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100 free courses & tutorials for aspiring iPhone app developers

Address: http://www.bestuniversities.com/blog/2009/100-free-courses-tutorials-for-aspiring-iphone-app-developers/ Unless you 've been living under a rock, you know that the iPhone is a big deal and it's one of the most popular subjects of development these days. lots of developers are creating their own iPhone apps,

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an App to the App Store?

need to read the following text. Let me give you a thumbs up because I have no credit or hard work. Just share it with me! If you find any translation error, leave a message.IOS development Book recommendation IOS developers should first start learning from Objective-C language. Then, start practical development. The following are well-recognized iOS development tutorial books in the iOS development industry: 1. studious Objective-C/Turing programming series (US) Devo 2. OBJECTIVE-C Basics 3. B

Apple iphone Security Tips tutorial (IOS 7)

on, greatly enhances the security. Settings for the control center To prevent the thief from opening the flight mode (which also does not use the location service), or turn off Wi-Fi or data (Find my iphone unavailable offline), we can adjust the control center settings. Because even if t

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an app to the App Store?

and selectTarget> Summary. InIdentifierEnter the registeredBundle identifier. 2. Release the iOS app to App Store-create Distribution Certificate Each iOS app has a security certificate used to verify the developer's identity and signature. InProvisioning PortalThe Distribution Section of is described in detail, but

Error in App installation failed and iPhone App debugging

Error in App installation failed and iPhone App debuggingI started to try to Clean the project and found that the installation still failed. After the build was successful, I found that the app had no problem and thought it was a problem with the mobile phone configuration file. Later, I changed the product name under

What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? iphone opens App Store Blank Solution

What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? First step: We need to go to the Iphone6 plus "set-general-Restore-Restore network Settings", and then reconnect the network to see. Step Two: If you can not solve the "set Wi-Fi select already connected wireless network", modify DNS for or, which modify the DNS114.114.114.114 not only solve the

App app icon and app name settings

that the name of the picture edited by the original image needs to be especially noted, that first, then the first picture should be called Appicon29*[email protected], and so on.What needs to be mentioned here is that. When you click on the show in finder, we find that there is a JSON-formatted file. This is what's inside.{ "Images" : [ { "size":"29x29", "idiom":"iphone", "filename":"Appicon29*[email protected]", " Scale":"2x

How to recharge your iphone App Store? App Store Recharge method

1. If we open the app Store in the iphone, the following image shows. 2. Then we click on the Apple ID account to click Login 3. Then we click "View Apple ID" as shown in the following image after we login successfully. 4. Then I enter the Apple ID account password, as shown in the following figure 5. Into the account management interface, we click the "Recharge" button, details as shown in

IPhone development entry (11)-publish a program on the App Store

is the same as the project name. When you need to change the configuration, edit the Info. plist icon. The "Bundle displayname" indicates the name of the application. Other settings Let's see what information can be set in Info. plist. Select the App Store in that language based on the interface language of the program and use "Localization native development region 」. Select "Japan 」. To differentiate

How to play the power of micro-letter walking? app/iphone/hand ring and other equipment to join

.   App access method: At present, only le power, thump two application is to support the letter, you can click from the app to jump to the corresponding public number to view the list. For example, the music power, click on the Settings page "micro-credit List", will automatically jump to the micro-letter public number. The first click is to

IPhone development-app icon

1. Application icons Before ios3.2 You cannot specify icons in the info. plist file. You must follow the apple icon naming rules as follows: Icon.png 57x57 iPhone app icon Icon@2x.png 114x114 iPhone (Retina Display) Application icons Icon-72.png 72X72 iPad app icons Icon-72@2x.png 144x144 iPad (Retina Displ

How to publish iphone apps to the App Store

APP ID is selected, the creation is complete, download this file, drag to the Xcode icon on the installation completed. Exit Xcode and then open again, or load the certificate you just joined, there will be provisioning invalid prompt. Then open your project, go to" Edit project Settings ", go to the Configuration page, select release click on the duplicate below, copy a new configuration item, Name is

iOS developed iphone and ipad app icons and launch animations

iphoneos use This picture if 320x320) file icon. Default.png (w) x 480 (h) iphone/ipod 2, 3 portrait start picture [Email protected] 640 (W) x 960 (h) IPhone 4 High Definition portrait boot image default~ipad.png 768 (w) x 1024x768 (h) ipad. Specify portrait-initiated picture . If there is no more specif

APP Icons on IPad and IPhone

29x29 Icon-small.png Spotlight and Settings Optional but recommended 50x50 Icon-small-50.png Spotlight for IPAD compatibility Recommended If you had a Settings bundle, otherwise optional but Recommended 58x58 Icon-Small@2x.png Spotlight and Settings for IPho

IPhone development entry: publish a program on the App Store

application. Other settings Let's see what information can be set in Info. plist. Select the AppStore of the language based on the interface language of the program and use "Localizationnativedevelopmentregion 」. Select "Japan 」. To differentiate the applications developed by the author, select different keywords using "com. yourcompany" in "Bundleidentifier. Select your own unique content as much as possible. Set the version information of the prog

Settings of logo in iPhone Development

Usage and setting methods of iPhone icons: Size: 29x29 Icon-Small.png for setting and display at Spotlight search 50x50 Icon-Small-50.png Spotlight search display for iPad 57x57 icon.png default icon 72X72 Icon-72.png used inProgramStore and iPad desktop display 114x114 Icon@2x.png default icon clear Edition 512x512 itunesartwork (no suffix, put directly under the Project)) Display the iTunes mileage program icon Icon.png (57x57-for

Importance of performing app performance and security testing-software testing

not the same, the tester needs to work out a reasonable test case with product manager and developer. Test whether the app request contains plaintext user information Information that contains plaintext, as in the app, which indicates that the user should use a transcoding such as a UUID or GUID, rather than a direct user phone number or account information, and certainly not the explicit transmission of t

TP-LINK wireless routing and Apple IPHONE wireless connection settings diagram

First, the wireless router settings Tp-link wireless router settings are relatively simple, in the setup process, there are two important parameters to remember: SSID: The name of the wireless base station, this example is "TP-LINK_6733CA"; Encryption method and key: This example is "WPA2-PSK" encryption, the key is "12345678"; The detailed setup process can refer to the product specification or referen

iOS Development--submit app your binary is not optimized for IPhone 5

ERROR itms-9000"Your binary isn't optimized for iphone 5-new iphone apps and app updates Submitte D must support the 4-inch display on IPhone 5 and must include a launch image referenced in the info.plist under Uilaunchi Mage with a Uilaunchimagesize value set to {320, 568}. Launch images must is PNG files and located

Apple iphone APP store cannot update solution

Try to remove the current wireless network connection 1. Often restart the phone or restart the wireless LAN, here we do not introduce. 2. In the iphone, we click "Settings"-"Wireless LAN", as shown in the picture 3-1. In the Wireless LAN list, locate the network that is already connected. 3-2. Click the blue arrow symbol on the right of the wireless network to enter the network

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