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tutorial on the use of Uiviewcontroller classes in IOS app development _ios

One, Introduction as the C,controller in the MVC design pattern has been the most important role in project development, it is a bridge between view and data, through its management, the data methodically displayed on our view layer. Uiviewcontroller in iOS is one of the most basic classes in the Uikit framework. From the first UI view to the complex complete p

IOS Study Notes (12): Related Classes of UITableView in IOS development, and implementation of attributes and table view (2)

IOS study note (12) IOS development of the table view (UITableView) Explanation and use (2) (blog address: reprinted please note the address. Author: hmjiangqq Email: In the previous article, I first learned about the basic concepts of the table view (UITableView) (Click to enter). Today I will learn oth

iOS development Language Swift entry---classes and structs

iOS development language Swift Getting started serial-classes and structsClasses and structs are a common and flexible construct that people use to build code. In order to implement various functions in classes and structs, we must define attributes and add methods in strict accordance with the syntax rules specified b

OC for iOS Development (review notes)-Classes and objects (1)

name] /*The difference between OC object methods and functions1. The function belongs to the entire file, can be called anywhere in the file; object methods belong only to objects, only objects can call object methods2. object methods can only be declared between @interface and @end , and object methods can only be implemented between @implementation and @end . The Declaration and definition of a function can be written anywhere , the function cannot be owned by a class, only belongs to a fi

IOS development: Cocoa-Explanation of classes and objects

IOS development: Cocoa-Explanation of classes and objects We can find the definition of class and object in/usr/include/objc. h and runtime. h: typedef struct objc_class *Class;typedef struct objc_object { Class isa;} *id; Class is a pointer of the objc_class structure type, and id (any object) is a pointer of the objc_object structure type. Its first member i

"iOS development" "oc"02-classes and objects

) An object method can only be called by an object, and a class method can only be called by a class and cannot be called as a function(4) functions can be written anywhere in the file (except between @interface and @end), and the function is owned by the file.(5) Object method collation \ Object All(6) The function call does not depend on the object(7) The member variable of an object cannot be accessed directly from the member variable name within the functionIv. design of

IOS development: open-source frameworks and Classes

IOS development: open-source frameworks and Classes Open-source frameworks and classes used: 1: load an image using SDWebImage, UIImageView, and WebCache. 2: UIViewExt is useful for locating coordinates. You can directly obtain bottom, top, left, right. 3: CustomCatagory is a category. It contains two system versions:

"iOS Development" summary of classes in Objective-c

change an instance variable declared in a parent class, you need to invoke the method in the parent class using the Super keyword. 3 "Compound relationship (that is, multiple classes are used in a class)1 The description method is like the ToString () method in Java, and NSLog (@ "%@") calls the description method by default.So to print an object can rewrite his description method4 "Construction methodThe method of constructing the class in OC is th

iOS development-A simple introduction to audio playback and packaging tool classes

iOS development-A simple introduction to audio playback and packaging tool classesFirst, the sound of the playback of a simple introductionIn simple terms, audio can be divided into 2 types(1) Sound effectsAlso known as "short audio", usually plays in the program for 1-2 secondsEnhance the overall user experience with embellishment in the app(2) MusicFor example, the "background music" in the game, the gene

Extensions for iOS development classes

Class Extension Common methods: Define subclasses, follow protocols, use classifications, source file extensions.Source file Expansion: syntax: adding before declaring @implementation@interface Class name ()....@endCategory categoriesAdding a subclass when adding a method to an existing class is inconvenientClassification is an extension of an existing class, the classification extends only the method, the property is not extendedProtocol ProtoccolCan be used to declare a whole bunch of methodsA

oc--classes and objects for iOS development (2)-set/get method and construction method

the base data type to null with nilvoid * : variable that can point to any data typeID Type : You can reference an object that is instantiated by any class and does not require a strong turn when sending messages to the referenced object"Self and Super keywords"Self: The object or class that accepts the message, the pointer to the current object (which is used by that object to whom Self,self is).Super: The parent class of the object that accepts the message, which is used to invoke the Member

iOS Development: 40 iOS Open source projects on GitHub

1. afnetworking Among the many iOS open source projects, afnetworking can be described as the most popular library project for developers. Afnetworking is a lightweight iOS, MAC OS x network communication Class library, and now is the third largest objective-c library on the GitHub. It is based on Nsurlconnection, nsoperation and other libraries, so that many of the network communication functions to ach

The analysis of the interface switching of Unity IOS mixed development _ios

Ideas The previous article only talked about unity and the integration of the iOS project, and did not talk about the handover of iOS and Unity interface, here to talk about ideas, unity export of the IOS project inside the structure is roughly the same, there is a window,window on a unityview, But there is no controller, there is no root controller, although in

iOS Development: Xcode packaging Framework

I think this packaging framework is a relatively important function that can be used to do things: (1) Packaging functional modules, such as the more mature function modules packaged into a package, and then their own or other colleagues to use more convenient. (2) Packaging projects, sometimes encountered this situation, that is, a company to find two development companies to do two projects, and then ask one of their projects nested into another p

IOS development and ios development

IOS development and ios development Since Apple added Auto Layout to iOS 6, it has been a euphemism for encouraging developers to use Adaptive Layout. However, so far, I feel that most developers have been avoiding this problem, whether it is caused by historical reasons or

Particle effects for iOS development and particles for ios development

Particle effects for iOS development and particles for ios development Translated by sugar-fried shrimps and Benna, this article proofreads sai, u0u0, iven, and Zilong Mountain IOS 5InUIKitParticle System tutorial Ray's words: This is 15th and the last

Getting Started with iOS development: Mobile platform Architecture Design

system, it also requires architectural design, but not all applications must be based on a common, low coupling enterprise-class system architecture, which generally involves information processing applications to use this architectural design pattern, for example: some games have their own game engine, engine also belongs to the architecture design. The iOS platform General Information processing application layered architecture design diagram. T

[IOS] multi-thread NSThread for iOS, nsthread for ios development

. Multithreading is used in ios development. Commonly Used multithreading classes and methods include # define kBgQueue dispatch_get_global_queue (DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, 0) // 1 Dispatch_async (kSystemAppUpdateQueue, ^ { NSError * error; NSData * data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL: [NSURL URLWithString: strURL] Options: 0 Error: error]; If (err

Ios development-NSOperation introduction, ios development-nsoperation

Ios development-NSOperation introduction, ios development-nsoperation Introduction: 1. NSOperation is Apple's object-oriented encapsulation of GCD, Which is OC 2. NSOperation also provides some functions that are not particularly easy to implement by using GCD. 3. Add the operation to the queue and the operation will b

Ios development-single-sample macro extraction, ios Development Macro Extraction

Ios development-single-sample macro extraction, ios Development Macro Extraction In daily development, we often use macros, which are essentially replacing the code during compilation. Example 1: // ## Variable names that can be used to splice macros # Define demo (xxx) int

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