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Summary of the Open course for IOS development at Stanford University

Summary of the Open course for IOS development at Stanford UniversityObjectiveThe most famous tutorial on iphone development is the "Open iphone Development Course" released by

Summary of the Open course for IOS development at Stanford University

Builder into Xcode, the entire IDE layout and shortcut keys are completely different, such as Apple's reference to Objective-c ARC and Storyboard, which makes the app much more programmatic. 。Happily, Stanford University recently updated the 2011 Fall Video of the public course, free of charge: 480479762, but now the public class has not tra

IOS cainiao growth notes (3)-Stanford Open Course (1), ios Stanford

IOS cainiao growth notes (3)-Stanford Open Course (1), ios StanfordI. layer-4 Structure of iOS 1. Core OS It is a Darwin written by FreeBSD and Mach, and is a Unix core that is open source and complies with POSIX standards. This layer includes or provides some basic functio

2011 Stanford University iOS Application Development Tutorials Study notes (lesson one)

2011 Winter Stanford University Open course iOS App development Tutorial is a very classic tutorial, the old man is very good at speaking. Take notes to summarize.First lesson name: MVC and Introduction to objective-c the main contents of this lesson are:Overview of iOS-what

Stanford University launches free online courses for iOS 5 Application Development

A few days ago, Stanford Engineering College launched a free online iOS Application Development Course (CS193P), which focuses on iOS 5 Application Development and is divided into 11 parts, each part consists of a video and a slid

[Lecture Notes] Stanford University Open class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture7

be Sen T to the target (the Pannableview) during the handling of the recognition of this gesture. If we don ' t do this,then even though the Pannableview implements Pan:,it would never get called because we would has Neve R added this gesture recognizer to the view's list of gestures that it recognizes. Think of this as "turning tHe handling of this gesture on ". Only UIView instances can recognize a gesture (because uiviews handle all touch input). But Ant object can tell a UIView to recognize

[Lecture Notes] Stanford University Open class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture6

.12. " Push "is the kind of segue if the" the "and" the "controllers is inside a uinavigationcontroller.13.sometimes it make s sense to segue directly when a button was touched,but not always. For Example,what if want to conditionally segue? You can programmatically invoke segues using method in Uiviewcontroller:-(void) Performseguewithidentifier: (NSString *) Segueid Sender: (ID) sender; The Segueid is Set inchThe Attributes Inspectorinchxcode.the Sender isThe initiator of the segue (a UIButton

Stanford University Open Class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture11

it via the Uitableviewcontroller @property (strong) Uirefreshcontrol *refreshcontrol; Start it with...-(void) beginrefreshing;Stop it with...-(void) endrefreshing; 11.What If your Model changes?-(void) reloaddata;Causes the table view to call Numberofsectionsintableview:and Numberofrowsinsection:all over again and then Cellforrowat Indexpath:on each visible cell. Relatively heavyweight,but if your entire data structure Changes,that ' s what you need. If only part of your Model Changes,there is

Stanford iOS Development Lesson Five (Part II)

)) { Cgpoint translation = [gesture translationinview:self.faceview];//conversion to point displacement changes in the coordinate system self.happiness-= TRANSLATION.Y/2; In addition to the effect of 2. Decrease the amplitude of the change [gesture Settranslation:cgpointzero inview:self.faceview];//0 to make the range of changes not additive }}Next, implement the functions defined in the Protocol,-(float) Smileforfaceview: (Faceview *) sender{ return (self.happiness

Stanford University iOS Development job

The second lesson of the Stanford iOS Development video was finished tonight, and the professor's homework was done.The professor's assignment is to expand on the existing card game app, so that random colors appear at each flop.In fact, this is very simple, that is, the class written by the Professor class to instantiate, while acquiring the specific contents of

[Lecture Notes] Stanford University Open class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture5

) Methodtoinvokeifsomethinghappensname: (NSString*) name//Name of station (a constant somewhere)Object:(ID) sender;//whose changes you ' re instertsted in (Nil is anyone ' s)//you 'll then being notified when there is broadcasts-(void) Methodtoinvokeifsomethinghappens: (Nsnotification *) notification{ name passed aboveNotification.Object //The object sending you the notificationNotification.userinfo//notification-specific Information about what happened} 10.Be sure to ' tun

(1/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ iOS overview _ course notes, standford_ios7_ios

(1/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ iOS overview _ course notes, standford_ios7_ios Preface: the last course I learned was a bit confusing for iOS. Due to lack of practice, I sometimes cannot understand the knowledge well when I watch videos in open classes. It is a

iOS Development Series Course Preview

Recently developed on Mac and iOS, think that you should write something to share with interested children's shoes. Before this. There have been a lot of people complaining about the complexity and difficulty of Apple objective-c, and there are a lot of illusions about the Swift launch this year (2014).First in the current stage or even five years, I personally feel that the development of Mac and

IOS learning materials sharing-Apple's official iPhone application advanced development course (16 sets)

You can see good IOS learning materials on 51cto, PDF, and favorites first. Apple iPhone application advanced development course (16 sets) Main Content [Advanced iPhone application development courses] 01. Ice Breaking courses [Advanced iPhone application

The first course of natural language processing at Stanford University-Introduction (Introduction)

I. Introduction of the CourseStanford University launched an online natural language processing course in Coursera in March 2012, taught by the NLP field Daniel Dan Jurafsky and Chirs Manning: following is the course of the study notes, to the main course ppt/pdf, supplemented by other reference materials, into the personal

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4 Lesson 4 (dry goods course ): (I have to review the exam recently, but it cannot keep up with the pace. The content of this lesson is still very important. Understanding it carefully will have a

The C Language Foundation of the iOS Development Prep Course (classic must learn)

Through this course, you will master the following skills: Basic grammar (data types, statements, various operators), programming structures (sequential structure, branching structure, looping structure), complex data types (arrays, character arrays, multidimensional arrays, structures), functions, etc. Second, enhance the problem analysis ability, enhance the coding ability. Third, provide basic support for C language Advanced content, provide gramma

The layman learns the course of iOS development

very important thing. The basic study of the university is around the DNA in the discussion, I think that more than computer programming to abstract knowledge, so I have just graduated also very confident, will be able to learn iOS programming, learn a high-level language after learning the next assembly, computer systems and other biased knowledge, that is the foundation. You can also learn the latest go language, but also a kind of inspiration for

Stanford IOS Learn Notes-1

to understand. But in Stanford's course, the professor said he wouldn't talk about it because of the time. Cocoa Touch. This is a level (layer) of the main focus of this lesson. It is also the development of a simple app, the first level of contact. Some related requirements for iOS development: Tool

Stanford iOS Learn Notes, stanfordios

Stanford iOS Learn Notes, stanfordios During this time, I was studying Stanford's iOS 8 teaching video, so I was not thinking about it, so I was prepared to summarize some notes about the video learning so that I could understand it more easily. Now I have learned six lessons. From these six lessons, the first three lessons mainly focus on a Demo of Calculator

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