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< see TCP/IP First volume > About Network Layer and protocol details---IP protocol (2)--Mobile IP and DHCP

Digression: Originally wanted to follow the internet level from the bottom up review these agreements, but today really have to break the case, DHCP has to say!Host from one network to another network, then the structure of IP address will change, today's mainstream has the following several modification scenarios:(a) Change of address:The host changes its address when moving to a new network, where a DHCP protoco

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol NDP (Neighbor Discovery protocol, Neighbor Discovery Protocol) is a key protocol of IPv6. It combines ARP, ICMP Router

SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol

SSDP Service uses a notification message to notify the client of its existence, update the period information, and update the location information. SSDP: The alive message must set nt to its own service type, and the USN header to its own USN. SSDP: alive should include the location or Al header. If DNS is not supported, use the IP address of the SSDP Service to represent the location. SSDP: alive should also include the Cache control information, Ma

What if devices are scattered? Try link layer Discovery Protocol

) below: Figure 1 Cisco Discovery Protocol Run the "show CDP neighbors" command to display the table of connected devices. Run "show CDP neighbors details" to expand the table and view the detailed connection information between vswitches (a VLAN matching error exists, right ?), And the detailed information of each device, including its management IP address i

Introduction to Cisco Discovery Protocol

CDP is short for Cisco Discovery Protocol, a data link layer Protocol. Through this Protocol, our network administrator can obtain information about devices that run the CDP Protocol adjacent to each other. CDP protocol version:

Introduction to Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) commands

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) from the name we can see that this is a Cisco proprietary, it is recommended that everyone learn CCNA when trying to be familiar with all the spelling do not simply write down the abbreviation!CDP can collect hardware and protocol information for neighboring devicesCDP has two global parameters that can be set CDP timer (CDP timer)

Protocol forest 03 IP race (IP, ARP, Rip, and BGP protocols)

requests adopts the broadcast format and has its own IP address and MAC address, other hosts and routes will check their ARP cache at the same time. If they do not match, update your ARP cache. In this way, after several ARP requests, the ARP cache will be stable. If the device on the LAN changes, ARP repeats the above process. (In Linux, you can use$ ARPCommand to view the ARP process. ARP is only used for IPv4. IPv6 uses Neighbor

Introduction to "Fine" TCP/IP protocol (i) Introduction to TCP/IP

I. TCP/IP background and introductionIn the 70 's, with the development of computer technology, computers users realized that it was necessary to connect computers from all over the world to play a more important role in computer. But the simple connection is not enough, because the computer can not communicate. Therefore, the design of a common "language" to communicate is necessary to be less, then the TCP/IP

"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 2: implementation" Note--icmp:internet Control Message Protocol

:3.2.4. Information enquiry: Icmp_ireq and ICMP_IREQREPLYICMP information messages are obsolete. They attempt to broadcast a network portion of a source and destination address field for a full 0 request, which enables the system to discover the number of connected IP networks.The host that responds to the request will return a message that fills in the network number, and the host needs other means to locate the host part of the address.3.2.5. Router

(TCP/IP Volume i) Arp,rarp Address Resolution Protocol

Destination IP address field, if the discovery and the IP address of the same machine, then the MAC address of their own to fill in the message to the destination MAC address field, and send the message back to the source host. So as long as the host sending the ARP request receives the message, it proves that there are other hosts in the broadcast domain using

Vii. TCP/IP protocol

|-----------------------------------------------------ICMP is defined in:structicmphdr{u_int8_t type; /*Message Type*/u_int8_t Code; /*type Sub-code*/u_int16_t Checksum; Union {struct{u_int16_t id; u_int16_t sequence; } Echo; /*Echo Datagram*/u_int32_t Gateway; /*Gateway address*/ struct{u_int16_t __unused; U_int16_t MTU; } Frag; /*Path MTU Discovery*/} un;};4. UDP protocolThe UDP

Linux Network Programming-7. TCP/IP protocol

sender and receiver For more information about the IP protocol, see rfc791. 7.3 ICMP protocolICMP is a message control protocol and also at the network layer. When an IP packet is transmitted over the network, if an error occurs, the ICMP protocol will be used to report the

Go _ combine Wireshark capture packet to understand TCP/IP protocol stack in depth

Domain Name system, request in or response in will tell which message number matches.3.2 Other TCP message segmentsOther TCP segments, either TCP connections or data transfers, are easy to analyze according to the TCP Protocol (TCP message format + three handshake instance), which is deeply understood in conjunction with the Wireshark capture packet for the TCP/IP prot

Brief summary of TCP IP protocol

OSI 7-Layer modelApplication LayerPresentation LayerSession LayerTransport LayerNetwork layerData Link LayerPhysical LayerNetwork hardwareHub: Working in the physical layer, can only work in half-duplex mode (cannot read and write at the same time), sent to port a data, the hub on the other ports can be received, the hub port can receive all other ports received data.Switch: Working at the data Link layer, the switch can uniquely identify the device through the MAC address, the switch will not b

Diagram of TCP/IP protocol

Original: http://ayufox.iteye.com/blog/642266Note: This article is based on the Ethernet0. Preparatory work1) ToolsEthereal 0.99.0: Grab BagWget: Avoid interference from multiple HTTP, use wget to access Web pages2) Prepare/Run Close other programs (such as QQ) that may generate network requests Clear ARP cache: arp–d Clear local DNS cache: Ipconfig/flushdns Open ethereal, remove the Mixed mode option (remove the following tick), start to grab the bag Visit: w

IP address routing and dynamic routing protocol (6)

IP address routing and dynamic routing protocol (6) Routing is one of the most important functions of IP addresses. The selected data packets can be generated by a local host or another host. In one case, the host must be configured as a router. Otherwise, the datagram obtained through the network interface will be discarded If the destination address is not the

TCP/IP Details: Routing protocol

request messages every three seconds during boot time. Once a valid notification message is received, the request message is stopped. The host also listens for request messages from neighboring routers. These notification messages can change the host's default router. Also, if you do not receive a notification message from the current default router, the default router will time out. As long as there is a normal default router, the router will send a notification message every 10 minutes, the l

Reproduced 5. IP protocol-related technologies

One, only by IP can not complete the communication Second, DNS1) IP Address inconvenient memory2) The generation of DNS3) The composition of the domain name4) DNS Query5) DNS is like a distributed database in the InternetThird, ARP1) ARP Overview2) working mechanism of ARP3) IP address and MAC address are indispensable?4) RARP5) Proxy ARPIv. ICMP1) ICMP for seco

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