iphone not disturb function

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What is the function of the iphone that shuts down the iphone?

Believe that everyone buys an iphone, very few people will go to study a system function, the general is to get hand to use, some more annoying function also bother to close. In fact, turning off some features will make your mobile experience feel a lot higher. 1. WiFi assistants must be closed (Setup > Cellular mobile network > Wireless LAN Assistant)   

Android-Like iPhone shake-Undo Input Function (WeChat shake-shake function)

In many programs, we may enter long text content, such as text messages and notebooks. If you want to cancel all the typed content at one time, many mobile phones need to keep pressing the return key to delete it one by one, A little troublesome, but there is a user-friendly feature on the iPhone. When we want to cancel all the content we just entered, we can shake the phone and a prompt box will pop up, click OK to clear the content, In android, gene

Baidu Cloud iphone version "password Lock function" Open method

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share the iphone version of Baidu Cloud "password lock function" to open the method. Method Sharing: Baidu Cloud iphone version to open the "Password Lock function" method: In the "More" menu open "password lock funct

Security vendors warn iPhone users that the Safari dialing function should be used with caution.

SPI Labs security researchers warned iPhone users not to use a special feature to use the iPhone's Safari browser to call phone numbers over the Web. This feature is intended to provide iPhone users with an easy way to dial phone numbers displayed on Web pages, but it may be abused, according to SPI. A flaw in this feature allows hackers to trick users into making expensive "900" calls, or even tracking u

Implementation of the iPhone power-on Function

How does the iPhone implement the flashlight function? First, define an avcapturesession instance object in the. h file. Avcapturesession * torchsession; Then, set the. M file as follows during initialization: Avcapturedevice * capturedevice = [avcapturedevice defaultdevicewithmediatype: avmediatypevideo]; Avcapturedeviceinput * flashinput = [avcapturedeviceinput deviceinputwithdevice: capturedevice error:

IPhone application screenshot Function

IPhoneApplication ImplementationScreenshotsFunction is the content to be introduced in this article. When an iPhone user simultaneously presses the Home and lock screen keysScreenshotsBut in the application, you cannot jump out of a line to pressScreenshotsKey. The Code shared by the CocoaChina member "bobgreen" can implementScreenshotsFunction, supportedIPhone4. Retina high split screen. UIView * view = [[[[UIApplication sharedApplication] windo

iphone push function of C language implementation __c language

iphone push function of C language implementation. Directly on the source code: IPPUSH.C//Compile under Linux: Gcc-o ippush ippush.c-lssl #ifdef _win32 # define Win32_lean_and_mean # include

Develop app code for iPhone to implement screenshot Function

IPhone DevelopmentThe screenshot function of application code is described in this article. The content is mainly explained by code. Let's look at code implementation first. IPhoneYou can press the Home and lock screen keys at the same time.ScreenshotsBut in the application, you cannot jump out of a line to let the user cutScreenKey. The Code shared by the CocoaChina member "bobgreen" can implement the scre

How to configure and use the headset microphone on the Apple iphone and the microphone to turn on the noise reduction function on the desktop

, first click "Update Driver" → Click "Browse My Computer to find driver software (R)" → Then click "Let me choose from the list of available drivers on my Computer (L)" → "Select the device driver to install for this hardware". Such as:The final result is the effect of the following two images:① Guarantee Driver is Realtek high Definition Audio. ② Control Panel of the Realtek that Audio manager, disappeared. Proving that the default is to configure the Realtek. Microsoft's default driver was ki

Nstimer's use of the iphone timer function mimics

Viewdidload]; 3 4 Self.timePicker.datePickerMode = Uidatepickermodecountdowntimer; 5 [Self.timepicker addtarget:self Action: @selector (Countdown:) forControlEvents: Uicontroleventvaluechanged]; 6 7 self.pauseAndContinueBtn.enabled = NO; 8 }2.6 Countdown Label control content Refresh function:1 -(void) countstartsubforupdatelabeltext2{3 self.second--; 4 Self.timerLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@ "%02ld:%02ld:%02ld

How the iphone closes the Connect social function of Apple Music

The Connect social functions of Apple Music can be directly limited in the settings of Apple's phone and not as someone on the internet needs to log on to a designated site, so let's show you how the Connect social function of Apple Music shuts down. We click on the iphone interface to open the "set"-"Universal"-"Access Restrictions" section, the effect is as follows Enter the passwor

Demonstration of the "multi-task" function in the iPhone 4.0 system video

The new iPhone 4.0 system allows tasks to be executed in the background and ensures running performance and battery life. The following is the first demonstration video of the "multi-task" function released on the Internet. However, at present, a maximum of seven multitasking tasks are supported. Some multitasking features: double-click the Home key to bring up the background task list, which includes backg

Imitating the iphone address book search function.

Imitating the iphone address book The project has previously implemented the pinyin sorting Address Book Design. Now you can search for the address book. The original interface is as follows: The search function depends on uisearchbar uisearchdisplaycontroller. Step 1 initialization: Initialize searbar and seardisplaycontroller, and the corresponding two arrays (used to display all results and search resul

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