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iOS development tutorial: How to create a cocoapod in Swift?

Summary:Developers may be familiar with some of the more well-known open source cocoapods frameworks, but sometimes they may not be able to find a pod that just satisfies their needs, and this article explains in detail how to use Swift to create a cocoapods process.This article is from: Raywenderlich, translation: Development technology Front, translator: Mrloong You might be familiar with some well-known, open-source cocoapods frameworks, such as Al

IOS: Learning notes, Swift and objective-c mixed with a concise tutorial (reproduced)

Swift and objective-c A concise tutorial for mixingReprinted from: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/LIFEDIM/SWIFTCASTS/TREE/MASTER/000_MIX_SWIFT_OBJCI think many iOS developers know Swift, the biggest problem in the mind is how to apply Swift to the original project. Below I will briefly

Swift Tutorial 17-fade MVC and use the MVVM framework to develop a lightweight and maintainable Ios/android app

(c) 2015 Cc.huanyouwang. All rights Reserved.//import Uikitpublic class statusviewmodel:nsobject{func requeststatuslist (view:UIView!,blk:Succ Essblock) {var af = afrequest (Mainurl:kgetstatusurl, paramdict:kparamdic) {(obj), void! in var dico = obj as dictionaryCall ViewModel display data in 7.TableViewController controllertableviewcontroller.swift//swiftdemo////Created by Mbinyang on 15/4/8.//Copyright (c) 2015 Cc.huanyouwang. All rights Reserved.//import Ui

iOS Game Frame Sprite Kit Basic Tutorial--swift Edition book

iOS Game Frame Sprite Kit Basic Tutorial--swift Edition book Probation: Http:// Introduction: This tutorial is the only swift version of the Spritekit tutorial in the country.This

Operator Overloading in the Swift tutorial and swift Operator Overloading

Operator Overloading in the Swift tutorial and swift Operator Overloading Http:// Author: Corinne Krych Translator: Meng xiangyue blog: This is my first translation. It is ine

Developing iOS apps using the Go Language (Swift edition)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This article assumes that the reader has a certain understanding of the go language and the swift language, but does not understand the mix of students. This tutorial is a simple summary based on a real-world iOS app. Let's look at the effect of the operation first: Scan Code Insta

33 2017 years must know the Ios/swift Open Source Library third-party library

build a fast and extensible list. In addition, it helps you to end the use of a large number of view controllers in the app. Take a look at this tutorial from Ray Wenderlich, about how to implement this library in your project, or read this Rodrigo cavalcante article about migrating existing UITableView to Iglistcollectionview.Instagram/iglistkit-Data-driven Uicollectionview framework for building fast and extensible lists2. Realm Author is Realm.ioR

Quick Start tutorial recommended for Learning Swift language

As Apple products become more and more popular, Apple's new Swift will certainly replace the OC language to a large extent. Learning Swift language is an essential skill for iOS engineers.There are some good English version of the tutorial, it is worth learning.1. Swift

1.Swift Tutorial Translation Series-About Swift

with the wisdom of Appleproject culture.His compilers are specifically designed for performance optimization, and programming languages are optimized for development, without compromising on each other.He was designed to extend from Hello, world to the entire operating system. All of this makes swift a solid future investment for developers and Apple.Swift is a fantastic way to write iOS and OS X apps, and

[IOS] using Swift to develop a TODO application, iostodo

[IOS] using Swift to develop a TODO application, iostodo Address: Background I believe many iOS programmers are still holding a wait-and-see attitude towards Swift. This is just a few days after the arrival of the l

"Go" using Swift to develop WatchKit Getting started tutorial

Start learning watchkit!Updated on January 19, 2015: Tested by the Xcode 6.2 beta release; No project/code changes required. Remember to use the latest beta version of Apple!iOS developers rejoice-WatchKit is finally here!WatchKit is a development package for the new framework and related technologies for creating Apple Watch applications that Apple is accompanying with the Xcode 6.2 beta release.In this WatchKit

[IOS] Swift beginner's Manual: optional type (Optionals)

[IOS] Swift beginner's Manual: optional type (Optionals) A few weeks ago (Translator's note: the original article was published in June 24), Apple released a brand new programming language: Swift. Since then, I have been reading the official Swift manual and reading the Xcode6 betaPlayingLearning. I began to like Swif

IOS---Swift learning and review

)IOS custom page Toggle animations and interactive animations by Swift (RPM)iOS Development Series-Audio playback, recording, video playback, photo, video recording (GO)IOS8 Custom Input Method Tutorial: How to create a third-party IME (GO)Swift Command line tool (GO)IOS8 Cu

Send Push notifications to IOS Devices using Xcode 8 and Swift 3, APNs Auth Key

the property with the keyId APNs Auth Key ID (available at ey Configure the property with teamId your Apple Developer account Team ID (available at /membership/) Configure with the deviceToken device token-generated after running your application and checking the console Configure with notification.topic your application ' s Bundle ID which are acce

Swift Tutorial operator overloading address: Http:// Corinne krych Translator: Mengxiang Month blog:http:// article is my first translation, inevitably there is a mistake, the translation of the use of TXT, so the format is not very good.In an earlier

Operator Overloading in Swift tutorial

Operator Overloading in Swift tutorial Http:// Author: Corinne Krych Translator: Meng xiangyue blog: This is my first translation. It is inevitable that there will be errors. txt is used for translation, so the format is

Start with the Pitre "Swift Basic Tutorial 2nd"

is not interesting. See "Objective-c BASIC Programming" preliminary to OBJC have a preliminary understanding, (more than C + +, but more than C, but more than a lot of control, in fact there is a lot of difficulty).But Swift is an easy-to-use language, borrowed in the library of Pitre's "Swift Basic Tutorial 2nd", a cursory turn, the language can be very si

iOS Swift resource pool

Swift Getting Started Tutorial: Video tutorial: Official document (PDF version): Official document (Web version):

IOS8 Development Video Tutorial: Based on Swift combat UI from getting started to mastering

IOS8 Development Video Tutorial: Based on Swift combat UI from beginner to proficient (5 major projects, in-depth analysis handle Group purchase project)Course Lecturer: Zhu QiwenCourse Category: IOSSuitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 81 hoursUsing the technology: Swift, IOS8Projects involved: Mobile picture case, picture Show case, Tom Cat case, hand

Apple Swift programming language Introductory Tutorial "Chinese version"

Swift code Language Tutorials : At the WWDC2014 conference just past, Apple has released a new programming language, Swift. It is reported that the swift language inherits the C language and the objective-c characteristic, and overcomes the C language compatibility question, for the vast number of developers, this is undoubtedly a dose irresistible stimulant. Hop

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