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IPhone and iPad development practices-Apple should use this book as the official iPhone and iPad development book

New version of iPhone development practicesRich examples, close to practiceIn-depth analysis of iPhone and iPad core featuresIPhone and iPad development practices Basic InformationOriginal Title: iPhone and iPad in actionOriginal Publishing House: Manning publicationsAuthor: (US) Brandon trebitowski Christopher AllenTranslator: Zhang Bo, Chen Baoguo, Gao WeiSeri

How do I recover my iphone address Book? iphone Address Book removal recovery diagram

Preparation Tools We need a mobile data recovery software, this can be used like the Shield smart phone data recovery software, it can restore like the IPhone, IPad, itouch platform SMS, Contacts, phone records, QQ chat records, micro-mail removal of data recovery software tools, very powerful, The free beta version is now in use. iphone Address Book removal re

Apple iphone4/4s/5/5s How to delete the address Book? iphone delete Address Book method

Delete all file methods in your address book at once: 1, the iphone connected to the PC 2. Open itunes 3, above: "Summary"/Information/"Application"/"ringtones"/... In that column, click the "Info" bar. 4, point into the "Information" column, in the "Sync Address Book and Outlook" in the front of the options bar, usually hit the "small Right hook", click Canc

How to delete the iphone address Book? Apple Phone Delete Address Book method diagram

1 we log on the computer "ICloud" (this requires an Apple ID Oh, if not can register an Apple ID: Recommended reading: Apple ID registration method diagram) 2 OK, we can use the Apple ID login, after login, we click "ICloud" to select "Address Book" 3 then we open in the "Address book" We find the "Settings" button, in the lower right solution. 4 OK now I want to click "Select All" all corresponden

Operations for adding, deleting, and modifying iPhone address book contacts in the iPhone contact group

, Error); abgroupaddmember (group, record, Error); nslog ( @" Is success % d " , Issuccess); abaddressbooksave (AB, Error); cfrelease (Group );} 3. Get the Contact Group View code -(Nsarray *) Getgroups {nsmutablearray * Groupnames = [[Nsmutablearray alloc] init] autorelease]; abaddressbookref AB = Abaddressbookcreate (); nsarray * Array = (nsarray * ) Abaddressbookcopyarrayofallgroups (AB ); For ( Int I = 0 ; I ) {Abrecordref Group = [Array objectatindex: I]; cftyperef group

How to back up the address book in iPhone 6? Illustration of Apple 6 backup address book method

1. Backup operation method: We connect the iphone to the computer after we open the itunes software on the computer, and then right click on the device (new itunes default does not show the left sidebar, you need to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S key to open), select "Backup" so that the data backup is over: 2. Restore operation method: Recovery is also when we open the itunes and then we connect the iph

Apple iphone How to encrypt the iphone address Book encryption

"Address Book" in the Privacy item, click; 8th step: The Address Book set defaults to "Allow changes", that is, the application to access the Address book, can be prompted and allowed. In the list below we see that there are already some applications that have access to the traffic, in this case there are alipay purses and micro-letters that are forbidden to

How does the iphone import and export the SIM address Book?

Export method IOS6 System Import contacts in SIM card 1, light point on the desktop "settings" into the iphone settings, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar", click to enter. 2, then the screen roll to the bottom, select "Import SIM Address Book", Wait a moment on the OK. iOS7 System Import Sim 1) The use of small series is a soft

Teach you how to easily sync your iphone phone book with Outlook

I believe a lot of people are still worried about the phone book problem in the iphone. Since Apple has not yet come out of the Chinese version of the iphone, so we can not directly enter the Chinese name, not only that, we have to manually add a contact person, it is really troublesome, but also error prone. But fortunately we can use the Windows built-in Outloo

Source code for iPhone custom controls, Address Book, network, ebook, control special effects, etc.

