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How to recover after the ipad escape? How to solve the ipad mini jailbreak white Apple?

Prepare to prepare the software 1. Jailbreak white Apple on behalf of the escape failed, we just from the recovery system on it, we go to the official download a latest version of the itunes software, installed in the computer. 2. After installing itunes, we connect the ipad Mini with the USB port on the computer. Restore the IPAD system First, we have to t

Compatible processing of retina New iPad and general resolution iPad page, newipad

Compatible processing of retina New iPad and general resolution iPad page, newipadI. Experience Sharing Even if it is not fruit powder, you should know that one of the major differences between iPad2 and the new iPad is the display resolution. The new

What about the ipad Air screen? ipad Air-yin Screen solution

light is sufficient, the naked eye is still difficult to find. Of course, the user feedback is not vexatious, the problem is really real, other than that, psychological or a little influence. IPad Mini 2 is also not optimistic if the panel is too thin Apple has yet to give an explanation for the "Yin-yang screen" issue with the

Compatible processing of retina new iPad and general resolution iPad pages

I finally understood what the retina is like a normal screen. That is to say, the resolution is twice the size of other screens, but the size is still the same. An image is 200*200, and the image style is set to 200*200. The image is blurred in the retina. If the image size is 400*400, it will not be blurred, but it will be in high definition. The rounded corner, gradient, and shadow depicted using css3 are

How is the ipad air/mini2 blue screen? What should I do if the ipad air/mini2 blue screen cannot be turned on?

ios8.1 caused by the blue screen can not open the machine, including the ipad Air and the ipad Mini 2, these problems often come out of the device to upgrade to IOS 8.1 after the game, watching video or Safari in the process of the unknown cause of the crash, but there are no Yes, but contacted Apple, and the authoriti

What about the splash screen on the ipad Air software? ipad Air splash screen Solution

Problem status IPad air from the background into a lot of software appear splash screen, and the other video display flower screen? Example 2 My mini is also like this, now found only in the App Store scrolling screen, will flash or beat other hit that similar car, the

What about the ipad Air screen remnant? ipad Air Shadow Solution

://locate.apple.com/cn/zh/from this site can find your nearest authorized service provider.Second, just purchased on the problem, in 3 package returns to replace the new equipment. Screen shadow problems have always been Apple's lingering pain, with the retina screen of the ipad Mini2 also encountered screen residual p

IPad Mini upgrade iOS7 After playing game cotton problem solving method

Solve the ipad mini upgrade iOS7 After playing the cotton problem: there are a lot of ipad mini users update iOS7, found in the game during the cotton phenomenon, this sudden occurrence, and through the system to restore the method of a brush machine, the result is still no iOS6 before so smooth, Especially when playin

Splashtop the ipad as a PC expansion screen (or remote login)

1.iPad install splashtop, register and login; 2.Splashtop Official website: http://www2.splashtop.com/zh-CN/, click on the top right corner of the page "Download Streamer", installed to complete; 3. Start PC end Splashtop, enter username and password in "status" account login 4. Start the ipad end Splashtop, the main interface, such as not displaying PC computer, click on the top left corner refresh bu

Former Apple engineer develops apps to turn ipad into second screen on Mac

Apple's former engineer, Lahar Devan Rahul Dewan, developed a new application called Duet display. With this app, you just need to use its specially crafted charging cable to connect your ipad and Mac notebook to another display on your Apple computer.Devin has worked at Apple for three years as an ipad and imac engineer. He said to BI: "The second monitor can increase productivity by up to 48%." If you hav

Cause analysis and solution of iPad mini2 screen display

Why is iPad mini2 screen display?The "screen" is characterized by white lines on the screen of the iPad mini 2, or the screen with "white fog", which is barely usabl

IOS iPhone, ipad screen size __ios

Screen Size: Normal screen 320 pixel x 480 pixel IPhone 1, 3G, 3gs,ipod Touch 1, 2, 3 3:2 Retina 960 pixel x 640 pixel IPhone 4, 4s,ipod touch 4 16:9 Retina 1136 pixel x 640 pixel iPhone 5,iphone 5S, iphone5c, ipod touch 5 IpadNormal screen 1024 pixel x 768 pixel IPad 1, Ipad2,i

Customize home screen icons for iPhone and iPad websites

Set the home screen icon As you can see above, I think you will want to customize an icon. the IOS Web page icon is similar to the traditional web page favicon, and the processing method is similar. Below we will introduce several processing methods for you. Place in default location Create a PNG Image named apple-touch-icon.png or apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png and place it in the root directory of the website. Icon path Specify an icon p

Detailed information about the screen size, resolution, and length ratio of iOS devices

(320, 480) on a device with a page size of 320/2x480/2) the system button on the Retina screen at can be correctly displayed in the middle;On a device with a screen size of 320x568, you can set its center to (320/2, 568/2 ).Directly use [uiscreenMainscreen] bounds] can obtain the basic resolution of the current screen

Iosiphone screen size, resolution and adaptation

iosiphone screen Size, resolution and adaptation 1.iPhone Size Specifications device IPhone width Width high Height Diagonal Diagonal logical resolution (point) scale Factor device

Android Multi-resolution multi-screen density UI adaptation scheme

Related conceptsResolution: The number of pixels across the screen, in order to facilitate the general use of the screen pixel width (number of horizontal pixels) multiplied by the height of the pixel, the shape of 1280x720, and the resolution is 1280x720 screen, pixel width is not necessarily 1280screen density: indic

Ngui Uiroot Screen resolution adaptation

expect that all UI textures are "as far as possible" without scaling, so the so-called "as far as possible" level depends on the Minimum height and maximum height,minimum height, which means that when the device is less than this setting, The uiroot is scaled according to this setting value; Maximum height means that when the device resolution is greater than this setting value, the uiroot is scaled according to this setting value (Uiroot is the root

(RPM) Screen resolution for all iOS devices

Phone:iphone 1G0x480IPhone 3G0x480IPhone 3GS0x480IPhone4640x960IPhone 4S0x960IPhone5640x1136IPhone 5S0x1136IPhone 5C0x1136IPhone6750x1334IPhone6Plus 1080x1920(development should be adapted according to 1242x2208) IPod touch:ipod Touch 1G0x480iPod Touch 2G0x480iPod Touch 3G0x480iPod Touch 4G0x960iPod Touch 5G0x1136Ipad:ipad11024x768ipad21024x768the New iPad 2048x1536ipad Mini 1024x768ipad42048x1536ipad Air 2

IOS determines the device screen size and resolution

According to the screen size and resolution, ios currently has six versions. The existing resolutions of iOS devices are as follows:IPhone/iPod TouchIPhone 1, 3G, 3 GS, iPod Touch 1, 2, and 3Retina screen 640 pixels x 960 pixels iPhone 4, 4 S, iPod Touch 4Retina screen 640 pixels x 1136 pixels iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 IP

Screen resolution for all iOS devices

Iphone:IPhone 1G 320x480IPhone 3G 320x480IPhone 3GS 320x480IPhone 4 640x960IPhone 4S 640x960IPhone 5 640x1136IPhone 5S 640x1136IPhone 5C 640x1136IPhone 6 750x1334IPhone 6 Plus 1080x1920 (development should be adapted according to 1242x2208)IPod Touch:IPod Touch 1G 320x480IPod Touch 2G 320x480IPod Touch 3G 320x480IPod Touch 4G 640x960IPod Touch 5G 640x1136Ipad:IPad 1 1024x768IPad 2 1024x768The New iPad 2048x1536IPad

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