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Building Network radio stations with Realsystem server

The popularity of the broadband network for personal webcast brings the possibility, whether you want to build an RM radio station on the Internet? The following is an example of Realsystem Server Plus, which describes how to build a network of radio stations online. Installation Realsystem Server Plus can be downloaded at RealNetworks's official website (www.r

51 Background Music Commonly Used by radio stations-Absolute classic

-piano of the Three-row "Yamaha" keyboard to adapt and play this song, he did not expect it to become the golden background music of the prime time program, even more, it will affect so many Chinese people. Address: http://www.cqcdbs.com/ertong/ysxss/yy/music/yzc?mp34.simple gift (Simple Gifts) background music for the special english (slow music) Program of the American VOA Broadcasting Station (VOA? I am too familiar with it, but the speed of the radio

51 Background Music Commonly Used by radio stations ~ Monol permanent

. With the two Erhu players, the whole spring season will be exhausted.Http://media.flamesky.com/007/ape9/03spring.wma 02 Spring Outing trip from furusato 2 ~ Guli ~ Composing: cun songjianThe so-called "dip clothing to wet apricot rain, blow the surface is not cold Willow wind"Http://media.flamesky.com/007/ape9/02springfeild.wmaFrom furusato ~ Taoyuan is just around the corner. Singing: Gong yixianzhiI haven't heard such a pure multi-person voice for a long time.Http://media.flamesky.com/007/ap

High sampling rate ADC simplifies the radio design of Ultra-Wideband cellular base stations

Today's wireless users have no end-to-end requirements for higher capacity, faster access speeds, and higher data throughput capabilities, leading to the increasing radio signal bandwidth of cell base stations. As far as the network is concerned, brutal competition and declining profits have forced base station manufacturers to gradually adopt trade methods similar to PCs. This method uses a single architec

100,000 IP movie stations still succumb to copyright

Although the time of the movie station to make money is already past, but for the individual stationmaster that does not have any technology, the movie station is still a fragrant pastry. Making movie stations easy to get started, easy to engage in traffic, but also easy to capsize. If you stand small, you can't be bothered by someone. But the station is big, the related interest person looks at you to have the oil and water to be able to fish, you mu

Python realizes the use of Nmap and AI stations to scan open 80 port IP and reverse domain name resolution

#!/usr/bin/python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-from libnmap.process import nmapprocessfrom libnmap.parser Import Nmapparserimport Requestsx=90while x Python realizes the use of Nmap and AI stations to scan open 80 port IP and reverse domain name resolution

MFC control instructions (combo box button check box radio button list control edit box hot key IP address ....)

button. You can click the button to change the text of the button. Simply add the setdlgitemtext function to the Message response function, when a button is clicked, the text of the button is changed. Int ret; updatedata (true); setdlgitemtext (idok, "pressed"); char * SZ = m_nihao.getbuffer (m_nihao.getlength (); ret = MessageBox (SZ, "SS ", mb_ OK); If (ret = idok) {setdlgitemtext (idok, "OK ");} Check box control: The check box control is a multiple-choice control. First, add a check box c

Obtain the dynamic ip address of the radio station-PHP source code

Obtain the dynamic IP address of a radio station --> $velocityCount--> --> 1. [code] // Filename: dns. php // GET dns. php? Mm = helong "; // Apsara notification code ....} elseecho "Change ". $ ip;} elseecho "No change ". $ ip;} else {echo "Sorry, you don't have permission"; Echo" Server

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