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HTTPS One-way bidirectional authentication Instructions _ digital certificate, digital signature, SSL (TLS), SASL

Turn from: HTTPS Unidirectional authentication Instructions _ digital certificate, digital signature, SSL (TLS), SASLBecause TLS + SASL is used in the project to do the security authentication layer. So read some online information, here to do a

Stunnel-General SSL encryption program

Stunnel is a program that can use SSL to encrypt any TCP connection. It can run on a variety of UNIX and Windows operating systems. In this way, it effectively solves the problem that SSL cannot encrypt the data transmitted by existing applications.

Nginx + HTTPS + Free SSL certificate configuration Guide

Please refer to Nginx Wiki http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpSslModule Generate Certificate $ cd/usr/local/nginx/conf$ OpenSSL genrsa-des3-out server.key 1024$ OpenSSL req-new-key server.key-out SERVER.CSR$ CP Server.key server.key.org$ OpenSSL rsa-in

SSL Certificate FAQs

1. Will the SSL Certificate affect the speed and traffic?   Encryption and decryption for each SSL connection will increase the processing workload of the server CPU. Considering the protection of customer privacy and security, according to

Tomcat SSL configuration and Tomcat CA certificate installation

Recently to do an SSL application, two-way authentication with SSL means that when the client connects to the server, both sides of the link have to authenticate each other's digital certificate to ensure that it is authorized to be able to connect.

StartSSL applies for a Free SSL certificate application and complete account registration process

SSL certificates have become very popular. For example, Let's Encrypt Free SSL, which was prepared for sharing later, has started public beta and has been recognized by most third-party browsers and authoritative websites, therefore, if we need to

Nginx cluster SSL Certificate WebApi microservice, nginxwebapi

Nginx cluster SSL Certificate WebApi microservice, nginxwebapi Directory 1 General idea... 1 2. WebApi microservice for SSL certificates of Nginx clusters... 1 3 HTTP and HTTPS (SSL protocol)... 1 4. generate an SSL certificate using Openssl... 2 5.

OpenSSL-based ca establishment and certificate issuance

Transferred from: Http://rhythm-zju.blog.163.com/blog/static/310042008015115718637/ All rights reserved. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source I have studied SSL/TLS some time ago and read the English version of Eric rescorla's SSL

SSL encryption 3389 Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft has integrated a program named "Remote Desktop" into the operating system since Windows server. With this "Remote Desktop", network administrators can easily control the company's servers at the other end of the network, perform operations

Detailed tutorial on MySQL master-slave Replication Based on the SSL protocol,

Detailed tutorial on MySQL master-slave Replication Based on the SSL protocol, When mysql is replicated across the Internet, others can steal the mysql replication information, which is in plain text and therefore insecure. Here, the copied

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