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Why do you require android to be smoother than iphone ?!, Why Android iPhone?

Why do you require android to be smoother than iphone ?!, Why Android iPhone? I saw an article titled why Android phones are not as smooth as iPhone phones? There are many reasons for this: the

A long comparison between Android and iPhone

Preface:Since the iPhone was launched at the beginning of to direct smartphones to the mobile Internet eraOn the other hand, the entire market is currently dominated by iPhone and Android phones (WindowsPhone 7 is not mature yet ). Many new smartphone users often have a very deep-rooted idea:"The iPhone is perfect. No

Differences in user experience and product layer positioning: Android and iphone

Article Description: the difference between Android and iphone experience. Apple released its Android system at the end of Iphone,2007 in 2007 years. this year has overtaken the iphone to become America's number one smartphone system! In terms of product developme

Virtual keyboards On iPhone and Android

What this foreigner writes is worth learning. Turn it over first. Http://ignorethecode.net/blog/2009/08/07/virtual-keyboards-on-iphone-and-android/ August 7, 2009 virtual Keyboards On iPhone and Android I have writtenAbout virtual keyboards before. Their main advantage is that they allow for devices with huge screens

PHP's Way of judging iphone, IPad, Android, PC devices

I will use the Windows system device as a PC, after all, blog for Chinese users, most of the home device or use of Windows system The principle is to determine the user AGENT submitted by the browser The code is as follows Copy Code Get the user AGENT$agent = Strtolower ($_server[' http_user_agent ')); Analyze data$is _pc = (Strpos ($agent, ' Windows NT '))? True:false;$is _iphone = (Strpos ($agent, ' iphone '))? True:fal

Android Programming Imitation iphone drag photo effect Gallery Simple Application Example _android

This article illustrates the simple application of Android programming imitation iphone drag photo effects gallery. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Step 1: prepare the picture material. Will icon2,icon3,icon4,icon5,icon6 five pictures into the res/drawable plus icon.png itself a total of 6 pictures. Step 2: new Android project, named

A selection of Android and iPhone development blogs on csdn

of your motion on a map Design a local cache mechanism for a mobile application [5] arthurchen: iPhone and iPad Development C ++ and objective-C Easy native socket programming Obtain the brightness of IMEI, serialnumber, and system backlight. Measure the test taker's knowledge about the oauth encapsulation of the iPhone. Uicalloutview For APIs not recorded in the document

Windows XP-android environment setup-[Comprehensive tutorials on Tanzhou android development], xp-android

Windows XP-android environment setup-[Comprehensive tutorials on Tanzhou android development], xp-android Recently, many people in our class won't build the environment. Today, our Tanzhou android teacher talked about how to build the Windows XP-

[Game Development Remarks] About how to generate an image white block when running cocos2dx_v1.x for iPhone and Android, add gamecenter, and compile Android flash back & cclog and C

The articles on this site are originally written by Li huaming himi. The reprinted documents must be clearly indicated:Reproduced from [Black Rice gamedev block] original link: http://www.himigame.com/game-detail/1035.html☞Click to subscribe☜The latest developments in this blog! Notify you of the latest blog in time! Note the following problems that may occur to children's shoes: 1. About cocos2dx v1.x running on the iPhone and

Nielsen: Apple's iPhone OS shares more than twice that of Android

Http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/iphone-vs-android/ According to the report, in the U.S. smartphone market, RIM ranked first in the market with 35%, Apple iPhone OS ranked second in 28%, and Microsoft Windows Mobile ranked third in 19%, android OS ranks fourth in 9%. RIM's share of Microsoft's

jquery to Judge iphone, Android device type _jquery

Recently made a version of micro-letter publicity page, through the JQ to judge the device, and to download Micro-letter built-in browser to download the link to the screen, so first to judge, if the micro-letter built-in browser, then jump to apply the treasure link, if not, the judge is iphone/adroid/pc and to jump The code is as follows: function Downloadapp () { var u = navigator.useragent; var ua = Navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase ();

Android ListView To implement a simple example of a left-slip delete button for a fake iphone _android

Custom ListView is required. Let's make floatdellistview here. Replication Ontouchevent method. As follows: @Override public boolean ontouchevent (motionevent ev) {switch (ev.getaction ()) {case Motionevent.action_d own: Floatdelbuttonlayou.java: public class Floatdelbuttonlayout extends LinearLayout { Above this Android ListView implementation of the iphone to implement the le

Photoshop automatically exports Android and iphone icons in all sizes to support the new Android Studio

Script file See: Https://coding.net/u/hust_wsh/p/GenerateIcons/gitFor use, add a few notes:1. Preparation: Save the Jsx file locally and put it in Photoshop's preset script folder, in the Adobe Photoshop installation directory Presets\deco directory, for example my is in: D:\Program files\adobe\adobe Photoshop CS6 (\presets\deco Bit)2. Open or restart Photoshop, you can see the generateicons in the Script menu, such as:3. Open the corresponding icon PSD file (must), and then click the Generateic

Hentai Parkour 3D (endless run 3D) apple android free download |ios| Android|iphone version free download-Casual 3D Game Parkour game racing game

Hentai Parkour 3D (Endless Run 3D) released Hentai Parkour 3D is a very classic parkour mobile game, the game has a unique running cool gameplay, cool running cool features and exquisite game screen design. Interested partners come and join the endless Parkour 3D hand Tour Try it! This is a good game yo! Game Introduction"Endless Parkour 3D" is a background set of sci-fi obstacles in outer space run Cool Hand tour, game with the first person view running cool play, the interpretation of the thri

Rocket Boys (Rocket boy 3D) Apple version | Android version |ios|iphone| The Android version is released

, is galloping rockets, game attention do not touch the obstacles in the way, simple gameplay, fun game process, Don't miss out on your favorite players!The game is as follows:Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1347106574Googleplay:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bruce.rocketboytaptap:https://www.taptap.com/app/81099 About UsFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/brucegamexTwitter:https://twitter.com/brucegamexVk:https://vk.com/brucegameEmail: [email protected]QQ Group: 643144

Comparison and Analysis Between APPLE (iPhone) and Google robot (Android)

Since the advent of the iPhone, it was easy to use and powerful. As a synonym for smartphones, it was not until Google launched the Android platform that it was able to compete with each other; since then, we have made a rough Analysis and Comparison on two hand-held mobile platforms that are often compared together; 1. Development Platform Currently, it is relatively simple to develop apps for smart handhe

Why is memory using a 2G iphone more fluid than using a 4G Android device in memory?

This is seen on a foreign site, the analysis is good, the original text is as follows:Why does the iPhone require less RAM than Android devices?There is people fight when it comes to comparing the Android devices vs IPhone. Iphones is the expensive than Android devices even

Android is far inferior to iPhone in lack of unique application products

Although Apple's co-founder admitted that Android will be the final victory, many people think that an overly open environment is still not conducive to Android, and the no-difference application experience is restricting Android to surpass the iPhone. A few days ago, tech blogger John Gruber wrote in a article titled

Differences between Android and iPhone application interface design

BKJIA Editor's note: Android and iOS are currently the dominant mobile operating system platform. Many mobile developers develop across Android and iPhone, but the interfaces of Android and iPhone are quite different. This article describes in detail the differences between

Another clever trick for Android: compatible with iPhone apps

 Google AndroidAfter Mobile Phone development for a long time, we still cannot see machines that can be put on the market. At a meeting named ecomm, rich miner, a consultant for Google's mobile platform department, said the Android Market was not earlier than the second half of this year, but it gave fans a surprise. He explicitly stated that the android open-source platform will tryIPhoneDevelopers run the

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