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Design and Manufacturing Process Analysis of iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 4iphone6

Apple still makes iPhone6 5 look thinner, it will certainly look better than it is now, it's just a conservative design. Therefore, apple must come up with a brand new design to challenge itself. After changing the style of the iPhone, from the square to the circle, the body becomes larger, and the arc frame is easy to hold. This is not enough. Apple also needs to match the screen size 2.5D with the borde

How can I change the battery of iPhone 4? IPhone 4 cell phone battery replacement tutorial

"How to replace the iphone battery _iphone battery Replacement Method" 1, as shown in the following figure we have two screws in the back of the Apple 4, we just need to use professional Qi to twist it off. 2, after lifting the screws, you need to push up the rear cover as shown. This process needs to be very careful, otherwise the glass shell is likely to be damaged: 3, okay, now we can get the batt

IPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad app startup screen Summary

IOS devices have three different resolutions: iPhone 320x480, iPhone 4 640x960, and iPad 768x1024. In the past, you only needed to prepare a Default.png startup screen (image), but now it is much more complicated. The following is a summary of CocoaChina members.If a program supports both iPhone and iPad, it must conta

IPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad app startup screen Summary

IOS devices now have three different resolutions:IPhone320x480, iPhone 4 640x960, iPad 768x1024. PreviousProgramStartAnimationSurface (ImageYou only need to upload default.png, but it is much more complicated now. If a program supports both iPhone and iPad, it must contain the following images: Default-Portrait.png iPad dedicated vertical boot screen 768x1024

What should I do if I cannot connect my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Bluetooth headset?

1. if our Apple 4s does not find our Bluetooth headset, we can try to set the Bluetooth function in the Apple mobile phone or test the related switch of the Bluetooth headset, then try to search for a Bluetooth device.2. another possibility is that the Bluetooth headset uses a battery, so that if your Bluetooth headset has been useless for a long time, it will automatically shut down, so that it becomes a power saving effect, if this problem occurs when you connect a Bluetooth headset to your

Comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on iOS 7

Apple released the latest iOS 7 System in WWDC 2013 this year, supported iOS 7 models include iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad mini. However, not all supported models c

In the code, how can I determine whether the current device is iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5?

+ ( NSString *)deviceString { // # Import "sys/utsname. H" struct utsname systemInfo; uname(systemInfo); NSString *deviceString = [ NSString stringWithCString:systemInfo.machine encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding ]; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhone1,1" ]) return @ "iPhone 1G" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhone1,2" ]) return @ "iPhone 3G" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhon

IPhone 4S iPhone 4 Comparison

It's time for a super contest! This time it was disappointing that there was no iPhone 5, but there were a lot of improvements in the iPhone 4S itself alone. Let's continue reading, look at the end of the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4 what has changed!

IPhone 4 flash and jailbreak on MAC (2) Remote Mac login to iPhone and password Modification

The above focuses on the flash and the next step is jailbreak (this article is applicable to the situations where the above mentioned prerequisites are met, and other future versions may not be applicable, so the participants may consider it) I. Preparation 1. Connect the iPhone to the Mac and then shut down 2. Press and hold the open key for 3 seconds, jump out of the white apple, and release it. Ii. Jailbreak 1. Open Red Snow and click jai

IPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad app startup screen Summary

It is very easy to add a startup image for ipadand iPhone apps. The basic idea is to add the startup image resource default.png. You only need to have different image sizes according to different resolutions and rotation directions. Currently, iOS devices have four different resolutions:1 iPad 768x1024 2 new pad 1536x2048 3 iphone4 640x9604 iPhone 320x480 If a program supports both iPad and

Startup screen of iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad

IOS devices have three different resolutions: iPhone 320x480, iPhone 4 640x960, and iPad 768x1024. PreviousProgramOnly one default.png image can be used, but it is much more complicated now. If a program supports both iPhone and iPad, it must contain the following images: Default-Portrait.png iPad dedicated vertica

Grassroots from the media is very difficult to come out "talent"? Feng Dongyang + 4 months + grassroots = Monthly received million + fans total browse through the "million" ...

generation 16~35岁. Perhaps younger, they prefer to look for childhood pleasures and excitement (because childhood pleasures are dominated by virtual games). How do you set up interaction? Mo Mo is really a very good example, open the multi-chat mode (want to be alone: Open the meditation mode, want to hold a group: on the open looking for people mode, want to join: on the application of the cloud to match the team mode bar) so Travel + social + Sports + consumption = complete ecological chain.

