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Apple iphone6s How much money apple iphone6s/6s plus price

From the time of the exposure of the booking period, compared to earlier than before a lot, it seems that Apple really attaches great importance to the Chinese market. It is reported that the release of the new iphone fuselage size may remain unchanged, the minimum capacity will still not 16GB, is expected to carry a new A9 processor, equipped with 12 million cameras, and add Force Touch technology, of course, the system is the latest iOS9, color mat

How about Apple iphone6s plus iphone6s plus worth buying?

injection bar too ugly, as well as the camera outstanding problems, are at the current level of technology, the manufacturer's frustration; even if there is a solution, Apple is unlikely to use it in the original version of the only upgrade of the S, the future we can only expect the iphone 7 can make a breakthrough in appearance. Second, System evaluation With the official release of Apple's iphone 6s/6s Plus, we purchased the

Iphone6s The apple iphone6s rose gold drop paint solution

Recently, some netizens have bought their iphone6s on the back of the painting to the internet has caused a lot of users resonance. Think the original iphone6s just on line because the problem of easy to bend the material replaced by a new 7000 series of aluminum, although this makes the hardness greatly increased but there is a fatal problem is the oxidation of serious. Although it may not be visible w

Apple iphone6s Delete mail account iphone6s How to log off mail account tutorial

iphone6s Delete mail account process: 1, in the Apple iphone6s "Settings"-"Mail, Address Book, calendar" effect shown in the following figure. 2, then in open access to the interface to click on the "account" need to log out of the mail account 3, then select the cancellation account. 4, then will pop up a confirmation delete email ac

Apple iphone6s how to set ringtones iphone6s set up a mobile phone ringtones tutorial

iphone6s with phone ringtones set up the following steps: First, we click on the mobile phone iphone6s desktop "settings"---"Sound" application settings bar, as shown in the following image: Second, then in the iphone6s sound settings interface, you can find the "ringtone" settings, we can text messages or phone ringtones to set the ring, as shown in the foll

How to configure the Apple iphone6s configuration, okay?

How about Apple iphone6s configuration? According to the latest news from Taiwan's supply chain, the IPhone 6S will come out in the second half of the year, with many bright spots. It is reported that the IPhone 6/6 plus supply chain production is currently very smooth, inventory level is reasonable, the world's major market delivery time has been shortened to a business day, equal to the goods at any tim

Apple Iphone6s/6splus How to apply for a return? The iphone return process detailed

One, the iphone6s returns the attention matters: A. Remember to put the ldquo; return label rdquo; affixed to the outer packing box. This ldquo; return label rdquo; above includes: your name, your address, return number, Apple's return address. B. rdquo the printed ldquo; packing list into the outer box, this ldquo; packing list rdquo; contains: Description of Apple products, such as color, capacity, price,

Apple iphone6s How to restore factory settings

Note: Restoring the factory settings will remove all the important information from the phone, so we have to back up the data on the iphone (recommended reading: How to sync to the computer with Apple 6s/plus?) to teach you to backup restore 1, Apple iphone6s in turn into the iphone's "Settings"-"General" option. 2, in the "General", find "restore" click i

Solution to the problem of Apple iphone6s network instability

IPHONE6S Network instability Solutions: 1, iPhone5 network instability the most likely reason is that you are in the local signal is not good, or have something to interfere with the signal, so just leave this place your mobile phone signal may be better. 2, if you buy a mobile phone is a revised machine, it may also lead to cell phone signal is not good, after all, each country's mobile phone frequency is the same, so the purchase of the revision m

Apple iphone6s Plus Mobile Wallpaper Setup method detailed (for beginners)

Apple 6s Wallpaper Setup can be set up in desktop management, specifically on the iphone6s wallpaper setup steps shown below. 1. Click "Settings", as shown in figure: 2. Click "Wallpaper" again, as shown in figure: 3. Select "Choose a new Wallpaper", as shown in figure: 4. Click on "Camera film", as shown in figure: 5. Choose one of the albums as a wallpaper. 6. After selecting, click "Set",

Apple iphone6s/6s Plus call Flash Open Tutorial

We click on the "Settings" button to enter the phone, the effect shown in the following image: 2. Then set the list interface and then click the "General" effect as shown in the following figure: 3. After we found "accessibility" in general, the results were as follows: 4. Finally, we then click on the "LED flashing reminder" In this interface, we just turn on the switch operation, as shown: OK, here's a way to start the

Apple iphone6s phone How to upgrade Alipay 9.3?

