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Tutorial on the introduction of SQLite database in IOS app project _ios

Introduction of SQLiteSQLite is a pure C implementation, so doomed it is a cross-platform tool, both under the Android and iOS can be used, but also can write common code, convenient for us to transplant. Of course, Android and iOS have encapsulated SQLite for developers to use, but this is not easy to transplant, the other is the efficiency of the package after

SQLite Tutorial in IOS _ios

database table structure and other information can be found. The search is also a problem when the contents of the write to the database are encrypted. 2. Encrypt the database file The whole database is encrypted, which can basically solve the information security problem of the database. The existing SQLite encryption is basically implemented in this way. Here is an open source encryption tool Sqlcipher, installation method can refer to the offici

iOS development featured knowledge points-video and other iosstrongdemo are maintained by @ Li Gang, summarizing some of the iOS development featured points of knowledge. Each knowledge point has a corresponding test code, which is ideal for iOS beginners.

Https:// is maintained by @ Li Gang, summarizing some of the iOS development featured points of knowledge. Each knowledge point has a corresponding test code, which is ideal for iOS beginners.Function points involved The processing method and example of the iOS9 screen setting iOS development how to jump to

Import SQLite-SQLite basic tutorial in the Project (1)

StatementYou are welcome to repost this article, but please respect the author's Labor achievements. repost this article and keep the statement in this box. Thank you.Article Source: SQLite is implemented in pure C, so it is doomed to be a cross-platform tool that can be used in both Android and iOS, and can completely write common code for us to transplant. Of course,

SQLite object-C encapsulation in iOS development

Fmdatabase -- objective-C encapsulation of SQLiteIt is SQLite's c API that is too messy and fragmented for beginners. Fmdb said that, in fact, it only converts the c api package into a simple and easy-to-use objective-C class. For beginners of SQLite, the degree of preparation is greatly reduced. With fmdb, when writing a program, you only need to focus on the

Mobile development: A simple tutorial for Android software development Beginners

If you want to learn Android software development, or a beginner, you can find a lot of Android tutorials and learning materials online, dazzling beginner tutorials and advanced tutorials, if you see this article do not miss, is simply a beginner's gospel.Considering that there is so much information you are a beginner, you can easily feel confused and don't know where to start. To make you feel relaxed while eliminating the illusion that there are many good tutorials to learn, you can start wit

Simple tutorial on using SQLite in Python

This article mainly introduces a simple tutorial on using SQLite in Python. as an embedded database, SQLite is embedded in Python versions of previous generations. For more information, see SQLite as an embedded database, its database is a file. Since SQLite is written in C

iOS Tutorial: How to pre-load and ingest data using core data–

This is followed by a follow-up tutorial on the iOS Tutorial: Core Data Persistence Storage Essentials tutorial, which is also used in the last production.In the last tutorial, we only made a data model, then we created a table view using the data from the data model, and we

IOS 9 App Development Essentials Tutorial next book

IOS 9 App Development Essentials Tutorial next bookIntroduction: This tutorial is the first domestic iOS 9 development application tutorial. This tutorial is based on Xcode 7.0 and explains how to develop an app app for

iOS Tutorial: Core Data Persistence Storage Basics Tutorial

In fact, more recently in this article, "iOS Tutorial: Using persistent Data" core data, this is the "iOS Development tutorial: Storyboard Full resolution-Part One" of the follow-up, but it is not completed, first released a persistent data storage tutorial for reference. Th

iOS Development Getting Started tutorial

iOS development Getting Started tutorial (OBJECT-C, network programming, multithreading, Bluetooth, QR code, cocos2d, OpenGL)Http:// QQ2110053820Course Lecturer: HeroesCourse Category: IOSSuitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 34 hoursUpdate level: CompleteTechnology used: Ios,object-c,opengl,xcode,cocos 2DRelated

iOS Tutorial: How to use Nsfetchedresultscontroller

We have already come to the end of the core data series tutorial, where we discuss how to use Nsfetchedresultscontroller to optimize our applications, improve the speed of applications, and reduce their memory footprint.Have you forgotten what you said before? Let's review it in the first tutorial: iOS Tutorial: Core D

Unity Export iOS Real-computer test tutorial

Original address: two days of Android development, I felt that Android development was a little different from the development of iOS and the. NET platform, and I think the Web (Html) is a similar place, it is the node tag display, of course, personal understanding, The feeling hint is not as strong as iOS and. NET Development, maybe I'm not too familia

Xcode4.6 add Baidu Map to the iOS version (Bmapkit) detailed tutorial (_bmkmapmanager Error Resolution)

This article is designed to help beginners quickly build the iOS version of Baidu Map, the official website has related tutorials, but too old, now Xcode has been updated to 4.6, his tutorial should be before 4.3. It is estimated that the novice will encounter errors when building, follow my tutorial step-by-step, to e

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