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New features developed by HTML5 on iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Xcode4 iOS simulator with iPhone 5 Simulator The new Xcode 4 (Mac AppStore) includes the updated iPhone simulator. The new version of the iPhone simulates three options: IPhone: iPhone

Old projects adapt to iOS 6 and iPhone 5

ArticleDirectory 1. Add retina 4 launch image, and you will be prompted when running the project. 2. Group Table view background color is deprecated in IOS 6.0 3. About multiple targets 4. xcode4.5 no longer supports armv6, that is, systems below ios4.3.3. 5. Provide a piece of code to judge the iPhone 6. Questions about XIB adaptive 7.

IPhone 5 adaptation

Every time Apple releases a system, developers are busy working for a while, updating xcode to adapt to the new system: for example, ios4 supports retain and requires @ 2x; for example, ios5 does not support udid; for example, iOS 6 and iPhone 5 face the following problems. 1. Add retina 4 launch image, and you will be prompted when running the project. Click Add directly at this time. A default-568h@2x.png

IPhone 5 online setting tutorial China Unicom/mobile/Telecom

China Unicom iPhone 5 MMS/3G internet access settings:Unicom iPhone 5 is actually a WCDMA version of iPhone 5. You can enable the cellular data and MMS functions in settings-General-network-to send and receive MMS messages. If not

5 Tips for designing a good iphone app

, including color, texture, font and other elements. Both of these factors are critical when designing iphone applications. Of course, first you have to take the time to build the user experience of the entity, often through the wireframe to achieve. Wireframe (wireframe) is a simple sketch of the application idea, focusing on the experience part, ignoring the visual effects. (For more information benefits

Apple iphone4/4s/5/5s How to delete the address Book? iphone delete Address Book method

Delete all file methods in your address book at once: 1, the iphone connected to the PC 2. Open itunes 3, above: "Summary"/Information/"Application"/"ringtones"/... In that column, click the "Info" bar. 4, point into the "Information" column, in the "Sync Address Book and Outlook" in the front of the options bar, usually hit the "small Right hook", click Cancel "small pair hook"

(Ios practice) Create and release ios App Summary-Support for iPhone 5

1. Create an app, icon, and Launch Images 1.1 icon size requirements Icon requirements: Two images in the format of * 57 png are prepared for small-resolution mobile phones. The format of * 114png is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. 1.2 Launch Images Three Images Usd×0000480 for older mobile phone

IPhone 5 colorwithpatternimage Problems

The colorwithpatternimage method is to take color based on the image, and then run in the iOS 6 of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 of iPhone 4S with different effects! After running in iPhone 5, the upper and lower positions will be reversed.

How to Set iPhone 5 ringtones

1. Open itunes on your computer and click "File"-"Add File to Database" in the itunes interface; 2. Find your favorite MP3 music file point hit launch. 3. After the success of the music we found in the music section of the itunes library, and then click on the right button to select the display profile; 4. In the pop-up dialog we click "Options", and then check "Start Time" and "Stop Time" start and end time can not be more than 40 seconds, because

18 thousand Green Apple comes to the Hawaiian iPhone 5 trial

Zg high ticket item co) has customized the pink, rose gold, and gold version of the iPhone 5, and are expensive. Today, they bring a special version of the iPhone 5, codenamed "Hawaii", with a global quota of 300 units, priced at $2999, or about $18 thousand. The following is a 18 thousand-inch blue Apple

IPhone 5 A1429 iOS8.3 to open unicom 4G network

mobile phone-side iOS software (support iOS 6/7/8) iphone in connection with WiFi, with the mobile phone with the Safari browser, direct input 3to2.china3gpp.com for online installation patches. (Alternate address: gpp3to2.china3gpp.com) The use of "GPP 3to2": This was originally intended for use with 3G, 4G SIM users in order to force a patch in 2G mode. 2, in the ready to switch to the telecom CDMA SIM card 3, click on the Mobile desktop "Gpp3t

IPhone development (5)-custom programming uiviewcontroller

Blogger: Yi Feifei Link: http://www.yifeiyang.net/iphone-developer-advanced-5-programming-custom-uiviewcontroller/ Reprinted text.IPhone development (5) --- programming custom uiviewcontroller As shown in the third lecture, even if the XIB file is not used, you can rewrite the viewdidload function to configure any view or controller. Here we will look at how to p

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