLI-icon and startup animation automatically generate ionic resources, ionic-cli-ionic It is very troublesome to generate icons of different sizes and enable pictures for various platforms and screens with different resolutions. In ionic, you just need to handle these

[Ionic] Started with Ionic Framework (MACOSX)

Ionic requires node. JS Environment, official website Download: Http://,node command is installed to/usr/local/bin by defaultI. Installation IonicMac OS X:1. Install the Cordova and Ionic command-line tools:      sudo npm install-g Cordova Ionic2. If you want to use the Ionic client iOS emulator to install the Ios-sim NPM package, command:      sudo np

Ionic quick installation tutorial, Ionic installation tutorial

Ionic quick installation tutorial, Ionic installation tutorial Today, let's learn how to install Ionic to build a simple small application on your computer. Many websites write complicated installation methods. In fact, beginners who are just learning ionic, especially those who do not have a lot of programming experie

Cocos Creator Learn 01 about Cocos Creator A preliminary exploration of the node. JS server through get and post connections

I. Installation considerations for node. js1. Reference If you do not configure the Package.json file, you will receive a warning NPM WARN saveerror enoent:no such files or directory ... Enter NPM init to configure the file3. If the NPM file is missing, select Repair in the Control Panel, program.4. Express error occurs, you need to install Express in the folder of the running projectIi. about Cocos

JavaScript father Brendan Eich,clojure creator Rich Hickey,python creator van Rossum and other programming Daniel's career advice to programmers

Software development is now a very hot occupation. From 2014 to 2024, demand for developers in the U.S. job market will grow by 17%, compared with a 7% increase in the average demand for all occupations, according to a statistical data released by the U.S. Labor Bureau. Many young people will choose programming as a starting point for their careers. How to learn programming well? How to become a good programmer? How do you plan for a career as a programmer? is a matter of concern to many young p

2. Ionic series ionic Development Environment (1)

To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. This article describes how to build an ionic Development Environment on Windows and Mac ox platforms. 1. Install node. js Go to the node. js Official Website: are two nodes in the official website: node.js, which are lts (supported for a long time) and current. We recommend that you use the LTS version for download. During installation, the next step is OK during the installatio

Ionic today released the IDE Ionic Lab for Windows Desktop Edition

Ionic Introduction: Ionic is a powerful HTML5 application development framework, known as the Advanced HTML5 Hybrid mobile AppFrameWork is a AngularJS mobile solution that helps you to use WEB technology, than such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript build mobile apps that are close to native experiences. Ionic focuses on the look and feel, as well as the UI interactio

ionic-cli-icon and start animation automatically generate Ionic resources

In the face of various platforms and different resolution screen, the generation of different sizes of icons and splash screen is a very troublesome thing, in the ionic these to it to deal with the line, here as long as the use of Ionic resources directive can be achieved!! Here are the steps:1. Generate the icon (splash screen) of the PNG picture, here the size of the best is 1024*1024, and note can not be

Use Cocos Creator to write a game for a Crush Girl (1)--cocos creator first met

"blog.csdn/potato47" in the lake, he took out his rice 6SMaxPro share the Persian code to the circle of friends, and then awakened from the dream. Through the circle of friends to guide, he knew that it is not a Persian password, that is a Web site. He prepared the paper towels, closed the doors and windows, put on headphones, and hit him with his excited hands, one letter at a letter. The page opened for a moment, his eyes moist ———— this is what he is looking for ... He was so excited that he

Ionic Simple touch: Windows Ionic Android development environment build

(a) Ionic Brief introduction:First, what is ionic.Ionic is a front-end framework for developing Hybrid/web apps based on PhoneGap and Angularjs, with other frameworks such as the Intel XDK.Simply put your web app into a ios/android app and provide a lot of powerful services and new features outside of PhoneGap.It still sounds tempting, in fact it's the hottest hybrid app development in the current way. Next, we'll show you how to build a

