iphone 5s fingerprint lock

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Apple 5s fingerprint identification how to open? iphone5s fingerprint lock screen how to set

1. I am here the Apple 5s is using the iOS7.1.1 system, as shown in the following figure we click "Settings" as pictured. 2. Then we will see in the open interface that there is a touch ID and a password menu we click on it to enter.(If the iOS7 will be in the set "generic"-Touch ID and password OH) 3. Lock screen Password I will not introduce, mainly fingerprint

[Stick] iPhone 5s and iWatch may adopt fingerprint verification technology

There are endless rumors that the fingerprint reader will appear on the iPhone 5S, and it is reported that the technology will also be applied to Apple's iWatch. Brian White, analyst at Ticonderoga Securities in New York, believes that iPhone 5s and so-called iWatch will al

How to fix iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition problems

As the most popular smartphone this year, the innovative highlights of iPhone 5s are mainly reflected in the Touch ID fingerprint recognition function.Although some previous laptops and mobile phones were equipped with similar functions, the fingerprint recognition sensor did not have any influence due to its abrupt sh

Apple 5s fingerprint identification no response? iphone5s Fingerprint Identification card

Restart your phone 1. Apple phone shutdown method is the same long press the power button that 2. Then the Shutdown button appears on the screen, so we just slide. 3. After the shutdown, we press the power button to boot, so you will find that the fingerprint identification function can also be used oh. Restore all settings 1. There may be other setup issues we try to restore factory settings on the iphon

Apple 5s fingerprint unlock how to set? Apple 5s Touch ID how to set

Apple 5sTouch ID Setup method: 1. Press the power key to light the screen, put your finger on the home key, about 0.5 seconds later, after the correct recognition will unlock.2. Directly click the Home key to light the screen after the mobile phone parked in the home key about 0.5 seconds, the recognition will unlock the correct.3. Can set 5 finger fingerprints at a time, can be named for 5 fingers, support 360 degrees unlock, the recognition rate is very high. IPhone5S's home key is redesig

Apple 5S encounter blue screen crash How to do? IPhone 5S Blue screens crash solution

Guide Apple has already released iOS 7.0, which fixes a lock-screen bug, but the latest version clearly does not fully address the reboot issue. Several of the posts in the Apple Support forum have also been fed back to the issue. The current workaround is to disable the pages, keynote, and numbers applications in the icloud synchronization option. IPhone 5s us

How to use IPHONE6/6 plus fingerprint lock? IPhone6 Set Fingerprint password method

1. Click "Settings" in IPHONE6/6 Plus to find "TouchID and password" in the Settings list and click on it to open: 2, before entering the fingerprint identification settings, and then we enter their own set the lock screen password, the specific operation according to the screen prompts to operate: 3, into the IPhone6 plus fingerprint identification

What about Apple 5S blue screen crash? IPhone 5S blue screen crash solution

Not long ago, Apple released iOS 7.0 and fixed a security bug in the lock screen, but failed to solve the problem of random restart of the phone. There is a large number of users in the Apple support forum that are discussing this issue, and there is a temporary solution, and if the blue screen is related to iwork, you can disable icloud synchronization of pages, keynote, and numbers. Let me introduce you to the

Tips for iphone Touch ID fingerprint recognition

central part of the initial scan. 2. If you are having problems registering a finger, try registering another finger. Once you start using the touch ID, it will constantly automatically understand and improve the ability to recognize fingerprints. Use the touch ID to set the password required setting to immediate. You can still choose to enter a password, just slide to unlock it. 3, if you inadvertently slipped into the password input screen, you can still use the touch ID to unlock

Two best methods to identify iphone 5s

if you are buying iphone5s through other channels, be sure to dry and watch carefully to avoid being cheated by some unscrupulous traders. Other methods Appearance 1 The first to get an Apple 5s, it must be seen its appearance. Since Apple's 5s appearance is not the same as the previous generation of Apple 5, for those unfamiliar with the iphone, it may be e

IPhone 5s/5c screen malfunction how screen failure solution

What about the Q:iphone 5s screen malfunction? Apple 5s screen failure reason A:iphone 5s full release, a user reflected in the use of a period of time found that the IPhone 5s screen failure, although a period of time will be automatically restored, but screen failure is v

Apple iphone 5s and 5c detail configuration

See the press conference, I saw a 3 of the press conference, the configuration is high enough, the price is kind, feel pretty good, by contrast, Apple's iPhone makes me feel very unkind, expensive also no surprise, and there is no rumor of the 128g! The launch did not mention the IPod and IPhone 5, should it be replaced? The IPhone 5 is also a sad enough reminde

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