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What to do with Apple Iphone/ipad fever? Treatment method of the iphone heating problem

Many iphones have found that when the iphone is charging with unusually hot or hot hair, how did these problems come about? Is there a problem with the iphone? These problems always need to have a solution, this article on the iphone will be hot, special finishing will cause fever reasons for you to reference, if the n

iphone charging slow how to solve the iphone charging slow problem

If the usual iphone charging time is normal, suddenly the charging time slows down, then it is likely that the charging process need to use the location of some problems, may wish to try these several calls to improve. Clean up the charging socket As usual we are used to put the cell phone in the trouser pocket, located at the bottom of the phone charging interface easily into the ash, interface and power cord plug easy to contact bad

IPad, iPhone, and itouch video playback h264 + AAC problem summary (earlier than iPhone 4)

The following is a summary of some problems when using h264 + AAC for video playback on iPad, iPhone, itouch, and other terminals. 1: audio and video synchronization problems The reason is mainly because of the TS file timestamp problem. Sometimes it will also cause problems after file encapsulation type conversion, For example, FLV-ts will cause audio and video to be not synchronized. The base tim

Introduction to the problem of the IPhone 6s mobile phone after water intake

IPhone 6 has no signal after water intake   PRIOR statement: Apple June only provide advice, do it must be considered clearly, bad apple June do not assume responsibility, bad apple June do not assume responsibility, bad apple June don't assume responsibility important words to say three times. Mobile Phone Repair steps: First turn on the view, there is baseband! But no signal! Because it is a water machine, after dismantling,

A summary of the solution to the problem of Apple Ipad/iphone deadlock and card machine

Although the iphone's stability and fluency are far better than Android phones, but occasionally there will be the iphone card machine, the phenomenon of panic. What happens if this happens? Don't worry, the following strokes can help you solve the iphone card machine, the problem of the crash.    The first trick: Long Press the home button for 8 second

JS Ios/iphone's Safari browser is not compatible with the date () problem in JavaScript How to solve _javascript skills

var date = new Date (' 2016-11-11 11:11:11 '); document.write (date); Recently in writing a time to judge a script, you need to convert the fixed string time to the timestamp for comparison, in doing the personal habit of using chrome as a debugging tool, after the basic code is complete, all normal; Access with other browsers, well, IE is not compatible with Safari, returning the error "Invalid Date." Think of the problem is a string format, cha

itunes Restore iphone system unknown error 2/1602/13 problem Solving method

itunes restores iphone firmware to unknown error 1602 solution Problem Description: Some users upgrade or restore the iphone, ipad, or ipod touch with itunes, the update or restore process may stop, and itunes displays a warning message "failed to recover IPhone unknown error" followed by error number 1602.

Apple iphone winter auto shutdown and charge slow problem solution

Why the iphone shuts down automatically in winter: Because Apple's built-in power supply uses lithium batteries, the iphone's lithium-ion battery is protected by self-protection, known as low temperature protection. The meaning is that in the case of low temperature, the lithium metal in the battery will produce deposition, no longer with the matter chemical reaction, resulting in the battery internal short-circuit. So in the cold winter, u

Completely solve the MMS problem of Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is a good thing, but its disadvantage is that SMS does not support mms. Now I have completely solved this problem. First, install the swirlymms software. Now it is version 0.38. For later versions of Apple (1.1.3 and 1.1.4), you must modify the permissions of some directories and files. Chown-r root: wheel/applications/swirlymms. app Chmod 777/applications/swirlymms. APP/swirl

How to solve handoff connection problem between Mac and iphone

First, the account and equipment handoff switch problem no longer repeat, mainly found yesterday a little trickWhen confirming that all devices have icloud account unification, Bluetooth on, and under the same wifi, my iphone and Mac are still handoff connected, mostly Mac's Dock bar without iphone running program (mail or browser page), It turns out that if you

Baidu Cloud iphone version Clear cache file will affect the local offline available file list problem resolution