"mysql optimization topic" You want to multi-table query optimization come! " Please find (4)

null value, and then query: Select ID from t where num = 0 (3) In and not in also to use caution, otherwise it will result in a full table scan, such as: For consecutive values, you can use between instead of in: A lot of times it's a good choice to replace in with exists: (4) Try to use a numeric field, if the field containing only numeric information should not be designed as a character type, which will reduce the performance of query and conne

Dream come true XNA (4)-Animation

[Index page][Download source code] Dream come true XNA (4)-Animation Author: webabcd IntroductionXNA: Animation Example1. Demo for Sprite Movement (press the F key on the keyboard to load this Demo)Component/Sprite/Animation. cs Using System; using System. collections. generic; using System. linq; using Microsoft. xna. framework; using Microsoft. xna. framework. audio; using Microsoft. xna. framework. conte

Don't say anything, come on 4-wave JS

= ' #tablelist '; } if(!$ ('. Shade '). Get (0) {$ (DOM). Append (div); }}//Unmute MaskfunctionRemoveshade () {$ ('. Shade '). Remove ();View Code444//Get current Timefunctiongetnowformatdate () {varDate =NewDate (); varSeperator1 = "-"; varSeperator2 = ":"; varmonth = Date.getmonth () + 1; varStrdate =date.getdate (); if(Month >= 1 month ) {Month= "0" +month; } if(strdate >= 0 strdate ) {strdate= "0" +strdate; } varcurrentdate = date.getfullyear () + seperator1 + month + Seperator1 +

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4

(4/18) re-learn Standford_iOS7 development _ framework and course notes with attribute strings _, upgrade iOS 7 for iPhone 4 Lesson 4 (dry goods course ): (I have to review the exam recently, but it cannot keep up with the pace. The content of this lesson is still very important. Understanding it carefully will have a

Where the IPhone 4 is better than the Android phone

Article Description: Why is the iphone better than Android ? Once in different occasions with a lot of An Zhouqing discussed some or shallow or deep knowledge level problems, now want to have a truly independent thinking ability and equivalent knowledge reserves, and only one person, in other words, most of the time is just casting pearls before swine. So I'm going to start with the following seven points to illustrate where

IPhone 4 flash and jailbreak on MAC (1)

(non-Windows. The following only describes the operations on Mac. windows can be searched online) 2. The mobile phone number is iPhone 4.GSM version(Non-CDMA) 3. the IOS version to be upgraded is 5.0.1, and the previous version is 5.0.1. 4. This iPhone was jailbroken before, and all cydia had SHSH backups 5. wh

Photoshop easy to draw iphone 4 Mobile Tutorials

This Photoshop tutorial will teach you to make a gorgeous iPhone 4 with Photoshop. First up Effect chart: Effect chart Step 1 Open PhotoShop to create a new document size 400x600. Using the PhotoShop gradient tool (gradient Tool), color selection is from #3d3d3d to #121212. Next, open the rounded Rectangle tool (rounded Rectangle Tool), the radius (RADIUS) is set to 34px, and then draw a shap

Reasons why the iPhone 4 sales of the Hong Kong bank are suspended

In October 22, the Hong Kong official Apple online store suddenly stopped accepting orders for the iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4. Apple did not give any advance notice or reason for this, but only the sales information of all iPhones in the Hong Kong Apple official online store was displayed as "currently unavailable (currently unavailable )". Due to the sudden suspens

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