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Is the iPhone 4S ios8 card upgraded? Performance Test of iPhone 4S upgraded ios8 official version

The official version of iOS 8 is released. As shown in the following example, a large number of devices are supported. You can upgrade the iPhone 4 S, iPad 2, and iPod touch 5. Compared with Android's messy fragmentation, slow and narrow upgrades, this is also a place that has always been proud.However, is it true that all devices are suitable for upgrading? At least, the iPhone

How the iphone shuts down and exits the Siri feature

  Quit the Siri feature The way to quit after Siri is enabled is simple, by either the entity home key or the virtual home key. If you do not want to press the button, say goodbye to Siri can also exit.   Turn off the Siri feature If you want to completely turn off Siri

What should I do if I cannot connect my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Bluetooth headset?

1. if our Apple 4s does not find our Bluetooth headset, we can try to set the Bluetooth function in the Apple mobile phone or test the related switch of the Bluetooth headset, then try to search for a Bluetooth device.2. another possibility is that the Bluetooth headset uses a battery, so that if your Bluetooth headset has been useless for a long time, it will automatically shut down, so that it becomes a power saving effect, if this problem occurs wh

IPhone 4S iPhone 4 Comparison

It's time for a super contest! This time it was disappointing that there was no iPhone 5, but there were a lot of improvements in the iPhone 4S itself alone. Let's continue reading, look at the end of the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone

In the code, how can I determine whether the current device is iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5?

+ ( NSString *)deviceString { // # Import "sys/utsname. H" struct utsname systemInfo; uname(systemInfo); NSString *deviceString = [ NSString stringWithCString:systemInfo.machine encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding ]; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhone1,1" ]) return @ "iPhone 1G" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhone1,2" ]) return @ "iPhone 3G" ; if ([deviceString isEqualToString:@ "iPhon

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.Before the iphone 6, it was only when the power was plugged in that it was possible to call Siri by saying, "Hey Siri." But for iphone 6s+ios 9, you can call

IPhone 4S is connected to a computer and cannot recognize iPhone devices: Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows yellow exclamation mark Solution

IPhone 4S is connected to a computer and cannot recognize iPhone devices: Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows yellow exclamation mark Solution Apple mobile device USB driver Driver Installation failure shows a yellow exclamation point, cannot charge, let alone iTunes. The correct solution is: 1. Uninstall the iTunes software inst

How to identify genuine iphone4, iPhone 4S?

, and so on are ignored. 4. The mobile phone's sales location, sales time, and activation time cannot be seen intuitively. You must use the relevant software to understand it. I recommend itools to you. There must be a Sn code and an IMEI code on the cart. If no, It will be replaced. If the SN code on the box is the same as that on the mobile phone, the problem cannot be explained. The Sn code must be the same as the IMEI code. How can I identify whether the

A tutorial on Apple iphone customizing Siri sound

We all know that Siri is a sister, but she is actually "magic Girl", not only can use multi-language, and even become a rough man ~ In your iphone device we find "settings-Universal-siri", where we can select the language and gender as shown in the following figure. Into the language of the Siri interface,

Apple ios7.1 Siri male settings and iphone font sizing method

The IRI male setting method is simple: Open settings "The Siri option in general can see the setup options." The following figure: click on "Voice Sex", you can choose to set "male". Next, I'll explain how to set the iphone font size: Also do not screenshot, very simple, but also set the function, click to select the General Options page, and then click the "Text Size" column. In the "Text Size"

IPhone 4s downgrade 6.1.3 tool release How do you look at the tutorial

  IPhone 4s pre-degraded 6.1.3 Tutorial preparation: 1. Download the kit Odysseusota4win.rar and unzip it, then open the unnamed folder 3, copy the FISTMEDADDY.IPSW under this folder to the Idevicerestore for Windows folder, and copy the Idevicerestore for Windows folder to the C-packing directory. 2, install Win32openssl-1_0_2c.exe, Winscp5.7.3.5438setup.1432114150.exe and the latest version of

Automatic Call for iPhone 4S

IPhone 4S calls automatically. 1. If you haven't guessed it wrong, you should stick a protective sticker to your home key. Otherwise, the Home Key is slightly lower than the screen. Generally, it won't take a long time to press this key. 2. voice control cannot be disabled. However, you can disable this function. Simply put, after you disable this function, you can press the Home key for a long time, but yo

See if your iphone is really 5s,4s? After reading the test of their own mobile phone, let yourself use plainly!

below)If the people I said above, be careful.Just said so much about the introduction of so detailed, think I seem to ignore something, right? Then ask you uncle aunt, brother sister sister brother, your hands of 5s is using 3G network or 4G network le! If I'm not mistaken, my phone is a certain WiFi connection before I buy my cell phone, right?Some people may say that the pixel is not the same, the amount of this I expressed frustration, pot friends you go to find the original version slowly t

The cocos2d pop-up and screen-taking solution for iPhone 4S

The cocos2d pop-up and screen-taking solution for iPhone 4S Complex operations in iPhone 4S, or when the ccsprite moves out of the screen, the screen will appear, and the iPhone 4 is normal. // Solution A: Disable deep detection. Ccdirector: shareddirector ()-> setdepthtest

IPhone 4/4S adaptation iphone5 process experience full record

IPhone 4/4S application upgrade adaptation iphone5 there are a lot of ways, and the principle of which is also found on the Internet. I will not talk much about this nonsense. I will briefly describe my process: In combination, I chose to add XIB files. Step 1: Find the XIB file that needs to be adapted to iphone5 in the project for adaptation, and add it to aviewcontroller. First, go to the project file di

IPhone 4S headphones intermittent failure iOS 5 many vulnerabilities

On the apple support page, we have discussed this issue on as many as 29 pages. According to user feedback, major operators have encountered such problems, but according to some users, the problems are only intermittent. According to foreign media reports, the iPhone 4S encountered another serious problem on August 1, November 7, Beijing time: most users found that the headset failed when making a call.

How to IPHONE4/4S/5/5S/5/6 sliding answering and hearing failure solution for iphone sliding answering

What to do if the IPHONE4/4S/5/5S/5/6 slide answering fails First, we need to know why our iphone will fail. The reason is actually very simple. The root cause of this problem is the mobile phone pocket, and the trouser pocket generated static electricity, and capacitive screen has a feature is too much surface electrostatic is prone to not respond to action, so this problem in the old

Solution for iPhone 4S when an application cannot be opened

Today, an iPhone 4S application is available.ProgramIf it cannot be opened, click the application and the icon will be closed in a flash. If you check it online, you can synchronize the application and it will not work for several times. I can't really ask for technical support by phone. The Technical Support says it is not compatible with the program. Let me "hold down the" sleep/Wakeup "button until the a

IPhone 4s/iphone5 Optimization Guide (save power Province space)

purged on the device. Scan end Display results, select the file you want to erase and click "Start Clean" to clear the junk file. I tested it on my iphone 4S to clear 500M of storage space, which worked fine. The iphone 4S Daily maintenance is also more important, first, the i

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