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Use ipod shuffle in ubuntu

Install gtkpod with the ipod shuffle in ubuntu, and then use the GUI. Www.2cto.com does not use iTunes under Ubuntu. How to Use iPod is always subject to some research. In this article, I will explain how to shuffle 2 under Ubuntu! The main character of this article is the gtkPod program, which is one of the commonly u

Let Apple ipod shuffle into the true meaning of USB disk and MP3 software download _ Common Tools

As we all know, the IPOD shuffle player is stylish and compact, sound like an aperture. Unfortunately, manufacturers must borrow itune software to transfer MP3, which brings a lot of inconvenience to users: and do not say that itune in the file transmission process error, not normal identification equipment, such as the general manufacturers temporarily unable to solve the problem, The inability to transfer

Enable Apple iPod Shuffle to become a true U disk and MP3 Software Download

As we all know, the iPod Shuffle player features a small shape and sound quality. Unfortunately, the manufacturer must borrow the itune software to transmit MP3 files, which brings inconvenience to users: not to mention the problems that universal manufacturers, such as the frequent errors in the file transmission process and the inability to properly identify equipment, cannot solve for the time being, it

New hairstyle (photo) and iPod shuffle

After returning to the dormitory Think of that person after sports at night Today, I went to shanshi East Road and burned a hair of 280 yuan. I felt pretty good. My friends said that I was young and energetic. I bought a 1g iPod Shuffle 2 generation in the tech market in the morning. It was very lightweight and it was great to take her for a run at night. 15 grams of weight on the body does not feel an

jquery plug-in quicksand to achieve a stunning animation shuffle effect

Quicksand This is a very good jQuery plug-in, used to achieve the animation shuffle effect, very practical, there is a need for small partners can refer to. Quicksand is a jquery based plug-in, the elements on the page can be reordered and filtered, and has a very good shuffle transition animation effect, can be appli

jquery plug-in quicksand to achieve an amazing animation shuffle effect _jquery

Quicksand is a jquery based plug-in, the elements on the page can be reordered and filtered, and has a very good shuffle transition animation effect, can be applied in many projects to enhance the user experience. In this paper, practical project application to explain the use of quicksand. Xhtml The XHTML structure consists of a navigation bar and a list of content. In the Content list #list

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