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Baidu Speech Recognition Service--speech recognition REST API Development notes

In the previous project used the Baidu Speech recognition service, here to make a note. Here is still to emphasize with you, the best learning materials is the official website. I'm just a note here, on the one hand to organize the idea, on the other hand, convenient later I use the time can be quickly recalled.What is the Baidu speech

Use the Baidu Speech API for speech recognition.

Because of the project needs, these days are trying to use the Baidu Speech API for speech recognition. but the recognition is "Ah, oh" or something, I cried. Here I just share this process, the error is that the post voice data is now the piece, it may be a conversion probl

[Android development and learning 45] Google speech recognition engine (Google Speech API)

" --post-file=test.flac -- header = "Content-Type: Audio/X-Flac; rate = 16000" " Xjerr = 1 client = chromium lang = ZH-CN maxresults = 1" The test.example voice is converted into a local file and saved in googlespeechapi.txt: { "Status": 0, "ID": "8f9d46231ac2dadee91d8d6ba1b57779-1 ", "Hypotheses ": [ {"Utterance": "That doesn't work.", "Confidence": 0.8755

[Ios]ios Speech recognition

Reference: of speech recognition via Google Voice interfaceRecently there are features in the project that need to implement speech recognition. Toss a few days to do well. At the beginning of the time do not have a clue, the information found on the inter

Delphi calls Baidu speech recognition rest API

Delphi calls Baidu speech recognition rest API-20160616-Thanks to the Magic Cat and Delphiteacher Brother's help to solve the problem of returning Chinese garbled!-Note: The Voice recording format currently only supports the evaluation of Mono voice with 8k/16k sampling rate of 16bit bit depthCompression format support: PCM (uncompressed), WAV, opus, Speex, AMR,

Baidu Speech Recognition rest api usage (including JAVA code)-a method without SDK Integration

The code in this article is JAVA edition and can be used in Android Application Development. The following describes the important code. Get Token ApiKey and secretKey are obtained from the Baidu open platform. For more information, see the previous article. private static void getToken() throws Exception { String getTokenURL = + client_id= + apiKey + client_secret= + secretKey; HttpURLConnection

C # Baidu API speech recognition

(), Encoding.UTF8)) {Strjson=Strhttptext.readtoend (); } jobject jsons= Jobject.parse (Strjson);//parsing JSON if(jsons["err_msg"]. valuestring> () = ="success.") {StrText= jsons["result"][0]. ToString (); returnStrText; } Else{Error= jsons["Err_no"]. valuestring> () + jsons["err_msg"]. valuestring>(); returnerror; } } stringAccess = Getstraccess ("VJDS2SNHUUDLZ57KTYTQDAVJ","896348e496b47382d49e0cd2e7d5f1e8"); Console.Write (access);

IOS Google speech recognition updated!!!

Older versions of the API:-Googleprovides an on-line speech recognitionAPIinterface, through which theAPIIt can be recognized in Chinese, English and other languages. ApiAddress: explanation: xjerr: Error Criteria Clien

Speech recognition Complete verse query function, IOS avspeechsynthesis Voice output result of the poetry app

ObjectiveThe current application of the query is to use manual input, not only inefficient, and query the limit of the statement is relatively large, can not be easily extended. If you can easily expand the query statement, then the use of the app will have a lot of flexibility. can design a variety of questions and statements, you can easily interact with the user. The speech platform interface provided by the Olami platform is used here, which makes

Android development and learning: Using Baidu Speech Recognition SDK for Speech Recognition (Part 1)

As the mobile Internet killer interaction method, voice recognition has been attracting more and more attention since its publication, from IOS Siri to xunfei voice in China, speech recognition technology is the most promising and promising technology in mobile development. Android, as a mobile operating system, inheri

Android Speech broadcast, Background broadcast, speech recognition, and android Speech Recognition

Android Speech broadcast, Background broadcast, speech recognition, and android Speech Recognition Android Voice broadcast, Background broadcast, and Speech Recognition This article d

Python End-level tutorial! Speech recognition! Seniors achieve speech recognition skills! It's not hanging.

An overview of how ▌ language recognition worksSpeech recognition originated from the research done at Bell Labs in the early the 1950s. The early speech recognition system can only identify individual speakers and only about more than 10 words in the vocabulary. Modern speech

Speech recognition on Android, a simple example of Google-based speech recognition.

Speech recognition is convenient and easy to use on Android. However, there is a premise that Google's voice search tool must be installed on Android machines in advance. Speech recognition technology is added in Android sdk1.5 (recognizerintent). Here we will analyze the built-in

Add voice functions (speech synthesis and speech recognition) based on Microsoft's Embedded System)

-party manufacturers and load the audio into the speech recognition system during installation. Speech API core: This component provides the voice Application Programming Interface (SAPI module) provided by basic voice functions ). The SAPI. dll file is an integral part of the component and must depend on all the v

Speech recognition of the message flying

Lib folder to the project directory, and then in the project configuration file [Build phases]-[link Binary with Libraries], [addother ]2 Confirm SDK PathSearch for "Head" in the config file to find [Framework Search Paths], click to view the path of the SDK is not the absolute path, if it is the same, then there is no problem. This step is to ensure that the path to the SDK is a relative path. Prevent the project from changing the folder location to be able to run the situation.3 Adding frames

HTML5 Speech Synthesis speech Synthesis API Introduction

equivalent."Speech recognition (Speech recognition)" is currently supported by default on Chrome browser and dead-brother Opera browser, and requires a webkit private prefix:However, the compatibility of speech synthesis (Speech

C # Speech Recognition (text to speech, voice to text)

C # Speech Recognition (text to speech, voice to text)Recently intends to study the speech recognition, but found that there is very little C # on the Internet, the complete code to put their own learning experience, and share with you.Download

Speech recognition in WP (I): basic recognition

Many of WP 8.1's content is still in an unknown state. Therefore, the speech recognition mentioned in this article is based on WP8 and similar in 8.1. It is also implemented using runtime APIs, if you do not know what the Runtime API is, it does not affect learning and development, because after VS creates a project, it will reference all the libraries by default

Python speech recognition

multiple speakers and having a large vocabulary that identifies multiple languages.The first part of speech recognition is of course voice. With a microphone, the voice is converted from a physical sound to an electrical signal and then converted to data via an analog-to-digital converter. Once digitized, several models can be used to transcribe audio into text.Most modern

Play Baidu speech recognition, it is so simple

an effect like this.In "View Key", we can see the app ID, API key and secret key we need to use later.3. Open ServiceOnce the app is created, we need to turn on speech recognition services before we can use speech recognition. Click "Activate Service" on the application car

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