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How the iphone shuts down and exits the Siri feature

  Quit the Siri feature The way to quit after Siri is enabled is simple, by either the entity home key or the virtual home key. If you do not want to press the button, say goodbye to Siri can also exit.   Turn off the Siri feature If you want to completely turn off Siri

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.

"IPhone 6S-tech" doesn't have to be plugged in or "Hey Siri" at any time.Before the iphone 6, it was only when the power was plugged in that it was possible to call Siri by saying, "Hey Siri." But for iphone 6s+ios 9, you can call

A tutorial on Apple iphone customizing Siri sound

We all know that Siri is a sister, but she is actually "magic Girl", not only can use multi-language, and even become a rough man ~ In your iphone device we find "settings-Universal-siri", where we can select the language and gender as shown in the following figure. Into the language of the Siri interface,

Apple ios7.1 Siri male settings and iphone font sizing method

The IRI male setting method is simple: Open settings "The Siri option in general can see the setup options." The following figure: click on "Voice Sex", you can choose to set "male". Next, I'll explain how to set the iphone font size: Also do not screenshot, very simple, but also set the function, click to select the General Options page, and then click the "Text Size" column. In the "Text Size"

IPhone SE meets cold! Too small? Too expensive? Wrong, forggestting.

Forggestting, Forggestting, forggestting, the important forggestting said three times, the past Apple, the screen big price is very expensive also has B lattice, now it forggestting.650) this.width=650; "title=" 133027842.jpg "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7E/60/ Wkiol1b919kqyhzjaacjmmlfqa4779.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1b919kqyhzjaacjmmlfqa4779.jpg "/>Wen/Zhang ShuleCompared with previous iphone models, this year's i

How does Apple iphone se add a phone number to the blacklist?

First, in the "telephone" application pull Black number tutorial: 1, open "phone" and then the following we are in the phone list an exclamation mark, and then click to enter and then click "Block this Caller ID" can be. Second, in the "Information" Application pull black number tutorial: 1, open "information" to open into the upper right corner of the "Detailed information" option, as shown below; 2, then in the details of the interface we click on the right (accurate p

Skillfully using PS to draw a beautiful iphone se icon

skillfully use PS to draw a beautiful iphone se icon. The version used for this issue is CC 2015, and it is clear to the students who have used this version that CC 15 adds a lot of powerful features, where the layer style is enhanced (the same style can be reused and can be used up to 10 times) to give the PS a boost. Own use of CC15 is also a large six months, a single enhanced version of the layer style

IPhone se disassembly: It turns out these places haven't changed.

-megapixel beauty photo? Come on, PK.Here is the goddess colleague once again shiny debut ~ ~ ~ this time we choose to take a selfie contrast indoors, after all, this is the most common selfie environment.If you look at the photo effect of iPhone6, picture quality performance is still possible, but the white balance performance is obviously not as beautiful as the V4, the whole picture white, the skin details of the face basically did not show, the United States figure V4 Front lens of the incom

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