screenshot tool for foreignersHttp://www.devdiv.com/thread-70152-1-1.html Part 4 -- Tutorial:1. obj-C pocket quiz hands (CHM ):Http://www.devdiv.com/thread-30339-1-1.html 2. Get started with xcode_cn developers. It's a good introduction!Http://www.devdiv.com/thread-49926-1-1.html 3. Basic iPhone development tutorial (Chapter 12)Http://www.devdiv.com/thread-65932-1-1.html 4. Objective-C routine series:Http://www.devdiv.com/forum.php? ... Ypeid typeid

Baidu Cloud iphone version of the Address Book synchronization method

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share the iphone Baidu Cloud version of the Address Book synchronization method. Method Sharing: 1, automatic synchronization: "More" interface to open the "Address Book automatic sync" option, each time you open the Baidu cloud, will automatically sync your mobile phone address

Apple iphone 5s/iphone5c How to book where to buy

First, please enter the address bar in the browser: HTTP://STORE.APPLE.COM/CN, open the IPhone 5S booking page, as shown in the picture 2iPhone 5S's scheduled date is September 20, click "Learn More" to see more information, as shown in the figure 3 on the order page, you first need to choose the IPhone 5S color. There are three colors to choose from, namely, deep space gray, gold and silver, as shown

Synchronize/import Address Book information from Motorola mobile phones to iPhone 4

This article uses six steps to import the address book information in Motorola's mobile phone to iPhone 4, which solves the repetitive manual input. Before performing the following operations, make sure that Outlook 2007 and Motorola phone tools V5 are installed on your computer. 1. Obtain the contact information in your Motorola machine. Connect your Motorola mobile phone to your computer through a USB

Import iPhone address book to e71

the mobile phone adds a connection card. If you want to use a mobile card on the e71, you need to transfer the iPhone's address book to e71, I used to know how to export data from the iPhone in VCF format, and then put it in the other/address directory of the memory card of e71. I first used the 91 assistant to export the iPhone Address

How does Apple 5s restore the iphone's address book from icloud?

How to recover the Address book from ICloud The first step: we click "Settings" on the Apple 5s phone and we find the "icloud" after we open it to the setup and then we use the Apple ID if we log in, we don't need to log in. If you see your iCloud below "Address Book" We need to open before Oh, if not open is not able to back up the OH. Note: When you close the "Address

How to import the palm address book to iPhone 4

Palm tero 600 has been in service for many years and has been broken down, so it is helpless to start connecting to the iPhone 4. The first question is how to import the address book, my computer operating system Windows 7, the following steps: 1. Use Palm Desktop to synchronize the address book to the computer 2. In Palm Desktop, select the contact tab, sel

Get iPhone Address Book Information

The contact information in the iPhone is stored in the system database. Each record in the database is an abrecordref instance. The address book mainly stores two types of records: 1. Contact information: it is of the abperson type. It mainly includes the contact name, phone number, and address information. 2. group information: it is of the abgroup type. Used to group contacts to different groups. It has o

How to synchronize an e-book using iTunes on an iPhone 4

PrefaceWith the hope of a large number of fruit powders around the world, ios4.0 has finally arrived, and many of the following functions are truly eye-catching. Although ibooks is not as eye-catching as multi-task functions, it is also a great boon to our e-book fans, now let me introduce you to the basic use of ibooks.  First of all, it should be noted that ibooks is not integrated in ios4.0, so we must download one from iTunes, so the iTunes accoun

Restore your iphone's address book process

"Data Recovery Customer"Ms. Jiang"Data Recovery failure description"Apple phone, IOS5.0 system. You want to recover the data because the mis-operation caused the contacts to be lost."The whole process of data recovery"1. Download itunes software on Apple's official website first650) this.width=650; "style=" height:599px;width:391px; "src=" http://www.sjhf.net/ckfinder/userfiles/images/p1.jpg "/>2. Installation650) this.width=650; "style=" height:303px;width:402px; "src=" http://www.sjhf.net/ckfi

How to encrypt the iphone address Book?

  iphone Address Book encryption operation steps 1th Step: Open the iphone and find the "Settings" icon, click to enter; 2nd step: In the "Settings" option, find the "general" sub-item icon, click to enter; 3rd step: In the general settings, locate the access restrictions. If you have already turned on access restrictions, please skip to step 7th after ent

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