Introduction to Cordova+angularjs+ionic Hybrid development (i)-----ionic environment to build __JS

As an iOS developer, the development trend of mobile development is quite concerned. As we all know, the primary mobile development is rarely used in the enterprise, most enterprises in order to reduce costs, the choice of Webapp,hybrid (mixed development) of the two models. I happen to be in a company to do mixed development, yes, you guessed right, here I say the mixed development method refers to cordova+angularjs+ionic mixed development (in order

Ionic 2 program without Apple Computer packaged iOS platform--Update on Ionic 2 instance development

Ionic 2 program without Apple Computer packaged iOS platform--Update on Ionic 2 instance developmentSpring Festival just past, I wish you all the New year all the best, smooth sailing."Ionic 2 Instance development" updated the following during this period:Using pipelines to process data in Ionic 2Interacting data with

Ionic environment configuration, ionic Environment

Ionic environment configuration, ionic EnvironmentIonic environment configuration Summary This article focuses on the installation and creation of ionic, the establishment of the gulp automation environment and server, and the packaging and Simulation of Android.Install ionic Install node. js, open the command line, an

Color, icon, margin, and interface components of ionic entry: List, ionic entry

Color, icon, margin, and interface components of ionic entry: List, ionic entry Directory: Interface components: ListColor Ionic defines nine Foreground/background/border color styles ,: You can use these styles on any element to set foreground and background colors: Icon Ionic uses the ionicons icon Style Library. Io

Ionic study notes three gulp in ionic

usage:var jshint = require (' Gulp-jshint '); var gulp = require (' Gulp '); Gulp.task (function() { return Gulp.src ('./lib/*.js ') . Pipe (Jshint ()) . Pipe (Jshint.reporter (' your_reporter_here '));});Compare the whole usage:function () { return gulp.src (' src/scripts/**/*.js ') . Pipe (Jshint ('. Jshintrc ')) . Pipe ( jshint.reporter (' Default ')). Pipe ( concat (' main.js ')) . Pipe (Gulp.dest ( ' Dist/assets/js ')) . Pipe (Uglify ()) . Pipe (Gulp.dest (

Implementation Code of the mobile Ionic App information that is rolled up and down in a circular manner (the result of running a horse lamp), and the ionic running horse Lamp

Implementation Code of the mobile Ionic App information that is rolled up and down in a circular manner (the result of running a horse lamp), and the ionic running horse Lamp In the ionic App, you can find out a popular name, namely, the marquee, after you have checked the online display. Here, the selector and animation functions of the jQuery library are used,

Ionic in action (hands-on learning ionic) Chinese translation

These days have been learning ionic, found a better book "Ionic in Action", but only English version, idle to Nothing, the younger brother tried to translate the book.As a result of their new contact with ionic and angular, many concepts are not very clear, there is nothing wrong (do not think, certainly will have), but also hope forgive.The first chapter is abou

Ionic project signature and ionic Signature

Ionic project signature and ionic Signature I. Advantages and Disadvantages of ionic Automatic Signature (ionic build android/ios) The advantage is that you can directly install and test the installation on your mobile phone, or upload it to the Android or iOS platform. The bad thing is: Your computer environment has c

Simple IONIC shopping cart and ionic shopping cart

Simple IONIC shopping cart and ionic shopping cart This article shares the code of the IONIC shopping cart for your reference. The details are as follows: HTML CSS: body color #333 padding 60px 10px 10px 10px font-family Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif user-select color red !important.l-header display flex justify-content flex-end align-items center po

How to add or delete list items in ionic. list items in ionic

How to add or delete list items in ionic. list items in ionic When you encounter a page like a form in a project, you need to add or delete a line. For example: You can select a product and display the product information list. The html code is as follows: Js Code: // Controller and service. controller ('fhshenqingaddctrl ', function ($ scope, CONFIG, $ ionicSlideBoxDelegate, $ rootScope, $ http, $ ionicP

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