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Submit AppStore meet ipad Adaptation issue: Invalid Bundle. IPad multitasking support requires these orientations

Today the package submission encounters this problem with the Invalid Bundle. IPad multitasking support requires these orientations: ' Uiinterfaceorientationportrait, Uiinterfaceorientationportraitupsidedown,uiinterfaceorientationlandscapeleft, Uiinterfaceorientationlandscaperight '. Found ' Uiinterfaceorientationportrait,uiinterfaceorientationportraitupsidedown ' in bundle ' Com.bitscoffee.PhotoMarks.iOS '.Later looked at the project: the

How can I use QQ to transmit files to my computer on iPad? How to upload files to a computer on ipad

1. We are in the computer and the ipad at the same time login the same QQ number, and then click QQ in the ipad click on the bottom left corner "more-file assistant" 4. After transmission, our QQ buddy interface on the computer will have a "my device-my ipad" My ipad, as shown in the following image. 5. Now

What if iPad Air cannot connect to wifi? Solution for connecting iPad Air to wireless network

Method 1: delete network configurations1. Let's test the network configuration deletion. Click "set" on the ipad, as shown in the figure.2. Then, find "wireless LAN", find the network that cannot be added, and click it.3. Click "ignore this network".4. Then, the ipad air will prompt you if you want to "ignore" the network. Click yes.5. Now we have deleted the netw

Ipad air Pangu jailbreak ios8/8.1 tutorial ipad air perfect jailbreak ios8/8.1 tutorial

ipad Air ios8/8.1 to be ready before escape 1. If there is important information, we can use icloud or itunes to back up the ipad Air data.2. Download "Pangu Escape Tool"3. If your ipad Air opens the Anti-Theft feature, we need to turn off "Find My iphone" in icloud Find My iphone Shutdown method: Method 1. Pull down in the data roaming and see the iphone and

How does the ipad Air connect to the computer? The ipad Air connection computer diagram

How the IPad air connects to the computer solution: 1. Download the latest version of itunes software to the Apple Store website and install it on your computer. 2. Connect the ipad Air to the computer, the first itunes will automatically start, and out of the registration Apple ID prompts, if you have not applied for Apple ID to follow the instructions to register a. It is recommended that you choose

How does the Apple ipad Air connect to the computer? ipad Connection Computer method

How to connect Apple ipad Air to computer 1 first go to the Apple website to download the latest version of itunes installed on the computer. Or directly Baidu search "itunes download." itunes is when your device is connected to your computer, the computer's hardware is driven, only when the computer is installed Itunes,ipad air is connected to the computer. 2 If you just connect the

What if Apple ipad air2 crashes? ipad air2 crashes several solutions

ipad Restart Tips: 1, in the ipad Air2 interface We long press the home button and keep for 6-8 seconds, exit any can be stuck to the iphone program. 2, try to long press the switch button, if you can restart, this is the best. 3, if that also does not work, try to press the home and Hibernate/Wake button at the same time, and keep it for about 10 seconds, you can force the shutdown! 4, if the above met

How can I restore my factory settings after an ipad Jailbreak? Jailbreak ipad Flash Tutorial

PreparationDownload the ios system corresponding to your ipad. You can download it from the official Apple website or go to the official download address of the ios 8.3 system. >>>Jailbreak ipad installation steps1. Now we open the latest version of itunes (if it is not installed, install itunes on your computer first ).2. Enable iTunes on the iPad. At the same t

How much is the iPad air4G edition China? How can I launch the 4G version of iPad air2?

Apple's China official website officially launched the Cellular data (4 GB) version of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2 WLAN + Cellular can connect to the 4g lte network, the price of 16/64/4488/5188 GB is 5888/, and the shipping time is one working day.IPad Air 2: The tablet has reduced its overall thickness to 6.1 MM, making it the world's shortes

How to view the serial number of ipad mini3? How to view the serial number of ipad mini3

Method 1: view the nameplate on the back of the packing boxWe can see the genuine ones on the back of the iPad mini 3 package, as shown in the following figure.Method 2: check the serial number of the local machineA simple way is to [set] --> [general]-[about the local machine] on the ipad mini3, and you will see the serial number of the ipad mini3 in a lot of in

What about the IPad air power consumption? ipad Air power Fast Solution

Introduction to the problem My family has 2 ipad:1 is iPad1 generation, iOS5 system, 1 is the ipad air,ios7 system. The last time the ipad Air's iOS7 system opened the App Store, it sometimes went well, sometimes it was very serious and sometimes even hung out. It is now found that the ipad Air power consumption is mu

How to recover after the ipad escape? How to solve the ipad mini jailbreak white Apple?

