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"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol"--3rd IP: Internet Protocol (reprint)

) the Ifconfig (8) command is typically run at boot time to configure each interface on the host. Because the dial-up interface may be plugged in and out frequently (such as a slip link), the ifconfig must run in some way each time the line is switched on and off. How this process is done depends on the slip software used.(2) the Netstat (1) command provides the interface information on the system. The-I parameter prints out the interface information, and the-n parameter prints out the

Principle and application of TCP/IP protocol Note 25: Internet Protocol (IP) datagram (Datagram)

1. Datagram (Datagram) format:2. Length Field(1) Header Length field,Hlen,4 bits In 4-byte (or 32bits) units Value: 5~15 (that is, the first length is bytes) (2) Total Length field, sumlength, bits In byte units Header length (i.e. 4 * hlen) + data length Note: What is the maximum length of IP grouping?Answer:655353. Service type field(1) Type of Service (TOS), 8 bits The quality of service that the group

Standard Internet communication protocol-TCP/IP protocol

Today, let's talk about the standard Internet communication protocol-TCP/IP protocol.This part of content may not be very understandable and abstract. It is a tough nut for beginners, but since it is a beginner, don't let everyone have any mental burden. No one is a genius, right? I will try my best to give you more examples for your understanding!1. Basic Conten

TCP/IP Internet (Internet) Communication Protocol

Communication Protocol for TCP/IP Internet (Internet) I. TCP/IP is used for Internet (Internet) communication Protocol 1. Computer Communica

TCP/IP Protocol Family Chapter 7th Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4)

7.1 Introduction Internet Protocol (PROTOCOL,IP) is the transport mechanism used by the TCP/IP protocol cluster at the network layer. IP is an unreliable non-connected datagram

Network Protocol Chapter 3 _ IP Internet Protocol

Chapter 3 _ IP Internet Protocol IP header IP protocol is the most core protocol in the TCP/IP protoco

IP protocol under Internet Layer protocol

Internet Layer Protocol FeaturesRunning on the OSI network layerNon-connection oriented protocolProcessing data packets independentlyLayered addressingBest effort transferNo Data recovery functionThe Internet layer mainly contains IP, ICMP, ARP, rarp several protocols.This is a major

Details of TCP/IP 2: Implementation -- IP: Internet Protocol

This chapter describes the structure and basic IP processing processes of an IP group, including input, forwarding, and output. Shows the common organization form of the IP layer. In the previous article, we saw how the network interface put the IP Group to the IP Input Que

TCP/IP explanation (3) IP: Internet protocol, Chapter 3 notes

I. Introduction: IP is the most core protocol in the TCP/IP protocol family. All TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IGMP data are transmitted in IP datagram format. Note that the IP address is not a reliable

Internet Protocol IP and its supporting protocols

Internet Protocol IP and its supporting protocols @ (computer network) IP protocol is one of the two most important protocols in TCP/IP protocol cluster. The

Network Layer-network layer in the Internet (IP control protocol and address resolution)

IP Control Protocol The IP protocol is only responsible for transmitting IP packets and cannot detect and control problems in the network. These tasks are completed through the Internet control

Computer networks 0. Initial knowledge of Internet and TCP/IP protocol

provider Internet Services Provider,isp . Each ISP is a network of multiple packet switches and multi-segment communication links. ISPs have different levels.End systems, packet switches, and other Internet components are run to control the information received in the Internet and send a series of protocol

2nd Internet address structure [TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: protocol]

when using multicast addressing.Under the control of the software, the protocol stack in each Internet host can join or leave a multicast group. When a host sends data to a group, it creates a datagram that uses the (unicast) IP address as the source address, using the multicast IP address as the destination address.

IP: Internet Protocol

defines the structure related to error handling Include/NET/inetpeer. h defines the structure, Macro, and function prototype of the peer information block. Include/NET/DST. h define the structure, Macro, and function prototype of the destination route Cache Net/IPv4/ip_output.c IP datagram output Net/IPv4/ip_sockglue.c IP layer interface Option Net/IPv4/ip_input.c IP

How to reset the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP)

Document directory Command usage Command example Skip the following Netsh int ip reset sample log file In the Connection Properties dialog box of Windows XP (Windows XP for short), if you click the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option, the" unmount "button is unavailable. This is because the TCP/

TCP/IP protocol detailed Volume 1 chapter II Internet address structure

numbers for the site to allocate itself. This approach allows site administrators to compromise on the number of subnets and the number of hosts expected for each subnet, reducing coordination with other sites.It's like the school does not assign classrooms to each class, but instead throws the task to the college to deal with. The flexible compromise of the college was a slight solution to this vexed question. So what is subnet addressing? How does it work?One hours a day to write a blog is th

TCP/IP Internet Layer protocol--arp

asARPgenerationExcluding the rationale). But the target networkIPaddress and sourceIPwhen the address is not on a unified network segment, use the proxyARP. Ipaddress conflict problems and solutions:ArpThe most common problems that arise areIPaddress conflicts, this is because two different hosts use the sameIPaddress that is generated in any internet,IPThe address must be unique. When the interface is initialized, it sends a message containin

[TCP/IP details: Study Notes] IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), which allows all systems on a physical network to know the multicast group in which the host is currently located. Multicast routers need this information to know which ports multicast data packets should be forwarded. IGMP is defined in RFC 1112. IGMP has a fixed message length and no data is available. The protocol f

Tcpip explanation note (3) IP Internet Protocol

1. IP is the most core protocol in TCP/IP. All TCP, UDP, ICMP, and other protocols are transmitted in IP datagram format. The IP protocol provides unreliable and connectionless services. It does not guarantee that data packets can

IP Internet Protocol

Definition:The IP protocol is located at the network layer of the OSI network model. It provides a fast but unreliable service, which means that it does not guarantee that IP datagram can successfully reach the destination.TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IGMP data are transmitted in IP datagram format. Each packet contains the sou

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