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Apple iphone5s Siri how to use iOS7 Siri use method

First step, open Siri. 1. We need to open Siri first and find the "settings" icon in iOS7. 2. Then we find the "universal" option 3. Then in general, we find the Siri option. 4. Click on the switch to open Siri 5. Then the system will prompt "Siri will send our

How does iphone6 iOS8 activate Siri voice? Apple 6 Activates the Siri voice method

Activating the operation method is also very simple, we just click the following length of the home can be spoken to activate. So if we're going to activate Siri, we just say "Hey Siri" to the phone. So you'll find that it's activated, so let's try using Siri voice to publish Twitter. Bind Sina Weibo. First, we need to bind our Sina Weibo account in iOS7.

Apple 5s how to use Siri to send Weibo? IPhone5S the way to use Siri to send Sina Weibo

1 we will find the "settings" option on the iphone's main interface, and then click on the "Sina Weibo" option. (pictured below) 2 Select "Add Account", then enter your own Sina Weibo account and password, and through the verification of the landing. (pictured below) 3 We have successfully bundled the Weibo account on the iphone, then we have to open the Siri Voice helper and then press the home button to open the

iOS7.1 Siri, how do you call? What if Siri can't make a phone call?

1. Click the "Settings" icon in the ios7.1 device. 2. Then click on the "generic" icon in the image above to enter. 3. We are now in general to find the Siri menu click. 4. Now that we're in the Siri interface, I'm going to turn off the Siri switch first. 5. In the confirmation prompt that pops up, we click the "Deactivate

Media queries templates for Apple's ipads and iphones

Article Introduction: media Queries of ipads and Ipones. CSS3 Media Queries is a powerful medium query feature, and his presence using our site can show different styles with different devices. Following the advent of the responsive design, Media queries is getting more and more close to the front-end staff. I am not in addition, following this fashion popular wind, from contact to learning, immediately to the application of this attribute

IOS8 Siri how to use? Iphone6 Siri use method

1. Open "Settings" on the phone 2. There is a "generic" as shown below. 3. Find the Siri column in the generic list and click Enter as shown in the figure 4. We may now open the Siri switch via the switch button. 5. Then we click on the "Enable Siri" effect below. 6. Then we just say a "voice activation" so that the Sir will start, if not to try mo

Can I use Siri on a Mac?

Siri is Apple's early smart voice assistant feature that has long been used on iphones and ipads, but only on MAC devices that have been slow to hear about Siri. So can I use Siri on a Mac? Where is Siri on Mac? Look at the following news about the Mac version of

Mac OS Sierra where to open Siri Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method

Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method: Currently, the virtual helper is very useful in the desktop system, like its role in the iOS system, where users can easily start it with a keyboard shortcut. According to the report, if you are a developer and have installed the first beta version of MacOS Sierra, you may have tried the "Fn + SPACEBAR" shortcut key combination to open the Siri voice assistant, a

Python uses less than one hundred lines of code to implement a small siri, one hundred lines of siri

Python uses less than one hundred lines of code to implement a small siri, one hundred lines of siri Preface If you want to easily understand the core of feature computing, it is recommended to first look at my previous listening to the song music article, portal: http://www.bkjia.com/article/97305.htm This article mainly implements a simple command Word Recognition Program. The core of the algorithm is aud

IPhone 6 adjusts Siri voice gender and language? How ios8 adjusts Siri voice gender and language

The 1th step: We click "Set-General-siri" in Iphone6 to enter, the details are shown in the following figure The 2nd step: Whether you want to adjust the male voice or want to adjust the language, in the appropriate choice of the interface point. Friendly tips, as shown above we can set up a gender voice and the language of Hong Kong, we can also choose the language of other countries Oh, the following cloud habitat community small part

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana may not be able to beat Viv?

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana may not be able to beat Viv? I need to buy a bottle of wine on my way to my brother's house for the pasta. Let's talk to your voice assistant on your mobile phone to see if they will respond? Siri has been asking me "Are you going to a bar or a tobacco or liquor store ?"; Google Now recommends some links to Italian restaurants. If it is Viv, TA will automatically open the map

Perfect Combination: Ten cool uses of Siri + Wolfram Alpha

After reading the ten "serious" usage of Siri, the powerful functions of the "Siri + X" combination must be visible to everyone. If you carefully consider the ten "serious" usage we have introduced, it is not difficult to find that the combination of Siri + Wolfram Alpha has a cool gameplay. Next let's take a look at what sparks

Siri is open source, and 33% of developers are skeptical, what about you?

33% of Chinese developers on Siri Open and skeptical? For now, in iOS 10, the Siri API only supports six types of applications: Taxi, communication, photo search, payment, VoIP and exercise. There is also a special use case for car manufacturers that allows users to adjust the settings in their cars through the car's proprietary CarPlay application. This means the Siri

The first experience of the new function of Siri in 2015wwdc:ios9.0

  New features of Siri in IOS 9 In iOS 9, Siri has a completely new UI. With the support of 1 billion requests per week, Siri is one of the most advanced voice-only engines in the world today-just 5% of the error rate.   Siri sees through your application. A new generation of

Is Siri a revolution? Who will be killed? (1)

Speech recognition is not revolutionary. Many years ago, IBM's speech recognition software had a good recognition rate on PCs. Based on speech recognition, simple Intelligent Analysis and calling of system functions are not revolutionary. Google's Voice Action, Vlingo, and other independent companies are doing well. However, judging from the current outbound video, Siri is not a simple combination of these known technologies.

How the iphone shuts down and exits the Siri feature

  Quit the Siri feature The way to quit after Siri is enabled is simple, by either the entity home key or the virtual home key. If you do not want to press the button, say goodbye to Siri can also exit.   Turn off the Siri feature If you want to completely turn off Siri

Show QR code with Siri, IOS11, ingetvisualcodeintent

Soon, IOS11 will come out.In this update, Siri will support the display of QR codes. Payment, request payment, various requirements of the two-dimensional code.It sounds like a good idea, and Apple's intention to make it easy to pay has been communicated.Just really will be more convenient than to open the app to show QR code.Or, imagine everyone using Siri to display the payment Code screen.The convenience

How to upgrade the Siri remote control firmware

What about the Siri remote control firmware? Apple TV 4, which runs a completely new tvOS system last fall, is also a bright spot with its own Siri remote control, and maybe you know how to update the system for Apple TV 4, so you can see how to upgrade Siri R Emote's firmware? In fact, upgrading the firmware of the

Reading Club · Beijing Stage 1 deepqa framework and Siri architecture venue notes (PPT download)

ArticleDirectory Reader Conference · Workshop notes (including PPT download) of deepqa framework and Siri architecture in Beijing 1st) Preface I. Basic deepqa framework of Zhang Dong Ii. Basic architecture of Siri by Zhang junlin Download PPT Postscript Reader Conference · Workshop notes (including PPT download) of deepqa framework and

How do I get Siri to know his name and answer it?

Siri how to set up my information 1, into the Address book, a new person you want to nickname of the contact, such as "Master" (English useful Siri read in English environment) 2, select "Settings > General >siri", select "My Information", will pop up the address book. 3, in the Address Book to select the "Master" just created, you can let

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