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How do you set ringtones for the iphone? Ringtones a lot to the iphone set ringtones tutorial

The first step, Baidu search to download and install ringtones more version of PP Assistant in your computer, and then the iphone to connect to the computer. After the connection is successful, find the ringtone in the software and download your favorite ringtones. The second step, then we export the use of software download

How do Apple iphone set ringtones? tutorial on iphone ringtones Setup

Set System Ringtones If you use a system ringtone we can: the iphone goes to "settings"-"sound"-"phone ring tone". Custom ringtone Making To be a music file for ringtones: You need to record the fragment time to be used as a ringtone. Convert music file formats with itunes iphone

91 How do assistants set ringtones for the iphone? 91 Helper Custom Ringtones tutorial for iphone

About 91 Assistants 91 Assistant is the most popular smartphone users of the Chinese application market, is the largest and most influential intelligent terminal management tool, but also the world's only cross-terminal, Cross-platform content distribution platform 91 helpers to customize ringtones for iphone The first step, we first install 91 mobile phone assistants in the computer, and then the phone6

How does the iphone 91 Assistant set ringtones? How to customize ringtones for iphone 91 Assistant

1. Now that the iphone is connected to a 91-helper computer, we wait for the iphone to be recognized by 91 assistants and then find "My device-music ringtones" in 91 assistants. 2. In the right song list to find we need songs, right click on it, menu options set to call the ring can be. 3. If the phone does not like the music, we only need to click on

IPhone 5/iPhone 5s how to change text message ringtones/cell phone ringtones

Preparatory work We're going to sync and go to the website to download a sync assistant installed on your computer. Use the following methods: 1. Now we open the Sync Assistant in the computer and then click Sync Ringtones: 2. As pictured, we click Sync Music: 3. Then we click on the add in the picture above and click on the music you uploaded, then click Make ringtones. 4. We can directly conve

iphone iOS7 custom Ringtones iOS7 Setting Ringtones method

Specific steps 1. Download and install PP Assistant, connect mobile phone! 2. Open the "Music ringtone Wallpaper" in the PP assistant 3. Select the call you want to set or the tone of the SMS. 4. Find your favorite song or ringtone in your search, click the last key in the operation to import the ringtone. Wait a minute ... 5. The final issue to see the effect map 6. Remove ringtones: In the PP Assistant resource management of the "

91 Assistants How iphone set ringtones Apple 91 assistant how to set ringtones

The first step, open 91 mobile phone assistant computer version to connect the iphone, and then we click on the 91 assistant "My device-music ringtones" effect as shown below. After the second step, we now select the right song list here, then we select the song right click on it, and then click on the pop-up menu "set to call ringtones" can be. If

How can I set a ringtone for iPhone 6 plus? Tutorial on setting ringtones for iPhone 6

1) on the Apple 6 mobile phone, click the "Settings" icon on the desktop, as shown in the following figure.2) then you can see a "sound" option in the "Settings" that you open, as shown in the following figure. (As shown in the following figure)3) click "sound" and enter the corresponding ringtone mode. For example, select the "Ringtone" option. (As shown in the following figure)4) Now we can change the vibration mode when the "Ringtone"

How to Set iPhone 5 ringtones

1. Open itunes on your computer and click "File"-"Add File to Database" in the itunes interface; 2. Find your favorite MP3 music file point hit launch. 3. After the success of the music we found in the music section of the itunes library, and then click on the right button to select the display profile; 4. In the pop-up dialog we click "Options", and then check "Start Time" and "Stop Time" start and end time can not be more than 40 seconds, because the ip

Apple Iphone/ipad Ringtones Making tutorial

Method one, use itunes to make iphone ringtones Download ringtones via itunes 1, we can find a large number of already edited from cool ringtones resources, for iPhone6 ringtones download. 2, synchronous import mobile phone.   3, menu Bar-edit-preferen

Teach everyone to make iphone ringtones (Mac Version)