Alipay V9.3 officially released, which joined the long-awaited "Brush face Login" service, as long as take a picture can be achieved login. Enter my-account-settings-security settings-brush face to open the "face login" function, before shooting need to enter the payment password to confirm that it is my operation In addition, Alipay V9.3 added "online concessions" to pay, through Word-of-mouth payment can directly enjoy preferential prices, another new "Business Circle" function, users can di

Apple Iphone6s/6plus Caller no sound what's going on

1, Mute mode, is not the phone left to turn off the voice. 2, Iphone6s opened the mode of non-interference, the caller is just out of the interference mode. 3, iphone6s Mobile phone hardware problem, this can spend dozens of dollars can be repaired well. Iphone6s calls do not sound solutions Mute mode, if it's opened as shown below we'll just have to raise th

What is the reservation address of Apple iphone6s mobile phone china Unicom?

1. Enter the Unicom website through the following address Unicom iphone6 Reservation Address: Http://www.10010.com/iphoneyuyue 2. We click on the "Learn More" button to enter, as shown in the following figure 3. Then select the Immediate appointment button according to your own situation, and then enter the following appointment interface. Booking Instructions: 1. During the activities, through the Unicom online business hall, mobile phone business hall and other electronic channels o

Apple iphone6s plus serial number query activation time tutorial

The iphone 6s activation time is mainly divided into 2 major strides, first, to obtain the iphone 6s serial number, the second is to enter the official Apple Technology Center, inquiry services. The following is a detailed view of the method steps. First, look at the iphone 6s serial number method 1, in turn into the iphone 6s "settings"--> "General" settings, as shown below. 2, and then click into the "about

Apple iphone6s 64GB Real space why only 55.6GB?

, the 64Gb version of the actual capacity after the conversion of only 59.6GB, less 5GB more capacity. In addition, iOS itself occupies more than 3GB of fixed space, so iphone6s bare metal remaining 55.6GB space is not surprising, for the manufacturer by B instead of B to calculate, has been the industry's unspoken rules, but also well-known things, users as early as the hard disk era of a lot of spit. About the

Apple users add a iphone6s client tail setting to Weibo articles

Preparation Tool: iphone + Weibo Tutorial: 1. Micro-Blog members add iphone6s tail than in the micro-letter is much better, because Weibo will not add their own names, and micro-letter will be, but the prerequisite is that the micro-blog membership is a necessary condition, as shown below; 2. After entering, we click on "Weibo source" click to open the entry, as shown in the following figure 3. Choose "Custom" 4. Here

How long does the apple iphone6s normally charge?

IPhone6 Normal charge time 4-5 hours to charge the general iphone will be full and preferably use the original charging data cable and power charger to recharge. IPhone6 Charge Attention matters: 1.iphone6 first charge does not have to charge 12 hours This is also the old method, now casually charged I think all can. 2. Thereafter in any electricity can be charged, does not need to wait until the battery tip too low again; 3.iphone electricity Fast But it is best not to use the edge of the

The Apple Iphone6s/6splus black screen does not respond what to do

The iphone screen doesn't respond. Sometimes when you play with your phone, suddenly the iphone's screen loses its response, and can't move forward or return. In fact, we can through the long press the power button, so that the phone is closed and then restarted for repair. What if there's no response to "sliding to shut down"? This is the time to try pressing the home key and the power button to force the shutdown until the white Apple appears on th

5 tips for using Apple iphone6s/plus mobile phone 3D Touch

3D Touch, Apple iphone 6s new features, looks similar to the right button on the PC. There are two new gestures of peek Pop. [1] September 10, 2015, Apple announced the 3d-touch function at the new product launch.   3D Touch Info dialog box In information applications, use a 3D touch for a piece of information to allow you to preview the conversation and not mark it as read.   3D Touch Safari

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