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Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of three main architecture of mobile GPU _GPU

mobile processor above is the ipad 3/4, because they use the retina screen, 2048x1536 High resolution for GPU bandwidth requirements, but even these two products, 17gb/s bandwidth and PC graphics on the 200gb/ The bandwidth of S is more than pediatrics. Without high bandwidth there is no large texture data, and there is no high quality. Although bandwidth is not the only factor restricting the development of mobile GPU, but under the current constrai

Web Design resources sharing: Excellent web design resources to download

Article Description: excellent design resources. Font Adobe built font site: Users can browse the purchase font, filter the font interaction using the current popular implementation of the natural transition, is a very good template case. Https://typekit.com/fonts Excellent case F-i's design Case Appreciation--HTC Global Site Solutions: The website introduces the design project of HTC Global site, including the concept of the manuscript, user research, information framework, visu

Exquisite (Android, IPhone, IPad) mobile interface design material and wireframe design tools

Pack.Keynote Wireframe TemplatesKeynote wireframe templates to help you quickly build your application prototypes.Flex Darkskin PSD UIBlack-style Flex PSD Interface material resource.Web Kit Interface Layout PackA rich Web interface Layout component package.Sleek Video PlayerSleek, beautifully designed template material for video player.IPhone UI KitsA complete set of IPhone UI component packages to help you easily create a UI interface.Colorfill boxesWeb Browser ElementsCommon interface elemen

Go Shadow Map & Shadow Volume

affected by the shadow.The green object in the figure is called a shelter, and the gray area is shadow volume.Only objects in the shadow volume are affected by shadows.The algorithm of Shadow volumeNow that you know the fundamentals of shadow volume, how do you determine if an object or part of an object is in shadow volume? This will use the help of stencil buffer.Z-pass algorithm:Z-pass is the standard algorithm that shadow volume begins with to de

Stencil Buffering and Shadow Body "go"

First, the template bufferThere are two types of actions associated with template buffering-comparison and update operations.1. Compare operationsStencil Test compares the values in reference and stencil buffer with the following formula:(stencil Ref \ mask) OP (stencil Buffer \ mask)//left and right order not reversedThe corresponding commands in DX and OpenGL a

OSGFX Realization Mode Analysis

); SetColor (_color); return true; }The next thing to do is to implement a custom technique, and to implement a custom technique requires overloading the define_passes function, which defines many of the rendered state sets Stateset ( The Stateset1 and Stateset2 described above are defined here and added), and we also refer to the implementation code in Outlinetechnique: {osg::stateset* state = new Osg::stateset; osg::

Six major upgrades for Apple's new iPad

Test Apple's new iPad Apple's new product launch conference was held on time at on July 15, March 8, Beijing time. The debut of brand new Apple TV, Apple iOS 5.1, and Apple iPad also failed to meet the expectations of global consumers. The most eye-catching star of this Conference is naturally not Apple's new iPad, and the six major upgrades of this new tablet ar

Recommended for 6 Apple iPad tablets in 2015

Apple Tablet PC recommended one: IPad Pro Reference price: from 5000 yuan Recommended reasons: Optional keyboard and stylus, dual-frequency WiFi, fingerprint identification, high-performance IPad Pro is Apple's September iphone 6s launch of the new generation of large-screen tablet computer, the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy metal body, the fuselage thickness of only 6.9mm, fuselage weight 713g, with silv

15 Best user experience and user interface tools and resources

go Pro to add documentation and collaboration features.2. NotismNotism is a useful collaboration and prototyping tool that allows the share designs with others easily, and in real Tim E. Because it gives one the ability to share notes, sketch directly on the work, and collaborate through the use of video, Notism users is able to iterate designs faster. Furthermore, you can sign off design layouts and test the product for usability during each step of the design process.3. UX CheckUX Check is a

Shadow Cone (Shadow Volume)

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/zjull/article/details/11819923Shadow map and Shadow volume are the most popular real-time shadow rendering methods, compared with Shadow map, the biggest advantage of Shadow volume is that there is no shadow aliasing problem, but because it is a geometry-based approach, each frame is likely to construct and render a shadow cone, And some work must be done by the CPU, making it inefficient Shadow map high, because its calculations are done on the GPU side, b