Prepare to prepare the software 1. Jailbreak white Apple on behalf of the escape failed, we just from the recovery system on it, we go to the official download a latest version of the itunes software, installed in the computer. 2. After installing itunes, we connect the ipad Mini with the USB port on the computer. Restore the IPAD system First, we have to turn off the machine, we long press the top po

IPad Mini2 Upgrade iOS7.1.2 During the course of the death card? The Mini2 solution in the IPad upgrade iOS7.1.2 process

Cloud Habitat Community Small tip: This workaround can be used for ipod touch5 ipad mini2 ipad Mini ipad Air,iphone4,iphone5,iphone4s/5s,ipad series. Failure phenomenon My ipad mini2 upgraded iOS7.1.2, but how long does it take to get ahead? Solutions Later in Baidu sear

How is the ipad air/mini2 blue screen? What should I do if the ipad air/mini2 blue screen cannot be turned on?

ios8.1 caused by the blue screen can not open the machine, including the ipad Air and the ipad Mini 2, these problems often come out of the device to upgrade to IOS 8.1 after the game, watching video or Safari in the process of the unknown cause of the crash, but there are no Yes, but contacted Apple, and the authorities didn't give a solution. The following small series to introduce a new way to the mac

How to create an ID for an Apple ipad? How to register an Apple ID for iPad Air

Step 1: register an Apple ID account1. We registered the Apple id directly on the iPad Air. On the iPad Air interface, click "set"2. Click "iTunes Store and App Store" on the right side, and then you will see the "create an Apple ID" icon in the right side of the window. Click it to enter the id registration process.3. Now I select a country and click "next"4. Then th

The computer becomes the Ipad--ipad simulator use tutorial

ipad Simulator! 1. Let your computer have iOS system immediately! Become ipad!. (free of installation) 2. Hundreds of free expansion applications, QQ, microblogging, Safari browser all have (install-free) 3. Dozens of free games, what Angry Birds, including large 3D games all have (install free) 4. Can make a phone call! can face time! can take pictures! can listen to music! can send an email! (free of

What should I do if I receive a picture notification on my iPad with insufficient space? IPad photo taking solution

1. If we can not take pictures, click on the ipad desktop "settings" click on it to enter. 2. On the left side of the Open interface, click on "General"-"dosage" entered. 3. Here we will see the free space is 0, as shown in the following figure. 4. Then you can see the current iPad on the large footprint of the software list, click to remove temporarily unwanted application software, as shown in th

How does ipad air2 install cool run every day? Installation method tutorial for ipad air2 Daily cool run

1. When the ipad air2 can access the Internet, open the desktop and find the "app store" icon.2. Find the "search" under ipad air2, as shown in the figure below.3. Now we enter the daily run in the keyword field and click the search icon.4. I cannot find the ipad after searching. We can click "iPhone only" on the top (this is the dai

How to install WeChat on ipad mini? How to install WeChat on ipad mini

1, we open the ipad mini Apple App Store to search for micro-letters 2. In the Open Apple Store we found "search" as shown in the figure. 3, in the search box "micro-letter" Click Search you will find no micro-letter. 4, now we can not find the micro-letter in the ipad, then only download the iphone version, I click on the "iphone only" 5, then you will find a micro-letter software, and now we c

How can I take a screenshot of ipad air2? Illustration of ipad air2 screenshot capture method

Ipad air2 screenshot method:Method 1: shortcut screenshotFor normal screenshots, we only need to press the power-on key + Home key on the page for screenshots, and then the photo will be taken to your album.Method 2: pull Ive Touch screenshot1. Enable this function first. In the ipad air2 on your mobile phone, click settings-General> auxiliary functions-dynamic Ive Touch in general.Screenshot steps:1. On th

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