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share the iphone version of Baidu Cloud to clear cache files will affect the local offline available file list problem. Analytical sharing: Baidu Cloud iphone version clear cache files will not affect the local offline available list of files. Baidu Cloud is Baidu's core cloud capabilities (incl

Solve the Problem of iPhone network software disconnection during sleep

Http://www.cnblogs.com/zhwl/archive/2013/01/09/2852795.html If you want to use the iPhone's network functions, maintain persistent connections, and use WiFi, you may find that WiFi is interrupted when the iPhone is sleeping, in this way, the program cannot maintain the connection. (Unofficial iPhone SDK) The following code may help you solve this problem. The f

Iphone/ipad connect the network after receiving QQ message but not the Internet problem solving method

1, can not surf the internet to see if the computer can be online, this can check your router oh. 2, if only the iphone is not online, we can reconnect to the WiFi network to try 3, restart your iphone, most of the minor problems, you can try to shutdown and restart the device 4, if still unable to resolve, you can click on the iphone Home screen "Settin

Apple iphone fingerprint identification failure problem and its solution

Touch ID is quarantined and not activated. Must be enabled with a digital password. So, when you restart your iphone's Touch ID, don't panic, just type in a password and you can use it. There's no need to worry about these kinds of things In addition to restarting the Iphone,touch ID, there are some cases where the iphone's fingerprint identification system will not work, and this is normal, don't worry, just enter the passwo

Js ios/iPhone Safari is not compatible with Date () in Javascript. How can this problem be solved?

Js ios/iPhone Safari is not compatible with Date () in Javascript. How can this problem be solved? Var date = new Date ('2017-11-11 11:11:11 '); document. write (date ); Recently, when writing a time judgment script, you need to convert a fixed string time to a timestamp for comparison. When doing this, I am used to using chrome as a debugging tool. After the code is basically complete, everything is norm

iphone upgrade iOS 9 cotton problem reason and solution

Reasons for upgrading iOS 9 cotton and how to fix it: 1, although Apple does not push the iOS 9 official version for a long period of beta and public testing, but after the official version of the push upgrade, the number of general user upgrades is too large, and the user's device may have a variety of previous tests have not encountered the situation, which may lead to Carrington. Usually after the official version of the push, Apple will soon launch a small upgrade repair version (s

Code Implementation case for solving the problem of sticking packets between iPhone clients and servers

IPhone ClientAndServerThe implementation case of inter-stick packet problem solving is described in this article. If yourIPhoneThe App mustServerWhen data is exchanged, the server may encounter a situation where two messages are sent consecutively: The first message is received accurately, but the second message is not completely received. You can try the Code provided in this post on the CocoaChina forum t

IPhone 6 and previous models, the unity part camera cannot render the problem

Recently encountered a very embarrassing problem, IPhone 6,iphone 5s and ipad Air 2 in these devices (other devices do not have =), in unity-generated IPA, some cameras are not rendered.In fact, the Internet to find a circle basically a lot of people have encountered this problem, it should be 6 after the major renderi

Solve the problem that the click event is not triggered on the iPhone.

Solve the problem that the click event is not triggered on the iPhone. // There is such an event on ID jsprovince: $(‘body‘).on(‘click‘, ‘#jsProvince‘, function(e){ $(this).next(‘.province-list‘).removeClass(‘hide‘); }); However, clicking on the iPhone does not respond, and you cannot bind a click event. However, there is n

It perfectly solves the problem that Bluetooth peripheral devices cannot be correctly installed on iPhone connected computers

When I installed a printer driver today, I occasionally found a Bluetooth peripheral device in the Device Manager's unknown device column. Then I searched Baidu for the device, the solution is implemented by deleting a bluetooth device or using the Bluetooth Internet service. This is just a bad way to cure the symptoms. I saw a reply from dream2cast in a place called a boutique forum. I tried to solve the problem that had plagued many people, however,

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