The realization principle of COCOS2DX Clippingnode

) Gl_greaterPasses if (ref Mask) > (Stencil Mask).Gl_gequalPasses if (ref Mask) >= (stencil mask).Gl_equalPasses if (ref mask) = (stencil mask).Gl_notequalPasses if (ref mask)! = (stencil mask).Gl_alwaysAlways passes.Ii. Glstencilop (Sfail, Dpfail, Dppass)These three parameters are used to manipulate the croppi

How the ipad is used

ipad in Europe and the United States called the Internet Reader, the domestic commonly known as "tablet computer." It has basic multimedia functions such as browsing the webpage, sending and receiving mails, ordinary video file playing, audio file playing, some simple games and so on. Due to the ARM architecture, which is not compatible with ordinary PC desktops and notebooks, you can use the iwork kit provided by Apple to work through the iOS file to

Six big guesses analysis IPad Air Plus/ipad Pro What is

In addition to exposing the more details of Apple Watch and the new MacBook, we did not see the ipad Pro, which was rumored to have been reported before the press conference, and how much it was disappointing to see the ipad's new Apple powder. However, the inaccurate news is that Apple has postponed the launch of the ipad Pro to this September. But since Apple has launched a new 12-inch MacBook, will the

Unity Commandbuffer some learning and finishing

=NewCommandbuffer (); Mcachecommandbuffer2.name="TestCommandBuffer2"; Mcachecommandbuffer2.drawrenderer (Testrenderer, testmaterial,0,0); Camera.main.AddCommandBuffer (cameraevent.afterlighting, mCacheCommandBuffer2);}3.2-Blur the Burrow model using CommandbufferBefore others have done, think this case a bit of meaning, I tried a bit.The complete effect is as followsThis is the finish effect, and using stencil to burrow can achieve a simulated translu

How to design the ipad software with higher usability

Synopsis: The IPad software interface design lacks the unification, each kind of function is not easy to be discovered by the user, the user unintentional gesture also easily causes the mistake operation. In addition, the entire interface metaphor "Yi" too close to print, human-computer interaction is also very strange way, which will create further usability problems. "Looks like a large iphone,". This is the first reaction we have heard when we ask

"Reprint" OmniGraffle (ii) basic drawing and tooling

object there is a trick question, do not use the substitution method, should be modified with the format brush: Open the "Mold" panel and find the right mold; Select the specific shape in the stencil preview; Press and hold the style tray's first style icon and drag it directly onto the object that you want to modify in the edit area. When you use an object in a stencil to f

Vertical synchronization settings in DirectX 11

. result = m_device->CreateTexture2D(depthBufferDesc, NULL, m_depthStencilBuffer);if(FAILED(result)) {return false; }// Initialize the description of the stencil state. ZeroMemory(depthStencilDesc, sizeof(depthStencilDesc));// Set up the description of the stencil state. depthStencilDesc.DepthEnable = true; depthStencilDesc.DepthWriteMask = D3D11_DEPTH_WRITE_MASK_ALL; depthStencilDesc.D

IPad development overview-xcode4

Introduction The anatomy of an iPad 2 IOS 4 Display Wireless connectivity Wired connectivity Memory Cameras Sensors Location Detection Central Processing Unit (CPU) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Speaker and microphone Battery IOS 4 architecture and SDK frameworks IPhone OS becomes IOS An overview of the IOS 4 Architecture The cocoa touch Layer Uikit framework (uikit. Framework) Map KIT framework (mapkit. Framew

IPad webpage development tutorial and rules

Limitations of iPad DevelopmentWhen using Safari on an iPad to browse a webpage on a common website, the webpage needs to be manually zoomed in or down or slide because it is too large. Although this slide behavior was cited in various announcements at the beginning of the iPad's launch, however, after a long time, we will still find that this is not convenient, and it does not bring very good feelings to u

IPad replacement laptop: iPad mobile office software recommendation

Can I replace my laptop with my laptop? Based on my actual usage requirements and experience, if you use a notebook to record meetings or perform general document processing, this kind of work can be completely replaced by iPad. The biggest advantage of using iPad as a portable computer for office is its high portable performance. For example, one hand holds the iPad

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