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Swift video tutorial, Swift thousands of people learn iOS development programming language

At this time, everyone is standing at the same starting line, and the Swift language will be the next popular programming language in the programmer field. It is close at hand to seize the lead. We recommend a video tutorial on the Swift programming language in this issue, including: basic use of the development enviro

iOS development tutorial: How to create a cocoapod in Swift?

Summary:Developers may be familiar with some of the more well-known open source cocoapods frameworks, but sometimes they may not be able to find a pod that just satisfies their needs, and this article explains in detail how to use Swift to create a cocoapods process.This article is from: Raywenderlich, translation: Development technology Front, translator: Mrloong You might be familiar with some well-known,

The implementation of the Swift development iOS app (1) List _php tutorial

Implementation of the list of Swift development iOS apps (1) Hardware and Software Environment OS X EI Capitan Xcode 7.0.1 Brief introduction list, which can be said to be the most important one in the control, is UITableView in iOS, and this section will learn how to implement a list, as shown below Impl

iOS development-Project Combat Swift &swift 2.0 Project Development Summary II (Common development)

: Uievent?) {2tableview!. Hidden =true3Let Animateduration:nstimeinterval =0.34Let offsety:cgfloat = -5 6Uiview.animatewithduration (animateduration, animations: {()-Voidinch7Self.yaoImageView1.transform = Cgaffinetransformmaketranslation (0, -OffsetY)8Self.yaoImageView2.transform = Cgaffinetransformmaketranslation (0, OffsetY)9 Ten}) {(finish)-Voidinch OneLet Poptime = Dispatch_time (Dispatch_time_now,int64 (0.5*Double (nsec_per_sec))) ADispatch_after (Poptime, Dispatch_get_main_queue (), {(),

iOS Development--swift & Classic Syntax (27) Swift and objective-c simple comparison

); The question comes, if the "Jack.xu" student does not exist at all, should return what? return 0? That must be wrong, because 0 may also be the result of the student. Of course, if the object returned is a class, return null directly, the caller knows not found, is now the basic data type, return null is actually 0, how to do? (The canonical practice in c,c++ is to return a bool to indicate whether it is found, and the result is passed by formal parameters, and other high-level languages

iOS Development-Learning Summary Swift Article &swift 2.0 learning and summarizing one

empty set of protocols.Anyobject is a protocol, and any is a 0 protocol. Finally look at a definition of Anyclass: Typealias Anyclass = Anyobject.type It's really just an alias.Any is also an alias and an alias for protocol1 Protocol lyprotocol1{2 //some code3 }4 classlynsobject1:nsobject,lyprotocol1{5 //some code6 }7 8 var ly1:any9var ly2:protocolTen OneTypealias Any1 = protocol Avar k:protocol - var k1:nsobjectprotocol - thevar sss1:protocolNSObject () -var sss2:nsobjectpro

iOS Development-Technology Essentials Swift &swift 2.0 and the use of third-party frameworks in objective-c2.0

Use of the third-party framework for Swift 2.0 and objective-c2.0The swift language is the new programming language that Apple unveiled at the WWDC conference in 2014. The swift language inherits the features of C and Objective-c, and overcomes the compatibility problem of C language. The swift language employs a secur

Practical tutorial on Swift game development (university overlord internal materials) and swift Game Development

Practical tutorial on Swift game development (university overlord internal materials) and swift Game Development Practical tutorial on Swift game d

iOS development-new features Swift article &swift 2.0 exception handling

Swift 2.0 Exception HandlingWWDC 2015 announced the new Swift 2.0. This major update provides Swift with new exception handling methods. This article will be discussed mainly around this aspect.How do I build an exception type?In IOS development, we face a lot of exception h

IOS Development--Practical technology Swift article &swift lazy loading (lazy)

objective-c block or the C language function pointer understand thoroughly, can be regarded as a block of code, and then Self.dataarray, then executes the code block, but repeated calls, the Lazy property of the code block will only called once , the lazy decoration is a storage property, and the store is a closure, I think inside, should be optimized Personal humble opinion, there is a static storage space inside, when the space is not value, will execute the closure code, return value, wi

iOS Development note (SWIFT)-some modifications to the Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol project for Swift calls

The Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol project is a popular open source iOS control library that provides a flat style (Flat style) Segmentedcontrol that can be customized segment colors, icons, sizes, etc. Very flexible and beautiful. The effect is as follows:However, as a OC project, when we were programming for OC and Swift, there were some problems due to the use of block in Ppiflatsegmentedcontrol's creation inst

Swift error handling for iOS development

Error handling in Swift is inherited from O-c, but Swift has changed dramatically since the 1.0. Important changes occurred at Swift 2, which pioneered the use of "handling unusual states and conditions" to make your app easier. Similar to other programming languages, in Swift, choosing which error-handling technology

Android &swift iOS Development: Language vs. frame comparison

Reprinted from: Http:// utm_medium=articles_linkutm_content=link_textFrom Android to Swift iOS development: Language vs. frame comparison I've been developing Android since 2009 a

iOS Development--swift Chapter &swift new Features (iv) Construction, destruction, inheritance

()Maxpassengers= 5Numberofwheels= 4 }override func description () -> string { return super. () + ";" + "Traveling at \ (speed) mph" }} /span> In addition to overloading functions, the properties of a class can be overloaded in subclasses, such as the getter and setter methods:Class Speedlimitedcar: Car { Override VarSpeed: double { get { return . Speed } set { super.= Min (newvalue,40.0) } }} /span> Using a @final tag class, you can prohibit ov

Android and Swift iOS development: language and framework comparison, androidios

Android and Swift iOS development: language and framework comparison, androidios Swift is the language that Apple currently promotes. It was launched in 2014 and is 10 years younger than Scala and other "new" languages. In the autumn of 2015, it was already open-source. Currently available on linux, Android NDK has bee

Basic syntax for the swift development tutorial--swift

] () //declares an empty array, the elements inside the array are Int, the version before Xcode6 BETA4, the notation is: int[] () var namearrayc = ["Hello", 123]//add Element Namearraya.append ("Zhao Liu") println ("Namearraya = \ (Namearraya)") to the array // Replace the element inside the array namearraya[0] = "First" println (Namearraya) //Delete the element inside the array namearraya.removeatindex (0) println (Namearraya) //Delete the last element Namearraya.removelast () println (Namea

IOS development language Swift getting started-Basics

IOS development language Swift getting started-Basics Swift> is a new language for iOS> and> OS X> application development. However, if you have> C> or> Objective-C> development experie

Swift development-Storyboard usage tutorial, swift-storyboard

Swift development-Storyboard usage tutorial, swift-storyboard If the App contains many different pages, using Storyboard can help you reduce the code for redirecting between pages. In the past, developers created interface design files ("nib" or "xib" files) for each View Controller. Now, only one Storyboard can captur

iOS Development-Login Interface Development (6) use of Toast-swift-swfit4.1_xcode9.3.1

First look at the effect:1. Before we made the login interface UI, implemented the network request, if the user entered the wrong VIP number, should prompt the user "VIP number is incorrect"2. In Android, we have toast can be used directly, in iOS, seemingly no such native controls, then we introduce a third open source framework:Toast-swift3. Let's revise the Podfile:/users/jimi/documents/ios/demo/logindem

iOS Development Series--swift 3.0

OverviewFrom the time of writing the first Swift article to now Swift has grown from 1.2 to today's 3.0, during which the part of the code in the first article has not been able to run in the current Xcode environment because Swift is not backwards compatible in the development phase. Apple unveiled Swift3.0 on WWDC16,

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