Don't talk more about the direct text (code to write more, punctuation arbitrary, do not care about -0-)First, the iphone ringtone cannot be used directly in the MP3 format, and must be in the M4R format.:  And then we started making it. The first thing you need is to download good music files, and itunes.The first step is to double-click your music file and he will start playing and appear in your itunes music list.The second step, look at the pictur

How to set ringtones for iPhone with Codoy music

1. IPhone connected to the computer, we can not install itunes but must install cool dog music. 2. Turn on the cool dog music, after the successful connection, we then click on the phone icon in the Cool Dog music interface, as shown above. 3. Then in the open new interface we just click on the left of the import ring. 4. Next, we need to operate in the following order: Select Local Song Intercept the songs we want

Two Methods for uploading firmware ringtones for iPhone 1.1.1

After the iPhone firmware is upgraded to 1.1.1, the custom ringtone becomes the biggest problem, because it cannot be uploaded smoothly and conveniently using ibus or ibrckr as the 1.0.2 firmware, so this time we will teach you how to customize the 1.1.1 firmware ringtones. There are two methods: the first is to use third-party software to customize the ringtone (the first page), the second is to manually

iphone ringtone tutorial based on Mac, itunes custom ringtones

-convert-Create AAC versionOnce clicked, one more song will be in the list.Watch the song time, only 40s.Select, and then view the localSelect the. m4a suffix of the song, copy to the other path, and modify the suffix to. m4rSo we get a ringtone file in. m4r format.Five, note here: We remember to first remove the 40s file, otherwise it will affect the following ringtone added.Six, make ringtones1. Select the ringtone and enter the ringtone screen.2. Just drag the. m4r ringtone in. If there is no

An illustration of the operation steps of the Apple iphone custom micro-ringtones

1, the article Switch 111CN Small series has introduced, our iphone device must escape to replace the micro-letter ringtones. 2, after the jailbreak we can use the Apple helper software, such as XY Apple Assistant, pp assistant, etc. open File management path://var//mobile//containers//bundle//application 3, our above directory in your phone does not necessarily have, we can click on the magnifyi

iphone replacement for custom ringtones

① first insert the data cable of the iphone (iphone5s) into the USB port of your computer, then open itunes ( the file to the library② Select Music File--click Edit--Show introduction (G)③ in the new page click "Options" to edit the music files, the general ringtone does not need to be too long, 40″ around on it.④ Audio Production is complete, click "File"-"Convert (C)"-"Create ACC version"After the ⑤ is created, the music list will app

iphone via iTunes12.7 how to set ringtones

has not been used itunes, today suddenly want to use itunes to the phone to change a ringtone, Baidu check the Raiders are not successful, today I set up the process to record down, to facilitate their later check, nonsense less said, dry Prepare in advance: Download the latest version of itunes first, download the link:https:http://www.apple.com/cn/itunes/download/, You can choose 32-bit or 64-bit 2. Now the installation is over, remember to save the path of your own ringtone where I wa

iphone 6 Set Custom ringtones (not jailbroken)

Environment:Ipone 6ITunes 9.3.2 Download the ringtone you want to set up on your computer, then open the file under itunes-"Add the file to the library, 2. In the music list, right click on the selected music, click on the show introduction to set the length of the music3. When the settings are complete, select the music you want to set, click Create New version under File-"Create ACC version,4. Locate the generated. m4a file, and change the extension to. m4r format5. Under

How to use itools to set iphone ringtones

1. In the computer we download and install itools Good after we click on the computer to open itools. 2. Then we find the "music" option at the top of the Itools interface and click Enter, as shown in the details below 3. Then we need to add the bell, we click on "Cool ringtone" and then find the favorite ringtone first click the "Download" button 4. Next, click on "Download Center" to view the download situation 5. Select the ring you downloaded, click Import, link the

Make Iphone[ios] Ringtones with itunes

suffix of this file to (. m4r).Then, copy the file to the desktop [or other directory]. It is recommended that the database-the file generated in the music [third-step generation] be deleted (the file is moved to the trash)Fifth step: Use itunes to open the suffix (. m4r) ringtone file. This way, the ringtone file is imported into the database-the ringtone.Finally, insert your iphone, select the Ringtone tab, tick the Sync ringtone selection box, and

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